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Reactions SidCompo #7 - 15. Oct - 12. Nov SID Compo #7 deadline, November 12th 2007, 23:55.

Sid Compo #7 compo rules are here.

Send your entries to:

You can check previous SID compos here: SID compo #6 | SID compo #5 | SID compo #4 | SID compo #3 | SID compo #2 | SID compo #1

*E-mails will NOT be published, spread, or given to 3rd parties and will be erased at the end of the compo.
[1] : 16. Oct 2007 02:15   
Aaarrhhh! I’m blind!!! Could you make it a little less red, pretty please, CreamD? For the rest, great announcement as always =)

[2] : 16. Oct 2007 02:16   
^ Also, woohoo, my first first post ever! =)

[3] : 16. Oct 2007 02:58   
Yippee, it’s this time of year! Finally!
a compo fan

[4] : 16. Oct 2007 03:39   
yes, it’s this time of the year. the time of coldness, flu, school, work, depression, dark evenings, wasting your time on feeding the chip with values. finally! ;)

[5] : 16. Oct 2007 08:12   
;-) I’m glad that I don’t have to start this discussion myself (as usual ;-))))

[6] : 16. Oct 2007 10:30   
...a D64 with excetutabetablalaWHAT?

[7] : 16. Oct 2007 11:58   
;-))) corrected.

[8] : 16. Oct 2007 14:08   
Excellent. Got a week off work soon so I will try to participate.
Some idiot

[9] : 17. Oct 2007 03:04   
what, no tunes yet? not even richard’s one? is the world slowly going to an end?
goof daddy

[10] : 17. Oct 2007 08:03   
[9] Good point ;-) If I remember right, Richard apologised about month ago that probably his tune will be delayed.

[11] : 18. Oct 2007 03:24   
@CreaMD: Where is the votingsystem? @everyone: Why there are no tunes submitted, did the musicians become such a lazy bunch?
Smut Jazz

[12] : 18. Oct 2007 07:59   
[11] It seems we are waiting for R. to start the compo. Anyway I know at least about one great musician doing the music for the compo. (already listened to preview.)

[13] : 18. Oct 2007 10:09   
[12] You talking about yourself in third person has now clearly gone out of control ;)
a compo fan

[14] : 18. Oct 2007 10:15   
(not that you weren’t a great musician, but...)
a compo fan

[15] : 18. Oct 2007 10:22   
Heheh.. I rather meant, we - the other composers - are waiting ;-)

[16] : 18. Oct 2007 23:32   
First tune arrived. I will put it up during the weekend.

[17] : 19. Oct 2007 05:43   
bah and still no covers allowed. i should punish you for that and actually compose something myself =P

[18] : 20. Oct 2007 15:34   
I don’t really understand the rules. If a tune is appropriate, it won’t get accepted? Please specify how to produce a tune that’s inappropriate enough.

[19] : 20. Oct 2007 15:50   
[18] That is concerning the tunes using samples. Inapporpriate tunes can be the tune that is using samples in such an extent that it is far from 3 channels + sample for some effects and is closer to complete sampled stuff. Something like that.

[20] : 21. Oct 2007 20:05   
... and no Timbaland rips either :)

[21] : 21. Oct 2007 20:28   
It’s about time to put a tune or two online, innit? :)

[22] : 22. Oct 2007 01:00   
yeah yeah yeah.. ;-)

[23] : 22. Oct 2007 08:16   
this evening.. I’ve got still one tune so far (and one is in works) so the urge to do anything (and ignore family completely), let’s hope everyone else is composing. the e-mailbox is silent.

[24] : 22. Oct 2007 17:06   
still working on something :) another 2-3 days and tune should be ready ;)
mad sidfucker

[25] : 22. Oct 2007 17:21   
goood! gimmemooor. ;-)

[26] : 23. Oct 2007 23:35   
I will send the crap in tonight, I think
Sascha Gottschalk

[27] : 24. Oct 2007 02:59   
Just as I thought, you’ve got mail.
Sascha Gottschalk

[28] : 24. Oct 2007 10:48   
still no tunes online ? is this gonna be the same like last year, announcing... delaying... delaaaaying... delaaaaaaaaaying... :-(

[29] : 24. Oct 2007 17:23   
29 comments with no tunes, not bad
i mask my excitement with a veener of detachment

[30] : 24. Oct 2007 18:12   
something is wrong. we need some tunes to breath the sidcompo atmosphere.

[31] : 24. Oct 2007 18:59   
2 tunes in mailbox so far, [28] last year had good flow you must have all these seven years mixed up ;-)

[32] : 24. Oct 2007 19:56   
Roman, if you have 2 musics why don’t you put them on the web?
The waiter

[33] : 24. Oct 2007 20:11   
Yes, put them online please.

[34] : 24. Oct 2007 22:15   
Nata you’re such a nag :-)
Silent Partner

[35] : 25. Oct 2007 08:21   
helloes to all ... once a year the comment section gets interesting :)

[36] : 25. Oct 2007 23:28   
Roman, put the tunes and votingsystem online, please. I know that you actually have a real life, but the time has come to do what a man’s gotta do.
Johnny Bravo

[37] : 26. Oct 2007 00:09   
totally senseless. no compo atmosphere will ever arise without any music. you already can extend the deadline for a more successful competition. just a suggestion. ;)

[38] : 26. Oct 2007 00:20   
[37] wouldn’t verbalize it better myself.

[39] : 26. Oct 2007 06:43   
I second Fanta and Randall.

[40] : 26. Oct 2007 11:55   
i second fanta, randall and linus.

[41] : 26. Oct 2007 12:40   
I second Fanta, randall, Linus, Dalezy, Ratzinger, Lenin, Machiavelli, ChunLi from StreetFighter, my left foot.
The Seconder

[42] : 26. Oct 2007 13:04   
Hmm, it is right time to call Roman. I can’t understand what is wrong. I will let you know.

[43] : 26. Oct 2007 18:01   
His mobile is still inaccessible.

[44] : 26. Oct 2007 20:54   
kurwa. i’m worried now

[45] : 26. Oct 2007 20:58   
ok, just checked my email and there is, fortunately, a message from Roman. he’s got temporary health problems, he’ll be back in business soon.

[46] : 28. Oct 2007 23:44   
It’s coming!

