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21/10 - 23/10 TRSAC 2022 (Demo Party)
21/10 - 23/10 Decrunch 2022 (Demo Party)
28/10 - 30/10 Zoo 2022 (Demo Party)
12/11 - 13/11 Syntax 2022 (Demo Party)
18/11 - 20/11 Mysdata 2022 (Demo Party)
03/12 - 03/12 Transmission64 3rd Edition (2022) (C64 Only Party)
10/02 - 12/02 Fjälldata 2023 (Demo Party)
02/06 - 04/06 X'2023 (C64 Only Party)
30/06 - 02/07 Pågadata 2023 (Demo Party)

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05/06 - 28/08 BotB Summer Chip XII (Standalone Compo)
14/07 - 14/08 Crack Intro Music Competition 2022 (Standalone Compo)
04/08 - 07/08 Assembly Summer 2022 (Demo Party)
05/08 - 07/08 Evoke 2022 (Demo Party)
05/08 - 07/08 ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2022 (Demo Party)
12/08 - 14/08 Psykoz 2022 (Internal Meeting)
12/08 - 14/08 Dunken 2022 (Meeting)
12/08 - 14/08 Silly Venture 2022 Summer Edition (Demo Party)
26/08 - 28/08 Xenium 2022 (Demo Party)
02/09 - 04/09 Chimpbembly 2022 (Demo Party)
02/09 - 04/09 Excess & Abyss Connection Party 2022 (C64 Only Party)
08/09 - 11/09 DoReCo Party 2022 (8 bit Party)
09/09 - 11/09 Function 2022 (Demo Party)
15/09 - 18/09 Nordlicht 2022 (Demo Party)
16/09 - 18/09 Black Birdie 2022 (Demo Party)
24/09 - 25/09 X'18 Holstein Racing Team Revival Party #3 (Internal Meeting)
30/09 - 02/10 Deadline 2022 (Demo Party)
01/10 - 01/10 Vintage Computing Carinthia $1B (Meeting)
01/10 - 02/10 Flashparty 2022 (Demo Party)


Article updated! MAR 24 2004
Today I updated the site with 68 new groups and 165 new intros, enjoy!
 Girls of 64 upgrade MAR 22 2004
Everybody?s favourite (and only) dirty C64 site is now database powered and easier to navigate. It has become smaller and faster (which is good for websites only) and if you need it badly you can now get your own C64 Pimp shirt. Oh, did I mention wallpapers ?
Kai Spitzley
 Samar seeks for… MAR 20 2004
First – in the group there is a lack of a good democoder. So we?re searching for someone who could help with putting up a demo or coding demoparts. Also a logo-graphican is needed.

Another topic is Uncover – the project will be continued but we will now become a PDF periodical magazine. So we are searching mainly for sceners who would like to write texts about the scene, electronics related with the C64, music etc… Feel free to contact me if you could help us and / or have any ideas or questions (
 Commodore 64 Web It stocklot available MAR 19 2004
Computer City has recently acquired a stocklot of Commmodore 64 Web It computers. The C64 Web It is being sold now for 39 euro. All machines are new in box and include a built-in 56K modem.

More information can be found on our website.

The Web Its are also available though our ebay account:
English and German.

Feel free to contact us on for more information.
Computer City
 C64 Handheld/Console coming soon? MAR 18 2004
Taken from the following link:… and click on Power Joy Factory

All of the Power Joy products are entirely owned by Yes661. In China the Power Joy factory has over 200 full time employees, producing around 3000 Power Joys every day, for sales around the world. Currently produced are Power Joy 2, Voyager, Solo, Power Joy 3, Road Racer and coming soon is the re-visited Commodore Games system which will be produced and distributed under licence by Yes661 and it’s parent company Master Chemicals.
Jeffery Stone
 C64 discussion forum on my website MAR 15 2004
Hi people, on my website i added a forum also commodore related and you can post several discussions about that whatever you want. Hope you like it.
 MANIAC MANSION Tribute MAR 08 2004
ANYBODY who likes the game Maniac Mansion, go to:

Download NEW wallpapers and play an online game with Dr.Fred!

Thanks for your time
Jorg van Beers
 The Evolution : From Hires to FLI Interlaced MAR 06 2004
A new gfx collection ’The Evolution : From Hires to FLI Interlaced’ from Falcon soft
Falcon soft
 „Giana?s Return v0.90“ released for Dreamcast and GP32 MAR 06 2004
„Giana?s Return“ is based on a game called „The Great Giana Sisters ™“. The original has been developed by Armin Gessert, Manfred Trenz and Chris H?lsbeck.
„Giana?s Return“ is not a clone at all, but based on the original. It features 6 worlds witch each 6 levels, which makes a total of 36 levels. Each world has 2 tunes, of course the game also has various sound fx?s plus titlemusic, game-over music and more. While the first world is rather easy you?ll notice slight increase of difficulty in later worlds which should make the game worth a challenge. At level two and up you?ll recieve passwords. There are not only passwords to start at decent levels, no, there are even passwords for hidden functions. One world is fully hidden.
Title music by Machinae Supremacy. A M$Windows version will be released soon.
Get it here:
 Vulture Design being Reactivated! MAR 05 2004
Hello felloz, Odyn and Surgeon from Vulture Design team reactivated old Vulture Design Group again! We are STRONGLY searching for the CODERS! If you?re lonely with yours coder-talent and waiting for gfx and msx this one is for You! Ctx:
More info about VTE at this page:
Odyn/Vulture Design
 Picture in your C= Shirt ! MAR 04 2004
We have started our holliday campaign! Make a picture at a good recognisable place in your Commodore T-shirt and send it to us! Look at the first pics on:
It’s important that the Commodore or Amiga logo is good visable and also the place where you’re standing is good to recognize. Come on! and send us your photo!

NOTE: In the main news. People active on C64 computer are preferred. News about releases not executable on C64 such as new mp3 remixes and C64 game remakes, or news not directly related to active C64 scene (as various web site updates, non-c64-but-c64 related hardware)  plus all retro and nostalgia related stuff, might end in beta-news. While we also like MP3 remixes, or various C64 related fun pages, active C64 scene is our priority. Such news might stay in the main news for 1 to 24 hours since it?s post.. 

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