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07/02 - 30/04 CharSet Logo Compo 2024 (Standalone Compo)

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08/03 - 10/03 Fioniadata 2024 (Demo Party, Meeting)
15/03 - 17/03 FOReVER 2024 - 8-bit underground
10/05 - 12/05 X'2024 (C64 Only Party)
24/05 - 26/05 Moonshine Dragons 2024 (Demo Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Arok Party 2024 (8 bit Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Reunion 2024 (Demo Party)
05/07 - 07/07 C64 Symposium: Past, Present, and Future of a Home Computer (Meeting)
09/08 - 11/08 Pågadata 2024 (Demo Party)
30/08 - 01/09 ACQUA Party 2024 (C64 Only Party)
01/11 - 03/11 Zoo 2024 (Demo Party)
23/11 - 23/11 Transmission64 2024 (Demo Party)

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26/12 - 30/12 DNS Between Days Party 7 (Internal Meeting)
05/01 - 06/01 rsync 2024 (Demo Party)
05/01 - 07/01 Out of Compo 2024
06/01 - 06/01 Laxity Meeting 2024 @ Digital Retro Park (Meeting)
13/01 - 13/01 Vintage Computing Carinthia $25 (Meeting)
19/01 - 21/01 Gerp 2024 (Demo Party)
19/01 - 21/01 Internal Quantum Meeting January 2024 (Internal Meeting)
02/02 - 04/02 Jumalauta Winterfärjan 2024 (Demo Party)
09/02 - 11/02 Lovebyte 2024 (Demo Party)
09/02 - 11/02 Fjälldata 2024 (Demo Party)
10/02 - 10/02 Commodore-Treffen Graz $40 (Meeting)
16/02 - 18/02 MountainBytes 2024 (Demo Party)
17/02 - 17/02 HCC Meeting February 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
17/02 - 18/02 Excess + TREX Meeting Steinhagen 2024 (Internal Meeting)
23/02 - 25/02 BCC Party #18 (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)
24/02 - 24/02 Vintage Computing Carinthia $26 (Meeting)


 Change in email OCT 31 2003

If you are emailing me, please be sure to no email me to, else you will get no reply. This is because I have asked the admin to close my account there. Instead, send your mailing, but not pooty spam to:


Many thanks.
 New quiz up on today! OCT 31 2003
The new quiz is now up and if you get the highest score, you?ll recieve a copy of Sidologie by Marcel Donn?. Thanks to for kindly donating the prize. Also thanks to Makke for the great SID mix.

Do the quiz and have some fun!
Andreas Wallstrom
 New People of Liberty Homepage! OCT 30 2003
After 3 years, our member CBMHardware re-designed our homepage!

We hope you like the result!
So visit The People of Liberty Homepage.
Nafcom/P.o.L./The Stock
 ViZZ joined Nostalgia ! OCT 29 2003
Nostalgia is proud to present another NTSC scener teaming up! It?s Vizz / ex-Empire.
He joined as Coder and NTSC fixer. Welcome on board!
 Milestone Demo Voting Chart! OCT 28 2003
The deadline for voting in the C64 Milestone Demo Voting Chart is fast approaching, October 31st. If you haven?t participated, please check out the chart at:

And then vote accordingly. The response has been very good so far, and let?s get more voting activity from now until the final day in October.

Todd Elliott
 Some P.o.L. & Scene World News OCT 27 2003
Both SWO and P.o.L. have great news. Today, we have a new NTSC member: Lord Ronin who joined POL and SWO as editor! So let?s welcome him :)

Well, another nice news:

New SWO homepage done by Supersonic (webmaster of will launch on November, 1st!

Aaaand new SWO#9 on November, 15th, 2003.
(News piece of latest „Vandalism News“ contained a wrong date, which was caused by a confusion of „November ?03“ and „November, 3rd“).
The above date is correct and confirmed by SWO Magazine Editing Staff!
 P.R.I.?s debut LP OCT 23 2003
P.R.I.?s (Volker Meitz) debut LP – „Vertikal“ has just been released. Click here for more details.
 20 years Commodore 64 article OCT 23 2003
The technic forum of the Austrian broadcast corp. (ORF) did an „20 years Commodore 64“ article today. It?s in German language only, so sorry for the dudes who can?t read German text. You can read the article here.
Mr.Alpha / Nostalgia
 Nonoxynol zine issue#1 released OCT 22 2003
The 1st issue of the web-based picture-zine, Nonoxynol – Illustrated by C64 sceners, has been released at:

Issue #1 contains 14 pictures from 4 artists, for example the cover picture done by Junkie of Extend / Doom Patrol.
Duce / Extend
 Hokuto Force site is back online OCT 21 2003
First of all our historical url worx again !! Thanx to Remember for hosting our monastery and Slaygon / Censor for fixin? the redirect command. Also in our download section you can find the titles we?re working on, but 100% sure they?ll be launched someday. Take a look…
The Overkiller / HF
 The Gang restarted! OCT 21 2003
Fred of ex-Legion^Ztockers^Neurotic Design has quit them and restarted The Gang (the old Amiga Group) with the help of some of friends, such as f.e. Chucky, known as The Cracker.

They will be active on both at the Amiga and the C64 Scene.
 Axodry?s website OCT 18 2003
Soon new intro & layout in flash, new artwork from me and game a-z downloads! I got a new server, 1gb. In a few days it is ready.
 Guest hosted show at SLAY Radio! OCT 17 2003
Makkes „Whatever you want to call it show“ will be broadcasted on Monday, October 20 at 16:00 CET, and again on Tuesday, October 21 at 12:00 CET.

The „Worst SIDs ever“ show by Chris & Boz will be broadcasted the coming Wednesday, October 29 at 16:00 CET, and again on Thursday, October 30 at 12:00 CET.

Do NOT miss this! Check in at 
 HardSID PCI in Pre-Order OCT 15 2003
The long awaited single-chip HardSID PCI is in pre-order now! It is fully compatible with the current HardSID/HardSID Quattro PCI drivers and software. (32-bit kernel-mode WDM MIDI drivers for Windows XP / Windows 2000 and MIDI drivers for Win98/ME)
Supported in the best emulators and SID players!
Hard Software
 SLAY Radio is BACK! OCT 13 2003
SLAY Radio is back again, this time a bit re-shaped.

I will start broadcasting guest hosts more than myself:

First out is Makke with his „Whatever you want to call it show“.
Larsec is working on a show aswell, and Niel Carr is finishing his show as we speak (or as I write).
The first of these will be broadcasted some time this or next week.

SLAY Radio – Your radio!
 IDE64 CD-ROM available OCT 11 2003
Greetings folks,

Just to say that Allan Bairstow at Commodore Scene will soon be releasing a CD-ROM with all of the IDE64 compatible software on it. Contact Allan Bairstow for more details.
Shaun Bebbington
 Commodore Price List OCT 03 2003
I have updated the Commodore Price List to include September 2003 eBay Commodore 8-bit related auctions. Moreover, I have hosted the price list on Videocam Services, so there?s no annoying pop-up advertisements, etc. associated with the former hosting solution. (There is a Commodore advertising banner exchange at the bottom of the website, though.)

For those who are not familar with the price list, it simply gives out an average value associated with a particular Commodore 8-bit item as sold on eBay for a particular month. The website is now at:…ricelist.php

Todd Elliott
 dalezy & Krill live OCT 01 2003
I?ll be playing in the WMF on the 17th of October. Krill is keeping me company there, as he?s doing the visuals. Of course we?ll be using C64s only for that event, so it might be of some interest for anyone around the Berlin area at that date.

Other acts will be plaid, Menu:Exit, Modeselektor and Remoteworker.

View flyer
17.10.03 | WMF at Caf? Moskau | Karl-Marx-Allee 34 | Berlin
 Programming Compo OCT 01 2003
Now you can vote for Compo programs, download concurso.d64 file! Go to this web page
 Pirate?s Portal – updated SEP 30 2003
Pirate?s Portal – the video games and low tech art encyclopaedia was updated again.

Mainly C64 demos and games, but also VIC-20 stuff under
Adam Huemer

NOTE: Content of this page is outlined in the info line of your browser. In short – people active on C64 computer are preferred. News about releases not executable on C64 such as new mp3 remixes and C64 game remakes, or news not directly related to active C64 scene (as various web site updates) might end in beta-news. While we also like MP3 remixes, or various C64 related fun pages, active C64 scene is our priority.

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