[47] : 29. Oct 2007 01:05   
Ok. First thing first. The deadline is moved one more week far. There are three reasons for that.

1st I?ve been awarded by a hemorrhoid of gigantic proportions on my ass (yes I really did, I?m not joking). That caused my motivation to sit over my hobby during spare time to go extremely low.

Second I?ve changed my mind about the system and made it as simple as possible. Do you remember all that leftclick, rightclick, middleclick horror that I?ve introduced last year? That?s over. You just drag a row with the tune and put it on any place you wish. The rest is counted automatically. On first submit, you will receive the e-mail with links to your voter account so you can update your rank anytime a new tune appears.

Third reason for extending of the deadline is because there is too short time for testing of the voting system and gaining enough tunes and enough voters. I need to see how it works and 1 week is just not enough for this compo to grow into the reasonable "weight".

And by the way. The tune "Sorry For The Delay" wasn?t composed by me. However, it has really fitting name. I'm also sorry for the delay. Thanx to first 3 musicians that bravely sent their tunes for giving me a bit of motivation to continue with this ungrateful job. The same goes for Orcan and Randall. Thanx guys.

And now... You know what to do! ;-)

[48] : 29. Oct 2007 11:35   
"sorry for the delay" behaves somewhat weird after the tune loops. seems like there was different pattern loops concurring on top of each other. was that intended? :)
cmdr. questionmark

[49] : 29. Oct 2007 11:36   
"different pattern lenghts", that is.
cmdr. questionmark

[50] : 29. Oct 2007 11:38   
Yes According to author’s comment, it is intentional.

[51] : 29. Oct 2007 22:24   
Hey Roman, cool drag&drop feature

[52] : 30. Oct 2007 00:08   
[51] Thanx goes to JQuery ;-) Really flexible and enjoyable javascript framework.

[53] : 30. Oct 2007 09:07   
4th tune arrived. Can’t run psid64.exe (don’t know why) so prg later..

[54] : 30. Oct 2007 11:41   
IDs starting from 36. - inspired by The Roots records or Always magazine? ;)
Sascha Gottschalk

[55] : 30. Oct 2007 12:09   
because the db table contains also tunes from last year. (for historical reasons).

[56] : 30. Oct 2007 13:34   
+2 tunes coming up in the evening

[57] : 30. Oct 2007 14:10   
voting beforehand doesn’t seem to make sense once the cookies are gone

[58] : 30. Oct 2007 14:14   
you will get appropriate edit link on your e-mail :P

[59] : 30. Oct 2007 15:01   
[57] no I haven’t used cookies although that might be really comfortable. you will receive acces link to your e-mail (if you provided a correct one, that is).

[60] : 30. Oct 2007 15:04   
’not a jazz’ somehow reminds me of 90s r’n’b, Missy Elliott style. beautiful handclaps, too

[61] : 30. Oct 2007 16:23   
"not a jazz" somehow reminds me of the better sounding side of sid. :D

[62] : 30. Oct 2007 16:35   
(true, there’s some get ur freak on feel going on. nifty!)

[63] : 30. Oct 2007 21:03   
fugh... I’ve got some trojan and also psid64.exe stopped to work, I will need help with that. if you find tune without PRG version please make one and send it to my mailbox or upload it somewhere and gimme link. (put message here here so more people won’t do the same thing.) a volunteer (until I find solution for this hell) would be ok too.. anyone?

[64] : 30. Oct 2007 21:35   
’print all your crap’ - quite an easy guess as to who did it. welcome back

[65] : 30. Oct 2007 21:55   
still working on my entry - freaking hell!!

[66] : 30. Oct 2007 22:04   

[67] : 30. Oct 2007 22:05   
?print all your crap? - hmm, it is really heavy crap

[68] : 30. Oct 2007 22:06   
[67] Don’t be so nasty, it’s pure DATA. It has it’s audience I’m sure ;-)

[69] : 30. Oct 2007 22:24   
maybe it does but those intensified high bleeps make my ears bleed :D

[70] : 30. Oct 2007 22:28   
well, it sounds like a printer, mission accomplished. :)
cmdr. printermark

[71] : 30. Oct 2007 22:41   
tune #7 arrived

[72] : 30. Oct 2007 22:42   
I mean.. arrived and up..

[73] : 30. Oct 2007 23:16   
8th tune arrived. Enjoy.

[74] : 31. Oct 2007 02:10   
’darkening’, oh how do i love good pop music. this being no exception; love, come to me, come to me.

[75] : 31. Oct 2007 03:01   

[76] : 31. Oct 2007 07:49   
[74] Same here ;-) My favourite so far ;-)

[77] : 31. Oct 2007 08:02   
prg versions added, thanx goes to R

[78] : 31. Oct 2007 11:38   
did you upload a new version of print all your crap? the one i had yesterday was just 8 seconds long, or is it inge’s sidplay-hack that makes anything after 8 seconds inaudible? i’m using the actual sidplay2 without his hack at this place, so everything’s possible :)

[79] : 31. Oct 2007 11:39   
umnelievable.. greedy spamming bots are now trying to spam voting form too. Whoever coded that crap should be spanked eternally.

[80] : 31. Oct 2007 11:40   
[78] haven’t changed the file.

[81] : 31. Oct 2007 12:45   
right, then it’s the sidplay-hack that mutes anything after 8sec :) for anyone who didn’t try it out yet >>

[82] : 31. Oct 2007 20:23   
Gee, looks like there is still not a single C64 musician who’s able to produce at least "basic" theme. Well, well, well... maybe that’s the reason why most of the C64 SID admirers/lovers can’t recall more than 1-2 "contemporary" compositions. But then again, how could they? Ask’em for "classic" and see for yourself. Work harder, pals!

[83] : 31. Oct 2007 21:22   
[82] you are right, it’s quite hard to remember tunes from last years but let’s try what I can recall (and humm at least partially) from head .. electric jesus (intensity 2006, place #8), lemmie eat the rastertime (booker! 2005, place #8 - I recall intro and part similar to deel 3 by JT ;-) it’s fantastic tune by the way! ;-)), Le Tartar And Pretzelism (Pater Pi 2003 place #22) Textuality (noxs 2001), I can remember the intro "jumping chords".

