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 November Dustbin (6)    
November Dustbin
UAP/PAS does it again! NOV 04 2002 14:51
User Abuser Productions and Party Animal Software Official HQ updated NOV 11 2002 02:06
New Retro Radio NOV 11 2002 02:18
Article about C64 in a German local newspaper! NOV 06 2002 09:16
C64-article in "Facts", Swiss print magazine NOV 14 2002 11:57
Richard is not Excess member NOV 26 2002 19:08

[1] : 02. Nov 2002 14:33   
Jailbird: why so obsessed with the charts? They’ll be released soon enough. CreaMD: What? Your post adressed to me makes no sense. "Such posts"? What posts? As for your opinion that people joining groups or even joining the scene is not interesting news to other sceners, that’s fine, it’s your portal... I just fail to see why " has been rededsigned, check it out" or "Protovision interviewed by NYT" is more important news than "Cactus joined Oxyron". And don’t worry, I’ll try not to post any news here from now on.

[2] : 02. Nov 2002 16:18   
@ Mermaid: CreaMD was refering to the news-item "Murdock aka HMM got kicked !" (see October Beta-News). is currently discussing our politics.
Please keep posting - thanks! Not posting won’t help anyone.

[3] : 02. Nov 2002 16:59   
hmmm the goto80 server works fine for me (Canada).

[4] : 03. Nov 2002 13:18   
Mermaid, I’m sorry but you missed my point, I didn’t want to make you angry. " has been rededsigned, check it out" - Yeah news about sites is not important for me either. "Protovision interviewed by NYT" - it’s important news for some people it seems, I wouldn’t post it here even when it mentioned and even my name ;-), believe it or not I’m not doing this site for myself, but for people as you, so please post everything about your activity and please apologise my insesitive words, if I ever said any.

[5] : 04. Nov 2002 18:58   
Haunting rocks! It even has the Halloween tune by John Carpenter! Thanks to the guys in Padua!

[6] : 04. Nov 2002 22:31   
mermaid: I wondered if you got some entries for the oldskool logo compo?

[7] : 04. Nov 2002 22:37   
Shake, I only got 2 entries. So the deadline will be moved. The Creators website will be updated soon.

[8] : 04. Nov 2002 23:11   
No fake labels for Poing please! :)

[9] : 05. Nov 2002 15:06   
hm.. what oldskool logo compo? seems like i am terrible informed lately. (yeah, even saw some 5 month old demos lately i never have seen before (8 )

[10] : 05. Nov 2002 15:41   
Thanks Hoth! Yeah, what oldskoll logo compo? Maybe you only got so few entries because nobody knew about the compo?

[11] : 05. Nov 2002 17:34   
The news about the logo compo was posted on actually, a few months ago. There was also a cover compo, I got 5 entries for that and the results will be available soon. (I’m busy with World Charts and the Halloween demo from Creators...) Take a look at to read more about the two compos. There will be a new cover compo arranged by Creators soon.

[12] : 05. Nov 2002 18:12   
Mermaid: Hmmm, I’m going to announce a cover-compo too... I’ve got the first, really nice contribution, the covercompo website is nearly finished, just few things need to be done (CreaMD, wake up! ;-). I don’t see a point of two cover competitions going simultaneously... :-(

[13] : 05. Nov 2002 20:21   
Join them together.

[14] : 06. Nov 2002 09:37   
Added the Commodore Show in December to the partyscope.

[15] : 06. Nov 2002 11:31   
I did a driving licence exam today. I love you all!!!! ;-))))))))

[16] : 06. Nov 2002 11:53   
so you made it! Congratz :) took me 4 times eheh (now I can laugh about it, but back then oooh man the pain!! =)

[17] : 08. Nov 2002 20:33   
Referring to C-64 music as "chip music" is something I associate with wannabes posting on PC scene web sites...

