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Current events

10/12 - 14/02 Intro Creation Competition 2020 (Standalone Compo)
24/12 - 24/03 Borderline 2021 Compo (Standalone Compo)
03/01 - 07/02 AAARGH! CONDOR Title Screen GFX Compo (Standalone Compo)

Upcoming events

27/02 - 27/02 BCC Party #15 (C64 Only Party)
02/04 - 04/04 Revision Online 2021 (Demo Party)
24/04 - 24/04 Transmission 64 (C64 Only Party)
28/05 - 30/05 Moonshine Dragons 2021 (Demo Party)
05/06 - 05/06 FORNDATA 2o21 (Demo Party)
23/07 - 25/07 BEE #2 (Meeting)
03/12 - 05/12 X'2021 (Demo Party)

Recent events

12/10 - 30/11 ECM Mode Demoeffect Competition (Standalone Compo)
01/11 - 30/11 2020 Short Music and SFX Loop Competition (Standalone Compo)
01/11 - 10/01 Filterless Single Channel Compo 2020 (Standalone Compo)
03/11 - 11/12 THEC64 Winter Game Development Competition 2020 (Standalone Compo)
28/11 - 29/11 Syntax 2020 (Demo Party)
01/12 - 16/01 Only Sprites Compo (Standalone Compo)
12/12 - 12/12 Demodulation (Demo Party)
13/12 - 13/12 Vintage Computing Carinthia $0C (Meeting)
18/12 - 20/12 4th Winter GameJam
19/12 - 19/12 Virtual ExCeSs Pub Meeting MK3 December 2020 (Internal Meeting)
19/12 - 19/12 FORNDATA x-MAS 2o2o (Demo Party)
29/12 - 29/12 Commodore-Treffen Graz O$2 (Internal Meeting)
31/12 - 01/01 (Demo Party)
03/01 - 03/01 Vintage Computing Carinthia $0D (Meeting)
07/01 - 09/01 DiHalt 2021
22/01 - 24/01 Saunasolmu 2021 (Demo Party)



C64 News sites linking us (partly D) – German news site &amp hardware info
Server 64 – emulation – C64 gaming news
SCPU & Geos news – SuperCPU news source
C64 Power! (PL) – polish C64 news server – The best C64 retro site around – the ultimate c64 portal

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VGM or Chiptunes – fantastic JAPAN chiptune news site
OJuice Scene News – most respected scene news site
Pou?t Scene News – another scene news site

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Pocket Commodore 64

  •  the official pocket PC C64


C64 sites linking us

COCOS Sitelist – the most complete index of C64 pages
Singles Collection – Co-Op Demo project, simular to „Demo of the Year“
C64S – Europe – the 64S emulator German distribution page
Official Commodore Ring! – the Commodore Ring homepage
TLD C64 classics – one of the major FTP servers for C64 – another major C64-FTP server
Scene World – the C64 NTSC/PAL diskmagazine
Commodore Mania (SPA)
The Almighty C64
The Manfred Trenz fanpage! – most complete source on MT
Immortal C64
Hardsid Page – SID card for PC
Commodore Cheetah – C64 game cheats index – Rob Hubbard fan page #1 demosource! – The best source of C64 demos
Commodore Format Library
Magyar C64 H.Q. – Outstanding archive of C64 games!
Pirate's Portal
Demo Dungeon – another kewl source of C64 demos.
Repton – tribute page
Tribute to Boulder Dash
HCC Commodore GG – C= user group organising great C64 meetings – Prophet 64 is a series of MIDI compatible synthesizer software for the Commodore 64 finally making it possible to use the C64 for contemporary music.

C64 groups linking us
Horizon – this doesn't need commentary
The World of Fairlight – another legend
Warriors Of the Wasteland
Retro64 – NTSC group
People of Liberty
Dekadence – currently one of the most active C64 groups
The X-Ample Architectures
Level 64 (SPAIN)
Hokuto Force

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Frankie's C64 Site (in German language)
Rizzie's C-64 Hits
Lasse ??rni – Cadaver – C64 game/utility coder par excellence
Richard Bayliss – TND – another game producing dude
Protovision Previews – another great game creating page And one more cool game developer! (Bloo's Magic Trip)
CBMGallery, FRaNKy/Role
Mareks Seiten f?r Fans…
Buccaneer's C64 treasure
Bo Zimmerman's Site
Fab's Commodore page
Mager Valp – Hardware maniac developing Serial Slave utility
Scrapdog's Teritory – great PC software developer supporting C64
Tognon Stefano
GOTO 1982
Paul Kubiszyn's StudioX64 – Multimedia, Video Game & Retro computer software production

Other C64 related sites

FlaC64 homepage – C64 remixes
Super Tortuga
G.o.D. C64 remixes
8-bit Adventure World
Abnormal Termination
Puffy64?s PC Universum (cool C64 remix dude!)

Other sites linking us

Airport Backnang (Nylon)
Freaky Fonts – cool fonts site (get your C64 font in TTF)
KOHINA – olschool tunes
Mekka&Symposium party – R.I.P. – Spanish Scene
Salva Mea – demogroup
Monostep – this is a demo
Takeover – demoparty
E-mail protector – 100% free web e-mail protection service against spam. CODED BY 2ge/REACT (ex-c64 scener)
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