After starting few tunes I can recall parts quite easily but that would be cheating if I claimed I could remember just from name ;-). Anyway this selection isn’t the complete selection of the tunes I remmeber most and also it’s far from complete selection of tunes I loved. Still, Leemie eat the rastertime is probably the most played tune (at my place) from all 6 years ;-). It’s proably because it’s so close to Deel3 which is one of my most favourite tunes ever.

[84] : 31. Oct 2007 21:31   
you know, everyone from our environment grew up with ’classics’. as you know, children learn faster :P there’s even something like cph - critical period hypothesis that tells us about age limits within which we learn certain things more efficiently :P

[85] : 31. Oct 2007 21:33   
[82] the grass was greener, the light was brighter, the snow whiter. time to die. so?

[86] : 31. Oct 2007 21:35   
[84] the fact also is, that we don’t experience the effect of "surprises" and emotions we had on our first parties, we no longer listen to tunes repeatedly.. we just check them and go away most of the times.. we no longer collect the best stuff we collect everything and there is not much time to eat everything that we get server.. the themes can’t crawl into our heads slowly, coz they don’t have enough time for that ;-))

[87] : 31. Oct 2007 21:41   
[85] True true ;-))

[88] : 31. Oct 2007 21:59   
I’m a sid lover, and I can recall alot...alottt from last compo’s. From outstanding tunes by Vic, Drax, Jeff, GH, abd, and ...and ... alotttt :)) Also some very nice tunes (already) in this compo! With "basis" theme (whatever that means..).. So sorry, I don’t agree :))

[89] : 31. Oct 2007 22:44   
[82] Classic? Come on, you italian/austrian guys can come up with better flames than that :-D

[90] : 31. Oct 2007 23:05   
[82} Ah.. I checked the IP now I know who wrote that. But that’s top secret! ;-)))

[91] : 01. Nov 2007 08:43   
Ad. [90] Yeah, yeah, yeah... But you should try to "decipher me" without IP hunt ;-) Ad. [89] What flame(s) are you talking ’bout? Think twice. Ad. [88] Good for you, I don’t. Main theme = melody, got the picture? Ad. [83-87] Only 5 tunes within that long period of time? Now try to recall some tunes from pre-2001 era. How much have you got? And no, my point was not about "grass was greener". It was more like "you can do much more better guys, don’t walk in circles".

[92] : 01. Nov 2007 10:16   
Main theme isn’t a melody per se, might as well be the underlying idea of the tune. Though I understand your point. Then again, a main theme (melody) could also be a cheesy one, and I’m not sure if that’s always interesting. Often the complicated stuff is more interesting to listen to, because it requires the listener to pay attention and listen to the tune again to comprehend. I must admit, I haven’t listened to this year’s entries yet, so maybe I agree with you when I have. I’m going to wait till all tunes have arrived.

[93] : 01. Nov 2007 10:28   
Ad. [92] Right you are! I was just trying to explain (though very roughly, ’cause I was surprised by the fact that some ppl don’t know it) what ’main theme’ is about. And I do agree with the rest of your post; as a matter of fact, I’m the last one who would praise for ’the cheesy ones’ ;-)

[94] : 01. Nov 2007 11:21   
[92] Hein you can wait, ok, but I think it would be better to listen as they come and evaluate them.. taking the big gulp at once isn’t very good idea.

[95] : 01. Nov 2007 13:24   
agree with hein but i think there should be a balance between catchiness and degree of sophistication :P

[96] : 01. Nov 2007 15:00   
Catchyness my arse.

[97] : 01. Nov 2007 15:09   
nyaharharhar! :D

[98] : 01. Nov 2007 15:15   
pre-2001 better than post-2001, pre-1991 better than post-1991 etc. and in the final conclusion nothing beats Frogger. the theme! the melody! UNFORGETTABLE.
i mask my excitement with a veener of detachment

[99] : 01. Nov 2007 15:19   
...because i don’t care that much about classic sids. contemporary composing is much more interesting to me, and it doesn’t lack anything. following POKESEt’s thinking pattern, there should be no songwriting after Lennon/McCartney, Wilson and Gibb.
i mask my excitement with a veener of detachment

[100] : 01. Nov 2007 16:30   
lennon/mcwhat? whatever floats someone elses boat, i like my tunage fresh and less predictable, even though i tried to swim along the easy listening/popmusic stream for quite some time as well.
paisley’s sick because of focusing too much on food after the midnight run

[101] : 01. Nov 2007 17:24   
’Darkening’ rules at the moment for me,great job ........ !!! Good to hear something new from you dude :)

[102] : 01. Nov 2007 20:26   
Another entry added. Enjoy!

[103] : 01. Nov 2007 21:50   
The Second tune rules so far, followed by tune eight. However, the tune ?print all your crap? sounds erm well... How should I say it? ... Odd. I bet Timbaland would love to use that :D

[104] : 01. Nov 2007 22:14   
chances are that not much people got the idea behind print all your crap yet. :-) :-)
sigmund fraud

[105] : 01. Nov 2007 23:57   
+1 tune!

[106] : 02. Nov 2007 01:52   
[104] I got the idea that sounds crap, this is not music.

[107] : 02. Nov 2007 10:20   
I got the idea that it actually *is* a very nice and well executed idea. I still won’t bother to listen to it again tho :)
he who

[108] : 02. Nov 2007 11:41   
Woowee!! I’m back. I love the SIDCompo time of the year :D Still playing the "guess who made it while listening it" game...

[109] : 02. Nov 2007 11:49   
How is the "comments" system working this year? Are they public and anonymous (or not) or just for some sort of internal useage? Can’t happen to remember previous years’ comments useage. YES I am getting old, next subject? :P

[110] : 02. Nov 2007 11:51   
[104] If you happened to be here in the last 3 or so compos, I guess you can pretty much realize what the idea is, and I can contribute to the cause ;)

[111] : 02. Nov 2007 11:56   
[109] Your comments will be published in the end (as every year). Just check the links to preview compos (they are at the bottom of the news post)

[112] : 02. Nov 2007 12:04   
Cool sorry, I’ll check! Right now the system is very much to my liking, I am using the comments space to make annotations for me on each tune ;) Just what I did before, only it was on a .txt! Kick ass system CreaMD.