[18] : 08. Nov 2002 21:32   
Okay, if you say it... Changed "chip music" to "computer music". I thought it was nice to have these Jean Michael Jarre musics seen collected, that?s why I posted it here.
The text I used comes from

[19] : 10. Nov 2002 17:39   
referring to c-64 musick as sid-chip musick would polish up the sense a bit again. then again, why fight for definitions, there’s still people that claim amiga- and pc-engineered synthtunes are chiptunes aswell (like i did for years).

[20] : 12. Nov 2002 00:12   
Moved the User Abuser Software site update and the "Retro Radio" link to beta news...

[21] : 13. Nov 2002 09:58   
Beware of Ninjatracker V1.02, soon to be released! It takes 8 rasterlines max (unlike John Player, measurement includes one badline!) with just a little bit of features stripped (full step-programming of pulse, frequency, wave, filter for all channels retained)

[22] : 16. Nov 2002 11:23 did 2 updates these days, both announced here separately. I made one posting out of two to keep it a bit compact.

[23] : 18. Nov 2002 01:54   
About "3 Pictures Compilation": how can you call something a cover when it can’t actually be folded into a diskcover? (Well you could, but it would look really weird...)

[24] : 18. Nov 2002 10:08   
Maybe it was a cover in the sense of a music-cover?

[25] : 18. Nov 2002 14:14   
I don’t think so...

[26] : 18. Nov 2002 16:21   
I didn’t write ’disk-cover’, so you can cover everything you want with this drawing. ;-) OK, seriously... As you may already know, in the late 90’s quite many cover-designers were active here in Poland. One-sided covers and full-size pictures got very popular those times - according to ALG’s article, 76% of all the paper-stuff released in ’98 were one-sided covers and full-size pictures. For the ease of terming, people have used COVER term in the meaning of every drawing made by the C64-scene people. Neotec mentioned the problem (?) of non-standard drawings in one of Newspress issues, he suggested to call them graphics or pictures - I don’t remember exactly. IMHO, it’s a minor issue, cover-designers still draw pictures nowadays (btw. have you seen Variat’s drawing for Robbie? it says ’cover drawn by...’ although it’s the normal, one-sided picture), I don’t see a problem of calling them covers... And if you want to know - I like standard, 2-sided diskcovers much more than other drawings, they have a style! :-)

[27] : 18. Nov 2002 16:52   
The simple fact is that calling a picture that can not be used as a disk cover a "cover" makes no sense. If I were to "release" every paper drawing I did, call it a "cover" and post the news on, I expect (and hope) that CreaMD would ask me to stop. Disk covers and votesheets have a function related to the scene, whereas normal paper drawings, in general, do not.

[28] : 18. Nov 2002 17:00   

[29] : 18. Nov 2002 17:07   
I must agree with Mermaid; covers are covers, and pictures are pictures.

[30] : 18. Nov 2002 17:32   
If a picture (or however it is called ;-) is drawn by a person -from the C64 scene- and THEN SPREADED by C64 sceners through the snail-mail - it is related to the C64 scene, don’t you think?

[31] : 18. Nov 2002 17:45   
Well, but it’s not cover. At least not a disc cover. That’s what Mermaid and Jukne tried to explain, I suppose.

[32] : 18. Nov 2002 17:47   
They still don’t have a *function* directly linked to the C64 scene like disk covers and votesheets do. Covers = disk covers. If you want to swap stickers or bubblegum or pictures or whatever, sure, go ahead - but don’t call it something that it is not.

[33] : 18. Nov 2002 18:23   
I’m still waiting for somebody to make a diskcover with a cover of an album cover.

[34] : 18. Nov 2002 19:28   
covering another cover of a cover?

[35] : 18. Nov 2002 19:41   
That about covers it, yes

[36] : 18. Nov 2002 20:18   
Jee! I can`t believe it! A cover is a cover? What does it mean? A demo is a demo? I have seen many "demos" looking like gfx collections and I have nothing against calling it demos. I think the same about covers. A cover does not have to match the technical requirements of a cover to be a cover. Anywyay - all of you - you don`t have to call it a cover. Just call it a picture and spread it! A cover is a small picture, a picture is a big picture - all of it - just pictures! Is it so difficult to understand? Just make a step forward and don`t stick to the tradition.

