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?new No?Mo? .MP3 release – C64 tunes vs. hiphop bootlegs! JUN 30 2002
Our ?friends? at No?Mo? have released a new .MP3 EP featuring classic C64 game tunes mixed up with hiphop vocals!

if you?re the type of sicko who dreams of Rob Hubbard?s classic Commodore 64 videogame theme to „Commando“ with Outkast?s „Ms.Jackson“ over the top.. they gave us that. Martin Galway?s „Comic Bakery“ besmirched by the dulcet tones of Chuck D? Check. Jeroen Tel (Maniacs Of Noise)?s „Children?s Song“ splattered all over with vintage Brithop-per MC Duke? Got it. Kathy Brown and Matt Gray fighting in a corner? Sure. Chris Huelsbeck?s „Spherical“ theme all crunged up with Busta Rhymes? We?re afraid to admit it.. but we got that too.

We know it?s scary, but it must be heard to be believed. Go check it out at :)
?The Phantom/FOE Passing Away June 7th! :( JUN 21 2002
Unconfirmed: I was just at The NTSC Driven Mag Guestbook Wall and read that The Phantom/FOE a NTSC Demo Coder Passed away on June 7th From a Car Accident! He was in a car accident and was ICU at a local Hospital in Chicago,IL USA! I hope this is untrue but, if not we will love you Eric! I will persoanlly miss you! I love you man!

Later Daze…

Board Rider/CSD!
Board Rider/CSD!
?C= show was a great succes !!! JUN 19 2002
I wish to thank everybody who made the C= meeting at the Trepunt on June 15 such a succes!!! I give you two visitor reactions:

I had a fantastic time at the Commodore Meeting (really like a show) in Maarssen, Netherlands yesterday on June 15. Flying proudly over the Trefpunt building was the Commodore flag (!), and inside were plenty of C= and Amiga set-ups, their owners showing what they could do. Ron van Schaik warmly greeted me and kept me fed. :-) I met Ruud Baltissen, Gideon Zweijtzer, Dirk Klettke, Arndt Overmann, Hans Kessels, „Count Zero“, Jens Schoenfeld, and others. We talked about plenty of C= things, including the CommodoreOne. I was saddened that it all had to end at 4 p.m., but I have about 26 minutes of video and lots of photos. A full report later, Robert Bernardo, Fresno Commodore User Group, California, USA

Excellent meet, never seen so many C64… and this ones guys A1200 was superb… he was showing off some demo which had a 060 as recomended CPU… Given me a lot of ideas about what to do with my 4000… or should I go the A1200 route he was showing ahh well decisions decisions… Well done to the organizers… will definitley go back Nick Harlow, 16/32 Systems, Website –
Ron van Schaik
?HTD of Topaz Beerline releasing a new single JUN 17 2002
HTD of Topaz Beerline is releasing his new single ?Music Lover? under the name Firevision ( ). The single is currently in heavy radio play here in Finland. Album should be out later this year.Check also his other project Alkalyne ( ) as well as his contributions to the C64 demoscene ( )

News about web-pages and various non-c64 executable stuff like mp3 remixes and such things will be stored here (as always). We do respect all your effort to keep C64 spirit alive but please always consider the value of your work for the active C64 community. This site is not a retro-site, this is not a PC users site, it?s a site for active C64 sceners and it primarily focuses on creative Commodore 64 users. Thank you.

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