[113] : 02. Nov 2007 12:52   
[113] Thnx ;-)

[114] : 02. Nov 2007 13:17   
[113] Nice one at thanking yourself xD

[115] : 02. Nov 2007 20:18   
+1 Tune. Good, but a bit short. ;-(

[116] : 03. Nov 2007 05:01   
ain’t that a treat when you realize that the story with such a good title and such a neat beginning is itself half a page long. as kevin kline once put it, ’m disappointed

[117] : 03. Nov 2007 15:44   
aaaaaaahhh... +12th entry. I’m getting multiple orgasms and that’s still just beginning, I’m sure ;-)

[118] : 03. Nov 2007 16:44   
oh fuckin’ gosh! what a bass sound!

[119] : 03. Nov 2007 17:22   
i go crazy when i hear the bass sound
vanilla ijs

[120] : 03. Nov 2007 18:49   
Not just the bass but whole music is cool. Very good flow and progress from funky through pop to something with trance modulation samples. Hmmm

[121] : 03. Nov 2007 19:09   
print all your crap is the best so far. btw, don’t we have mp3s/oggs this year? would be a pity.

[122] : 03. Nov 2007 20:13   
[121] Oggs were made/hosted by external supporter of the compo (was it Alih?) and it seems he wasn’t interested to do it this and last yr. There is place of OGG/MP3 in the database fields but no such stuff around. If anyone is interested to provide those versions I don’t mind. Btw. Fanta please get on icq sometimes, I don’t see you araound and I have question(s).

[123] : 03. Nov 2007 22:04   
I’ve been thinking of providing mp3’s. Just got my data transfer cables working today. I also have necessary audio cables plus noise removing input grounding trick possibility. But first I gotta try to send some noise ;)
just somebody

[124] : 04. Nov 2007 02:31   
[121] it was Alih indeed, and i wouldn’t say it’s a matter of interest, but probably a mere matter of time and privileges. on behalf of whoever liked his suppport during the last sidcompos, i’d like to thank alih for providing the nice ogg-recordings during the previous years.
a silent sidcompo-supporter

[125] : 04. Nov 2007 09:49   
[124] Yeah I’m also thankul for any support. So thanx Alih.

[126] : 04. Nov 2007 14:05   
Fuck it, I’m outta here. I’ll be back once you get an RSS feed, and stop pasting the fucking SID compo all over the page. I’m here for NEWS not to participate in a damn music compo.

[127] : 04. Nov 2007 14:28   
[126] You could have mailed me but no, you try everything else. See you later ;-)

[128] : 04. Nov 2007 14:29   
bad day?

[129] : 04. Nov 2007 14:31   
[126] Anyway, how about making possibility to individually move the spoltight news to 4th position (instead of top one) by one click? Would that be enough?

[130] : 04. Nov 2007 14:55   
The possibility to move spotlight to 4th/1st position is up (in the first red info block on bottom right)

[131] : 04. Nov 2007 17:05   
+1 tune for your enjoynment.

[132] : 04. Nov 2007 17:56   
...ok, in order to make prg versions restarting windows in safe-mode helps. then psid64.exe works flawlessly.

[133] : 04. Nov 2007 20:27   
13th tune, second part - truly awe-inspiring combination of notes

[134] : 04. Nov 2007 21:33   
The extended deadline came well in handy this year (as always). I have started on something for the competition and hope to be able to participate in a few days. Expect something in downtempo.
That guy

[135] : 05. Nov 2007 04:13   
Finished and delivered.
That guy

[136] : 05. Nov 2007 06:34   
That guy: You had to have nice night as I see :-)

[137] : 05. Nov 2007 08:57   
I guess you will hear later today what my night was like. :)
That guy

[138] : 05. Nov 2007 09:24   
Update now now now! can’t have just 13 tunes, it’s bad luck (not superstitious, just wanting to listen this new tune right now ;)

[139] : 05. Nov 2007 10:21   
[138] I’m at work right now so I can’t listen to the tune and check etc. no tools either ;-) so soonest time possible is 17:00 PM today.

[140] : 05. Nov 2007 16:50   
+14. Enjoy. (I’m enjoying int for 12 minutes already ;-)

[141] : 05. Nov 2007 17:12   
Will listen to it tonight - but man, ~6 minutes seems promising!

[142] : 05. Nov 2007 22:03   
jammed with arpeggios!

[143] : 05. Nov 2007 22:08   
16th tune added. This time it seems to be a shot-em up action story! ;-)

[144] : 05. Nov 2007 22:17   
16th tune is cool. Sounds like classic DMC disco stuff in the mid-late 1990’s :) Obviously wasn’t composed in DMC V4 as I used the Advanced Music Search program to find out what editor was used :)

[145] : 06. Nov 2007 06:43   
"Unforgivable" is marked as "old", CreaMD. Let’s listen! 3 new tunes yay!

[146] : 06. Nov 2007 07:34   
[145] Akira, that is sid chip version. I have to fix the table column head widths to make it more apparaen.t Anyway gotta add tune #16 in few minutes.

[147] : 06. Nov 2007 08:03   
17th tune added to rock da place! So get on da dancefloor and move yo fat ass to the bass! ;-)

[148] : 06. Nov 2007 08:44   
Shame on me, thought it was if the tune was old or new xP 17th tune is Kavinsky-alicious!!!!!!!!

[149] : 06. Nov 2007 11:26   
right, the quality level finally raised a bit again.
that other guy

[150] : 06. Nov 2007 12:07   
wow, toms in munich sound like old amiga st-xx samples :D besides it sounds like msk on speed :D

[151] : 06. Nov 2007 12:34   
Yeah 17th is one of the best so far! Great tune and not every SID-tune have drumming like that :)
a compo fan

[152] : 06. Nov 2007 13:23   
Why this competition isn’t called GoatTracker compo? 10 of 17 (06/11/2007) songs were made with this tool. The overall quality of the songs is quite average. I would say it is the usual SID compo stuff. There is actually no song that tweaks the SID to it’s limits or introduces new sounds. Especially If we come in multispeed it seems that people tend to copy.

[153] : 06. Nov 2007 13:29   
bunny honey, why won’t you show me what it means and how to do it (because i actually hear new sound concepts, e.g. ’not in jazz’, and tweaking to limits, e.g. ’danger zone’). and don’t use the evil goat tracker.

[154] : 06. Nov 2007 13:44   
well, it’s a simple wavetable sound x 2 or x 4. doesn’t tweak the sid in a new way.