[37] : 18. Nov 2002 21:05   
Flash: In the C64 scene context a picture on a piece of paper is only a cover if it is designed to be folded into a disk cover. Sure, you can call pictures covers if you like, just as you can call dogs cats if that makes you happy, go right ahead - but it still isn’t true.

[38] : 18. Nov 2002 21:16   
i got the feeling we have another of this great 100+ reactions discussion coming ahead... just like the "no-scrolling-pics-in-compos"-discussion, the "naked-girlie-pics-are-offensive"-discussion, the "why-do-some-people-cover-instead-of-having-own-motives-in-pics"-discussion or the "doing-grafix-on-other-machines-and-converting-them-is-wrong"-discussions.... just another discussion going on forever without ANY result... sounds fun 8)

[39] : 18. Nov 2002 22:18   
I’m sure, discussion on drawing the line what is still a C64 scene-related production, could reach almost metaphysical levels... (OMG! Crossbow’s turd! This must be archived to csdb and reported on :)))))))))))))))

[40] : 18. Nov 2002 22:52   
Don’t be talking shit about Crossbow’s shit, please!

[41] : 19. Nov 2002 12:10   
pi: Please specify what sort of results a discussion should produce.

[42] : 19. Nov 2002 12:22   
well, those discussions in here mainly ended where they began, with everybody involbed still having the same thoughts of what is right and wrong. a discussion with no changing in the oppinions, no kind of "result" at all is worthless in my opinion.

[43] : 19. Nov 2002 12:24   
(ofcourse thats a should and no must and those discussions were still sometimes fun to read.....but they didn’t make any changes or something like that)

[44] : 19. Nov 2002 15:25   
pi: So the only positive result of a discussion is that someone involved in it changes his/her opinion? That’s a very interesting viewpoint. Some people might consider it a positive result that they are forced to think, as they formulate their arguments. Others might read the discussion and find some thought that appeal to them. Others still might just enjoy beating other people up intellectually, etc.

[45] : 19. Nov 2002 15:58   
normally in a discussion you got a lot of arguments building up another ones arguments or just trying to proof that another argument is wrong. This discussions were more like a long list (not all time) of people opinions without any real movement in them. I must say i did enjoy reading a lot of them, but i had wished a little more movement, and, yes, something like solutions to some problems instead of all people having the same opinion and sayings like bevore

[46] : 19. Nov 2002 20:32   
Mermaid: OK, I’ll call here such drawings pictures from now on to prevent such misunderstandings... And one more thing: you wrote "They still don?t have a *function* directly linked to the C64 scene like disk covers and votesheets do.". Well, they are not designed to look well after folding, but one question comes here: how many people do actually cut and fold those 2-sided drawings nowadays? Almost all the people I know don’t use them as a cover for a disk but collect and keep them in binders. Aesthetic valours of a drawing have got much more important than its look after folding for many sceners, that’s why pictures shouldn’t be discredited.

[47] : 19. Nov 2002 21:04   
Call me mad, but I actually cut and fold the covers. If other people are just into collecting pretty drawings, that’s fine by me, but to me that has nothing to do with the C64 scene - and you might as well post your pretty drawings to Elfwood or some other website for artists in general.

[48] : 19. Nov 2002 23:22   
hm... just a generall question about the monthly dustbin. Why does it show a number thats 1 higher then the amount of news in it?

[49] : 20. Nov 2002 01:50   
’coz editors were lazy to correct this unusual bug..

[50] : 20. Nov 2002 08:32   
Mermaid: It has to do with the C64 scene as long as C64 sceners make such drawings and spread them together with 5,25" disks. You may call them useless, but pictures have been a part of snail-swap since many years and it seems it won’t change.

[51] : 20. Nov 2002 08:37   
Yes Magnate, and many also trade VHS and audio tapes. Are those part of the C-64 scene too?

[52] : 20. Nov 2002 08:37   
Number of News in the November Newsdustbin corrected.

