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Booze Design
Royal Arte(80)

Written by The Dark Judge

HCL is a God. He heard this himself on the Mekka-Symposium party, so it must be true. But apparently even Gods need some help in creating demos, that's why a quite large group of people from different groups show up in the credits. Still, without a doubt, this is a Booze demo, and quite a good one too. Especially if you like your demos straightforward: one effect after the other, because that's what you get here. 

Royal Arte - Intro

Most of those are graphic-based, some really impressive, some less impressive. The quality of the graphics differs too, but overall there are some quite nice pictures to be seen, some of them made by the God himself. Musically everything is fine as well and when it comes to pure harcore coding, HCL belongs to the absolute top. 

Royal Arte - wide screen graphic

Royal Arte - wide screen scrolling graphic

So what keeps this demo from reaching the ‚Excellent‘ or even ‚Exquisite‘ stage? Simple: when it comes to pure hardcore coding, HCL belongs to the absolute top. And as such he has a need to prove himself over and over, even on routines nobody cares for anymore, like dycp's. If he had left those out, along with the Kefren-bars (called Camel-bars here) and the graphical-stretcher (which seems to be on a comeback, considering the number of demo's deploying this routine lately) the total would have been so much better. 

Royal Arte - Plasma Royal Arte - Kefren bars (Camel bars) Royal Arte -  just another dycp record

Fortunately there are some more original things to be enjoyed as well, such as the slime-picture (horrible name though) and in the end Booze once again proves to know their stuff.

Royal Arte - slime picture

Royal Arte - picture stretcher graphic

Royal Arte -  Turn disk picture

Royal Arte - final picture

Royal Arte - graphic from y-stretcher  part

DOWNLOAD Royal Arte/Booze Design
Final version released at X-2001!

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