[155] : 06. Nov 2007 13:58   
[152] and [154] MUSIC is important. Whatever you call "new way of SID tweaking" is for sound wankers. Goat Tracker is just tool, it’s not THE THING which gives anyone an advantage. It’s not doing music on itself. Same goes for X speed musics. Making music X-speed doesn’t automatically mean that audience will love your tune. What makes them to go to "knees" is the "stench", "drive" and all that stuff which you *seem* to deliberately ignore...

[156] : 06. Nov 2007 14:05   
And yes the "overall quality" of songs i average, I can agree with that.I would call it a law of avergeness. Others would call it the gaussian curve. Whatever is it, it’s perfectly natural. I’m sure that from all that averageness there is one, maybe two tunes that are the least average and stand out ;-)))

[157] : 06. Nov 2007 14:13   
Of course it gives advantages. It does not make music itself, yes, but it has several features that you don’t have on a real C64. On the other hand it isn’t that much different than common c64 msx-editors. It follows more or less the playroutine *STANDARDS*, therefore you can’t produce something else. Coders are only focused on optimizing the player instead of introducing new kinds of players.

[158] : 06. Nov 2007 14:15   
[154] one more reason to consider myself a lonely failure. because i wouldn’t be able to reproduce that ’simple wavetable sound’ even if i wanted to. bunny, go the fuck away, you make me depressed.

[159] : 06. Nov 2007 14:23   
bah, wavetables are easy. but yes, producing something *NEW* that doesn’t sound like a SID is hard. :)

[160] : 06. Nov 2007 14:26   
’Unforgivable’ - done by ..... ;) I think last year was much better my friend ;) Still great piece of music.
his fan

[161] : 06. Nov 2007 14:31   
’Munich 98’3’ reminds me little bit of MSK style. Great soundwise! I think it’s big .... - definitely :)
sid shagger

[162] : 06. Nov 2007 14:33   
Gee, now that’s what I call a flaming row ;-) Btw, yes there are some ’above-the-average’ tunes in this compo (at last). Don’t get too excited by the quality of sounds, though... Is it the music compo, instrument{s) compo, or what? Gimme the clue ;-)

[163] : 06. Nov 2007 14:36   
[157] Bunny, believe me I tried! It didn’t give *me* any advantage over C64 composing. I (myself) did two musics in goat that would sound much better if I did them with my tool of prefference. Why? Because the tool really doesn’t matter, what matters is how you use it. For me, doing music on PC editor simply didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel enough freedom, I felt a sort of pressure on my shoulder being in the windowed application. Yeah I like how Cadaver did it. That’s why I’ve promoted it so hard. I felt that GT is very good tool for anyone who would like to compose c64 music on PC. Thanx to many skilled musicians that started to use it, it proved itself worthy. However, it’s not the tool alone that proved it’s greatness. The musicians did. But I don’t care. I'm using my favourite editor for composing and I love to use it. I *know* that I can kick some serious butt with it and I don’t need any new great shmoat tracker to assure myself of being worthy.

[164] : 06. Nov 2007 14:37   
[160][161] I agree with both of you ;-)

[165] : 06. Nov 2007 14:49   
Well, well... something other: Many 8580 songs lacks of weak filters (compared to the old SID). Composers or playroutines fault? :)

[166] : 06. Nov 2007 14:59   
[165] Depends on point of view. I like how deep 8580 filter can go. You will never get so deep with 6581 because it?s slope curve (or how to call it) is about 4 times less sharp. But yeah, you can hear many of those nice bubbly fluffy round smooth filters on 6581 tunes. One can consider it a feature, other (like me) can consider it a virtue heavily influenced by constraints. So I would call the difference a composers prefference, not a fault at all.

[167] : 06. Nov 2007 15:01   
+1 tune in my mailbox, will be added when I get home.

[168] : 06. Nov 2007 17:25   
I had no idea this was a purely technical compo ie tweaking the SID. In that case I won’t be bothered to participate ever again, cause I find it more of a challenge to produce lasting melodies. Hasta la vista.

[169] : 06. Nov 2007 17:44   
Okay I think it’s time to announce something now. ;-)
1st time ever’s FREESTYLE COVER COMPO begins on 1st of January 2008. Duration 3 weeks.

[170] : 06. Nov 2007 17:46   
freestyler cover compo? a case for dr. agemixer.
that other guy

[171] : 06. Nov 2007 17:50   
btw. +1 tune added.

[172] : 06. Nov 2007 18:30   
[168] unbreak my heart and tell me that you’re joking.
i mask my something with something

[173] : 06. Nov 2007 20:23   
Hmm, I accidentaly run #17 on old SID and bass sounds deeper and more interesting than on new one. Hmmm

[174] : 06. Nov 2007 20:34   
[173&174] 6581 has the filter tuned lower. I think both chips have the full spectrum available tho. I guess you knew that :)
a compo fan

[175] : 06. Nov 2007 20:34   
[172] What exactly is your problem with that? You can tell it to my E-mail or even in the icq, you can skype-me anytime or even msn-me and if you really wish you can csdb-pm-me..

[176] : 06. Nov 2007 20:36   
[174] Nooo waaay! ;-) There is a major and undisputable difference ;-). The 6581 is a karateka who might go on a long spiritual quest, then acquire a superior power, while 8580 could proceed to flip out and cut heads right off ;) (Cadaver)

[177] : 06. Nov 2007 20:47   
Well done on the MSK-sounding tune, censored by creamd - no public guessing please. (I guess)

I’m brutally honest when it comes to my feelings for this competition, which is why I didn’t feel the need to hide behind an anonymous nick.

The reason I compose is purely for my own pleasure, because it’s damn nice to have an idea or a theme in your head and then later end up with a finished tune.

I can understand why many musicians for example use multispeed (or even digis) for a competition like this, because really - why be limited? - but if the audience only wants gimmicks and something "new" disregarding melody and song structure I’m out of here.

[178] : 06. Nov 2007 20:53   
[177] Like one or two persons said something like that. They propably don’t represent every single person. I personally dig GOOD tunes, no matter what tricks or "trickslessness" was used to create it.
a compo fan

[179] : 06. Nov 2007 20:55   
[176] Haha! OK! There’s the tuning difference + what you mentioned ;) Anyways, it’s a gift we have not only one major SID type but two... Both kick ass ;)
a compo fan

[180] : 06. Nov 2007 21:04   
[177] The only one wanting ’gimmicks’ seems to be Bunny who’s behaviour heavily reminds me on a certain babbling musician. Don’t feed the trolls and stay where you are (although I myself asked CreamD to exclude you from the compo this time to raise my chances, hah!) ;))

[181] : 06. Nov 2007 21:30   
Ah, he said I was banned but I thought it was the usual JCH-editor racism. :D

[182] : 06. Nov 2007 21:30   
What’s a freestyle cover?