[53] : 20. Nov 2002 12:02   
Thanx, Mac. (I meant editors including me ;-).

[54] : 20. Nov 2002 21:35   
Puterman: and porno-stuff? ;-) As far as I know (I have never been into VHS or audio swap...) VHS video tapes have never been treated in a way similar to any other kind of scene productions - you won’t find them in a list containing the C64 stuff, for example. Pictures have been treated by many people exactly like disk-covers, many cover-lists include pictures drawn by C64 scene related people as well. Also, the fact of using COVER term by many people in the meaning of pictures made by C64 sceners (like ’3 Pictures Compilation’) as well, might be considered as a mistake, but it shows how much pictures are connected with the disk-covers. Anyway, such comparisions make no sense, they might cause some strange conclusions like "a pieces of a carton are also C64 scene productions, because they have the same function related to the c-64 scene like disk-covers, they protect 5,25" disk and might have some aesthetic valours if decorated well...". ;-)

[55] : 20. Nov 2002 21:58   
Yes, let’s all scan the pieces of carton we’ve recieved over the years and post them on

[56] : 21. Nov 2002 00:09   
Mermaid, it’s not that bad idea especially when many of them contained autographs, etc. But I would consider such activity quite too much retro and nostalgia related. Let’s make new art instead of scanning and collecting the old stuff.

[57] : 21. Nov 2002 11:54   
CreaMD: Maybe it’s time for a new fabolous Turbo64 release?

[58] : 21. Nov 2002 20:21   
Nice work with the reverse-engineering in SIDin #2, keep it up!

[59] : 26. Nov 2002 02:33   
hey how about a graphics compo? :)

[60] : 26. Nov 2002 03:16   
yeah, sounds good! We’ve had 2 music comps now, how about something different? :)

[61] : 26. Nov 2002 09:46   
How about a TND game compo? Richard will create 5 games in 1 week for us and we’ll try to notice the differences ..

[62] : 26. Nov 2002 11:56   
i’d rather a new focus demo :)

[63] : 26. Nov 2002 13:46   
christmas "demo" compo coming up. For infos please check csdb-forum while we try to bring up some poor compo-page 8)
santa pi

[64] : 26. Nov 2002 14:11   
Don’t waste too much time on compo pages etc. rather make it easily updateable and clean. If you promise to make everyday update of submitted stuff, I could put it on spotlight and make some promo and status of number of submitted entries.

[65] : 26. Nov 2002 14:13   
Same goes for GFX compo, it’s quite time consuming to organise compo and that’s why I’m not very keen on making another one on my own now. If there is anyone who would like to make all the slavework around, I could give you access to the necessary articles in so you can make updates etc.

[66] : 26. Nov 2002 15:31   
fade, you and me both. Oh wait ..

[67] : 26. Nov 2002 18:22   
How about a TND game compo? Richard will create 5 games in 1 week for us and we’ll try to notice the differences .. (Snigger) Hmm, not a bad idea. Now whic games shall I do?

[68] : 26. Nov 2002 20:12   
And another idea: give Richard his own section on .. We all know he deserves it, and so do his fans.

[69] : 26. Nov 2002 20:38   
Yeah, yeah! Huh, huh, huh, huh!

[70] : 26. Nov 2002 20:47   
CreaMD: page is very simple. Regular updating of releases shouldn’t be a big problem. Current state of the Page: . Don’t think it will change that much.

[71] : 26. Nov 2002 21:26   
tdj, why arent you spreading your love on irc anymore?

[72] : 26. Nov 2002 23:13   
Hollowman, because I don’t want to catch a virus.

[73] : 27. Nov 2002 17:17 more attempt (check google, or to make ultimate list of the best tunes ever composed by anyone anytime for C64 and I will release first Turbo64 release ever - the ultimate online votesheet formular for collection of the best ever tunes ever composed by anyone anytime for C64. With tune-selection list which will be based on the list of tunes in HVSID collection I warn you!!!!!

