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22/12 - 24/02 BotB Winter Chip XIV (Standalone Compo)
22/12 - 01/07 RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2019 (Standalone Compo)
28/01 - 31/03 Ambient SID Music Competition 2019 (Standalone Compo)
22/02 - 24/02 BCC Party #13 (Copy Party, Demo Party, 8 bit Party)

Upcoming events

01/03 - 03/03 Fjälldata 2019 (Demo Party)
15/03 - 17/03 Forever 2019: 8-Bit Aliens (Demo Party)
19/04 - 22/04 Revision 2019 (Demo Party)
17/05 - 19/05 Moonshine Dragons 2019 (Demo Party)
08/06 - 10/06 Flashback 2019 (Demo Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Gubbdata 2019 (Demo Party)
02/08 - 04/08 Arok Party 2019 (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)

Recent events

05/11 - 06/01 Intro Creation Competition 2018 (Standalone Compo)
27/12 - 29/12 Under Construction 2018 (Demo Party)
27/12 - 29/12 Project Amundsen 2018 (Internal Meeting)
28/12 - 29/12 Böätzy Böätzmän's X-mäs Gäthering 2018 (Internal Meeting)
29/12 - 30/12 RAAT #05 - The Divine Comedy (Meeting)
03/01 - 06/01 HCH Winter 2019 (Demo Party)
03/01 - 06/01 MAGFest Demoparty 2019 (Demo Party)
11/01 - 12/01 Synchrony 2019 (Demo Party)
18/01 - 20/01 ExCeSs Meeting 2019 (Meeting)
26/01 - 26/01 Skeneklubi Demoparty 2019 (Demo Party)
01/02 - 03/02 Kozmos 2019 (Internal Meeting)
01/02 - 03/02 Demobit 2019 (Demo Party)
01/02 - 03/02 Gerp 2019 (Demo Party)
01/02 - 04/02 Mega Mountain Meltdown XII (Meeting)
09/02 - 09/02 Commodore-Treffen Graz $2B (Meeting)
15/02 - 17/02 Demo42 (Internal Meeting)


 New website of Apidya group. JAN 28 2003
„Apidya web page“ – new edition of Apidya group website is now available. We offer a new user interface and more productions possible to download from here.
Click or
 Official Compod?s site JAN 26 2003
Roman „Compod“ Majewski, one of the most famous polish musicians has launched his official site. 225 tunes for your audial pleasure. Check the page here:
 Vic 20 vs ZX Spectrum. JAN 25 2003
Home Computer Quarter final Vic 20 vs ZX Spectrum. If you would like to take part in Micro Mart?s Computer World Cup, then this week sees the first quarter final. The Vic 20 is taking on the ZX Spectrum. You can vote for your favourite at: –…rum/Poll.asp?…

This news has first been posted on comp.sys.sinclair and, so there is some catching up to do for the Vic! Voting will end soon.
Shaun Bebbington domain for sale! JAN 25 2003
I have found a very interesting C64domain at Ebay-Germany:! If you want to buy this domain … simply go to the following URL and place your order.
?Commodore Promotion Video JAN 19 2003

We?ve got a german commodore promotion video. This video was played in computer stores to promote commodore in the mid 80th.

The video lasts 1 hour, the first part (1/2 hour)is about C= in gerneral it shows the chipfactory in Westchester, and the assembly of an C64 in Braunschweig/Germany.

The second part contains some „customer information“ about the commodore products, in particular about C64 and VIC 20 hard- and software.

The file is about 600MB, and you can download it via the edonkey fileshareing network.

edonkey link:
?LodeRunner GBA remake looking for contributors JAN 17 2003
A free participation pd game project on GBA is launch. The base concept is the well famous „LodeRunner“. We are looking for contributors. Everyone must have fun. Come to visit the dedicated site (with forums): Thanks!
?Axodry?s personal website JAN 13 2003
I?ve got a personal website. Take a look Currently it contains screenshots of logos I did in past and other personal info. You can expect a big update with news & personal releases soon.
?mOOdS – Small homepage update JAN 11 2003
Tonight we – the Amiga music group – updated our homepage a bit. Besides some slight changes beneath the surface, now also a frameless and javascript free version is available. Have fun!
?Planet Alpha updated JAN 11 2003
Seven Up has spent some time to enlarge his project „Planet Alpha“ and created another fine piece of Flash art in pure CBM 64 style containing an interesting announcement. Make sure not to miss it.

This flight will never stop
The Flight Society
?C64 software auctions JAN 04 2003
This week I will be posting a lot of original C64 software on ebay. Please e-mail me if there is anything you are looking for.…BayISAPI.dll?…
Eli Tomlinson

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