[183] : 06. Nov 2007 21:55   
[177] Dane hey hey! Audience want’s AMAZING MELODIES and FANTASTIC SOUND. All that! Yes. Nothing else. I have never seen/experienced a compo that was won by just "great sounds". Have you? Don’t get too melodramatic. I's sure I'm not alone who love your tune. Yes I loved last years better, bud this one is definitely one of the top 5. For my own tastes, you are getting more and more from playful ornamental stuff (which I don't dig that much) to something that pleases me (and I hope also general pop loving audience) more ;-). And now I hope there won’t be more revealing of competiting names. Thanx for understanding.

[184] : 06. Nov 2007 22:04   
[182] Freestyle cover is a cool name (at least I thoght). In praxe that means you can choose any genre of music and cover it. In past I was thinking about more restriction to the cover compos.. e.g. to make it monothematic (one genre of music per cover compo) but that wouldn’t work because best cover anyone does is cover of the tune he loves.

[185] : 06. Nov 2007 22:35   
agree with [177]

[186] : 06. Nov 2007 22:35   
Nice, I was wondering if it would be themed ie everyone covers the same tune or if it was more of an open field. Now I know. And of course I won’t reveal too much. I’m sure you would never forgive me!

[187] : 06. Nov 2007 23:15   
This conversation about multispeed vs melody is quite remarkable but also very stupid. Why can’t composers just compose what they think is acceptable to a competition ? This isn’t communism y’know.

[188] : 06. Nov 2007 23:40   
[177] I do search for new stuff in the tunes, but regarding music, and not technical prowess. The quintessential SID tune bores me but fresh sounding stuff (’sounding’ as in composition, iea, etc.) is what attracts me nowadays, and the SID compo, every year, provides me with some freshness ;)

[189] : 07. Nov 2007 01:35   
[175] i was refering to Dane’s statement, not yours
i mask my something with something

[190] : 07. Nov 2007 04:21   
beware of unstoppable. it grows on you.

[191] : 07. Nov 2007 08:57   
[190] Couldn’t agree more. Anyway, how come ’Not_A_Jazz’ sounds a bit odd with Vice?
domey of panic

[192] : 07. Nov 2007 11:36   
btw. I have at least one more tune in the mailbox.. but I have got serious attack (al pwd stolen almost all sites I had in the total commander had been infected (learning lesson: never underestimate the security, don’t store passwords ;-)) so I’m recovering from the mess. I’ll put the tune up later today.

[193] : 07. Nov 2007 14:46   
Unstoppable reminds a little of something I have heard before sound wise... Not quite sure what... but I like the tune... there is one chord that I don’t like though..

[194] : 07. Nov 2007 15:53   
I’m really having second thoughts of entering this year: If you all think these are moderate to bad sid tunes, then I’m afraid I must be the worst!? I think more then 50% of the tunes already entered are very nice! Hats off to all of you! I’ll be sure to vote!

[195] : 07. Nov 2007 15:54   
oops... not all thought that way ofcourse..I meant: "if some people with weird nicknames think these sounds aren’t worthy for a competition in 2007" ... :)

[196] : 07. Nov 2007 16:01   
[194] Don’t have second thoughts and hand over your "weirdness!" ;-))

[197] : 07. Nov 2007 16:08   
19th piece added. Enjoy da beat!

[198] : 07. Nov 2007 16:31   
[191] in general, goat tracker multispeed tunes tend to have problems with timing sometimes. for example, my tune for this year’s silesia party, if converted with psid64, sounded strange, but after adding my own player with slightly different timing, was ok.

[199] : 07. Nov 2007 16:43   
[191] & [198] It’s Roland’s psid64 that causes this. After the file is decrunched, the rasterlines are misplaced at the very beginning (when you hold shift-lock to view rastertime.) I just stopped the tune and then replayed it, and it played better afterwards. The problem may be related to bit 7 in $d011 not being checked at the start, or depending what cruncher is used for psid (if there is one.)

[200] : 07. Nov 2007 16:43   
(this effect only happens sometimes btw)

[201] : 07. Nov 2007 17:42   
[193] - some kind of ’Matrix’ on C64 ;)
sid shagger

[202] : 07. Nov 2007 18:00   
[197] right. danceable. like that. (and has no sidmodel flag set)

[203] : 07. Nov 2007 20:55   
Rasters need to be stable to play tunes correctly sometimes, esp. multispeed tunes. I’ve had this with a one speed tune too once. (attack of 1, iirc)

[204] : 07. Nov 2007 21:34   
[202] I was updating from work. I had flagged version at home (but was solving completely different problems related to stolen ftp addresses of many sites) ... my machine (where I’m siting right now) is lost.. (well I have put firewall up so let’s hope no more stuff will be stolen from me). I’ve got another music btw. Now I need to find out how to put it on server and not give away the new password ;-))

[205] : 07. Nov 2007 21:54   
Piece no.20! Enjoy.

[206] : 07. Nov 2007 22:23   
creamd, just how did you find out that your tc-passwords where actually stolen? did a certain program search through your windows directory and send the ini-file to someone else while you were watching? =)
clueless person

[207] : 07. Nov 2007 23:08   
I?ve found out the hardest possible way. The php, html, htm files in root directories of portals I?m programming got infected by and ecoded javascript, which was attempting to install the trojan on computers that opened the webpage. We had to disable the access to sites because it was very high probability that anyone with vulnerable IE or unpatched windows could get the virus. The portals have average about 20 thousands visits a day (13-15 uniques). The portal codes were lated restored from backup. At that time I still didn?t know that it was actually my TC ini file that leaked. Only when I was informed about certain attempts to log on parts of sites that were already disabled (server administrator of portals saw that in logs) then I realised that it was actually something to do with ftp password list. But it was too late already. Every site in the list got affected by that (and yes I had a really juicy list of ftp sites (over 40 active sites). So I spent about 5 hours cleaning the files by a script I had to made (which was loading file by file and removing the javascript code that didn?t belong there). This lasted until 2:30 AM today. Then I spent the whole day phoning to various client and hosting services and asking the to change the passwords so the attack won?t repeat.