[74] : 27. Nov 2002 18:13   
No, don’t give me a section on C64sk, because I have my own web site, and anything I want to add I’ll add. In the new year I’ll be adding a new section, plus news sections for 2003. The website will still remain the same. I’ll also be adding game reviews, and much more. Plus there will be a few surprises. Plus a not-so-serious downloads section, with silly programs I done.

[75] : 27. Nov 2002 23:01   
It’s Richards scene, we just live in it :)

[76] : 27. Nov 2002 23:13   
hehe :) CreaMD: where can i find your email-addi? Or can you morph the announcement of the Christmas Compo (somewhere in the nes)into some sort of spotlight news? PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE?

[77] : 27. Nov 2002 23:48   
Pi you know my addy... just send me the current number of submitted entries once and then.

[78] : 28. Nov 2002 00:03   
i have a question about murdock’s compo.. 1. Vote for the 20 best tunes which were composed in the last 20 years. You can vote for old and new tunes. Simply vote for your favourite ones! what if some of your favourite tunes have no name or shit you dont even know the composer! and their not in hvsc [gasp!] flawed i tells ya.. flawed

[79] : 28. Nov 2002 09:26   
So give them a name, put them in hvsc and vote for them. Beat the system!

[80] : 28. Nov 2002 13:08   
you mean i have to do stuff? that sucks..

[81] : 28. Nov 2002 13:40   
hrm, this is where things start to sucker.. A tune in the csdb ripped from the 7-11 demo wake up isnt ripped properly and i’m not sure if it is by the right person, the same tune is used in the demo Gandalf’s Last/Starion but written by microtop or Xenon and not Chris Ammermuller. my mind is hazy but at least i can use my cable and have another excuse to talk more shit..

[82] : 28. Nov 2002 14:08   
Hey, if you can ask me for a Focus demo, I can ask you to do some small tasks as well, can’t I?

[83] : 28. Nov 2002 14:20   
Added Breakpoint 2003 and Vision 2003 to the partyscope.

[84] : 28. Nov 2002 15:09   
when i see the new focus demo i will do some small tasks.. deal? :)

[85] : 28. Nov 2002 15:30   
Cool, but you’d better buy a GBA first.

[86] : 28. Nov 2002 18:03   
Are you really desperate for a Richie Bayliss section in C64sk? I think not. The Richie Bayliss section is at:, and will appear in some diskmags too :)
Richard -the- Bayliss

[87] : 28. Nov 2002 18:41   
Perhaps I should call TND - The New Dimentia, ;) Considering all the fuss I made about my releases when it was unecessary. :lol:

[88] : 29. Nov 2002 00:30   
or maybe That Neurotic Dickhead ? :)

[89] : 29. Nov 2002 09:40   
Hrmpfz.. no personal insults please.

[90] : 29. Nov 2002 11:27   
surely that insult can be used on several persons ;)

[91] : 29. Nov 2002 11:35   
if it was a personal insult would i have put a ":)" there? relax bro..

[92] : 29. Nov 2002 13:38   
people are getting old.. being too sensetive about what is written

[93] : 29. Nov 2002 13:39   
ehm.."being" is definatly no good english

[94] : 29. Nov 2002 13:48   
yeah and "definatly" is misspelled... but your and mine reaction is a nice proof of PI’s idea.. ;-)))

[95] : 29. Nov 2002 14:02   
There is nothing wrong with the english word "being"!

[96] : 29. Nov 2002 14:19   
Nowt wrong with the use of "being" in that context, Pi. i may not capitalise self-referetials (deliberately) but i know a bit about English... =-)

[97] : 29. Nov 2002 14:52   
And it was when the reactions on had become a forum for discussing use of English and a personal Richard Bayliss-section I started to question my sanity as an active scener.

[98] : 29. Nov 2002 15:32   
Dane, the rest of us have been questioning your sanity for a long time. :-)

[99] : 29. Nov 2002 18:41   
Off I go.... To do some more serious game coding ;)

[100] : 29. Nov 2002 19:26   
i’ve decided to only do frivilous game code from now on...

[101] : 30. Nov 2002 14:29   


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