[208] : 08. Nov 2007 10:36   
"I died defending the mothership" is great. instruments are a little raw but the bouncy composition is catchy.

[209] : 08. Nov 2007 13:17   
I must say, this year there are very very good entries indeed. This will most certainly be the highlight of 2007. Keep up the great work, guys! No time to lose for more tunes! :)

[210] : 09. Nov 2007 12:34   
A really great voting system a 10/10 for that, some really nice tunes for a rainy november amusement. Thanx

[211] : 09. Nov 2007 12:40   
[210] Thank you too. Next time you just have to log in to your rank using the LINK you have received in e-mail. The submission phase haven’t ended yet and I hope that few more tunes will arrive. I also hope that all people who started voting will find time to finish their voting when the first phase stops.

[212] : 09. Nov 2007 13:40   
did it stop yet? :(

[213] : 09. Nov 2007 14:18   
[212] nope there are few more entries to arrive.

[214] : 09. Nov 2007 16:41   
So how much time is there to vote when the submission phase is over?
a compo fan

[215] : 09. Nov 2007 18:17   
[214] At least one week. I will probably sent notification to voters with incomplete voteshhets before the end of voting phase.

[216] : 09. Nov 2007 18:48   
Yeah... I’ll try to finish the mp3-recording process next week ASAP. About half of the current tunes are recorded. Let’s hope I’m not very busy with other stuff next week. It’d be a bit lame to provide mp3’s when there’s only a couple of days left for voting :(
a compo fan

[217] : 09. Nov 2007 18:57   
I’ll get there at the eleventh hour!
Wait for me!!!

[218] : 09. Nov 2007 19:35   
a compo fan - contact me. you’ll find my addy @ csdb

[219] : 09. Nov 2007 20:31   
[216] Maybe someone will appreciate having mp3’s in their players ;-)

[220] : 10. Nov 2007 08:08   
67 voters, hm, sounds like a lot. How many voters did you have in the last years, CreaMD?

[221] : 10. Nov 2007 09:14   
[220] I think it will be less after cleanup. Number of voters is written in the sidcompo result files / news I think.

[222] : 10. Nov 2007 09:19   
[220] Btw. I can’t do cleanup now.I’ll do it immediatelyl after deadline. I did mistake that I haven’t set e-mail addy as unique identifier which can’t be entered more times. In future, it will be checked by ajax before sending votesheet and warning message will appear. It seems thatsome peopledidn’t realise that next time they are going to vote they have to "log-in" to their votes using url they received in e-mail. I’ll improveit for cover compo (1st of jan 2007)

[223] : 10. Nov 2007 13:51   
+1 tune in my mailbox.

[224] : 10. Nov 2007 15:42   
Munich 98,3 contains a cover... I thought covers weren’t allowed.
Mr. D

[225] : 10. Nov 2007 16:25   
[224] Mr.D provide some clues (like this part from minute:second to minute:second) is taken from that and that tune. (best would be if you also give link to the online version of the tune that you consider to be covered by Munich 98,3. I’m not going to do any action unless I have som proofs. And yes some parts of the tune sounds familiar to something that I’ve heard before, but I don’t remember where and from.

[226] : 10. Nov 2007 16:27   
[224] And btw. thanx for reminding me that I should update the rules with point of taking no responsibility for the emotional damages caused by unspotted covers in the compo because it seems that some people think that I’m a walking library and all responsibility is on my shoulders.. daaamn.. I hate this job! ;-)

[227] : 10. Nov 2007 18:07   
I am sorry but I can’t really provide you with the clues... I know that the the melody line in the beginning is a clear cut conversion of a hit from the start 90ies but I simply can’t remember the name of the song and the group. I am know I am right... Because a friend of mine once converted it... And I remember hearing it in my early teens :D
Mr. D

[228] : 10. Nov 2007 18:42   
I think you’re right, it sounds very familiar. Time to listen to a lot of 90’s music.

[229] : 10. Nov 2007 18:47   
And...? F#cking great tune, though I don’t like Munich at all... ***ignoring all forthcoming clues***

[230] : 10. Nov 2007 21:15   
Only the riff is similar? The riff is quite simple. If you start digging, you’ll find a lot of similarities between all sorts of songs.
a compo fan

[231] : 10. Nov 2007 21:57   
Maybe he meant Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia ?

[232] : 10. Nov 2007 23:16   
[231] Naah, suburbia’s motive is different. And it’s not alsop Layla, By Eric Clapton. (or how was that song named). I think it’s rather something r&b style or funky or old dancefloor.

[233] : 11. Nov 2007 00:52   
+1 tune. Enjoy.

[234] : 11. Nov 2007 01:10   
Btw. this year is very rich on epic tunes. ;-)

[235] : 11. Nov 2007 01:15   
Not only epic, but very valuable at all.

[236] : 11. Nov 2007 08:48   
The people at work think I’m nuts when I walk around and hum my own tune all day.

[237] : 11. Nov 2007 10:12   
Voting is really difficult again this year. Is it just me or are all the tunes apart from one or two not so good ones and a couple of medium ones really really good? I mean it feels bad if I have to vote a tune to #12 that I actually like a lot, only there are 11 other tunes which are only slightly better! Argh...

[238] : 11. Nov 2007 11:05   
btw. +1 tune added. [237] I have similar feeling. I was relistening the ones I like better, yesterday and I had problem which ones I should put in the top 5. Pity I can’t say names ;-)

[239] : 11. Nov 2007 11:35   
[237] It is just an evidence that music scene is not dead. Yes I know a production after year 2000 is not as huge as years before, but quality stays and even rise I think
Orcan (the optimist :-))

[240] : 11. Nov 2007 11:47   
[237] At least last year it was possible to put several songs on the same position when voting. Maybe that’s not the idea in the voting, but if you honestly feel some tunes are equally good, maybe you should vote accordingly.
a compo fan

[241] : 11. Nov 2007 11:52   
BTW about the mp3’s: Recording them is one thing, but even more time and effort is needed because each and every recording must be carefully listened before putting them online to make sure they don’t clip, haven’t picked up cell phone interference or don’t have hiccups caused by Windows or something stupid like that. I have limited time, so it would be great if I’d have a couple of "listeners" to help me. This would really speed up putting the tunes online. Those who are interested, please put your contact info on this comment section. All you would have to do is to listen to some tunes once and tell me if the recordings are OK. I would really appreciate it.
a compo fan

[242] : 11. Nov 2007 13:02   
tune 21 is really nice, albeit a bit too similar to one of 2006 entries for my taste. tune 22, i can’t stop listening to. less is more

[243] : 11. Nov 2007 15:20   
Added the missing prg for the latest 5 tunes.

[244] : 11. Nov 2007 16:37   
Just realized that i have installed WinXP a bunch ago, an my 1541 software is not running in it :(
Don’t wait for me ;(

[245] : 11. Nov 2007 16:42   
[244] eml me. Si I know who are you.

[246] : 11. Nov 2007 16:49   
[244] boot dos from floppy, can’t you?
Sascha Gottschalk

[247] : 11. Nov 2007 16:51   
@244: use opencbm+gui, works good in XP.
Katharina Volodkova

[248] : 11. Nov 2007 22:00   
+2 tunes in the list. Enjoy!

[249] : 11. Nov 2007 22:01   
Oh gosh ... you’ve got the title wrong, pal :)
girls and ghosts

[250] : 11. Nov 2007 22:07   
Soeren Lund, I want your babies.
That guy

[251] : 11. Nov 2007 22:13   
I’m sorry.. seems like I’ve got disgraphic lately ;)))

[252] : 11. Nov 2007 22:19   
Ok now the sad and a bit embarassing news. I had to disqualify the entry #17. It’s a cover of Everybody, Everybody by Black Box (1990 tune). I know background about how this tune was made so I can understand how this could happen. I’m really sad about this mistake because it was one of the best sons in the compo. I won’t reveal name of the author(s) although I’m sure many of you guessed who is it. Anyway I’m pretty much sure this wasn’t intentional. Sorry everybody, including the author. Let’s hope author won’t be against releasing it in the cover compo which starts on 1st of january 2008.

[253] : 11. Nov 2007 22:25   
so what I have to do with it? move from my 3rd place to last? :(

[254] : 11. Nov 2007 22:28   
[253] Do whavetever you like. It won’t be in the results. But out of curiosity I would leave it on third place and we’ll see (well.. I will see at least) what place it could get. I didn’t count with situation like this and this (leaving in the rank) is the easiest solution I could come up with right now)

[255] : 11. Nov 2007 22:35   
okidoki, I’ll leave where it is

[256] : 11. Nov 2007 22:45   
Just playing with a thought, if there could be a sort of guessing compo besides THE compo. The one with the most right answers in who did and what, would win a free banana or something. :D
the emperor of the jungle

[257] : 11. Nov 2007 22:52   
[256] Been there, done that ;-) There was too much info leak with guesssing compo and there were also obvious winners-to-be because some ppl are just more skilled with how to dig out info from players than others.

[258] : 11. Nov 2007 22:57   
to the composer of that sid tune: It’s something that happened to me a few times too; worktunes gather dust, changes directory and after a while you think: wow, i did a nice job back then! let’s finish that! .. an example of me is this: C:/music/sid/C64Music/MUSICIANS/N/No-XS/Sixpack_of_Cola.sid ...which turns out to be an .it tune by Beek.. just remembered that last month... lol :))

[259] : 11. Nov 2007 23:32   
257: If you ever bother to read my comments/babble I put down while listening, I swear I didn’t check a single tune in the hex editor or some other tool that would reveal the player. Still great fun to guess the composers, even if it’s just for my personal pleasure. :-)

[260] : 11. Nov 2007 23:34   
I wonder why dude who provided ME@ME.COM address will change his voting sheet now when he haven’t received the edit link. Argh.. users... ;-)

[261] : 11. Nov 2007 23:48   
[252] Quite sad to hear tune #17 got disaqualified, it was a very good tune... however I never actually knew it was a slight cover of some old 90’s tune, until this Mr.D opened his big mouth. IMO, enjoyment comes first priority, production details come second. But of course, opinions differ to all.

[262] : 11. Nov 2007 23:54   
...bollocks!! Forget my previous post. I thought the original tune was a SID tune, until I clicked that mp3 link :P I apologise to all!

[263] : 12. Nov 2007 00:11   
+1 tune! And hey, what?s happening? I never expected having such an awesome selection of songs in this year?s compo. It?s probably the most quality packed sidcompo ever. Only think I?m a bit sad about is, that Asterion missed the compo this year. (it seems ;-(

[262] No problemo really. If I could, I would leave the tune in the compo, but that would be against the rules.

[264] : 12. Nov 2007 00:25   
P?RK?P?L?TT??!1 The requested URL /files/sidcompo7/sid-credited/TheSweetOdourOfJesusChrist.sid was not found on this server.
not so finnish guy

[265] : 12. Nov 2007 00:28   
add a "un" where due, moron!1

[266] : 12. Nov 2007 00:28   
ok d00d, done and dl’ed !2
not so finnish guy

[267] : 12. Nov 2007 00:31   
fixed ;-)

[268] : 12. Nov 2007 00:44   
girls'whatever (?????): timothy meets timothy.

[269] : 12. Nov 2007 09:23   
&apos prolly = " ’ " ... creamd?
politically uncorrect

[270] : 12. Nov 2007 09:28   
[269]? What creamd? No "Creamd" in the compo.

[271] : 12. Nov 2007 09:59   
24 His Pearl’s a powerful tune :)

[272] : 12. Nov 2007 16:47   
I am so sorry that I revealed that cover... It is a smashing good cover... I hope that the tune will be released... I really feel like some kinda naugthy boy for having revealed it...
Mr. D

[273] : 12. Nov 2007 17:31   
Another tune added. This time 6581 (OLD SID) is heavily reccomended. I’ve heard this tune with unset flags, was kinda weird. Anyway this is a solid load of data-pop ;-) (I was hoping for more development but still kinda enjoable in it’s own way).

[274] : 12. Nov 2007 22:38   
+1 tune added. Probably the last one. ?

[275] : 12. Nov 2007 23:39   
and what a nice one it is!

[276] : 13. Nov 2007 01:26   
[275] Yeah, I agree! BTW, raw WAV recordings of every tune played on the real thing are now done. They will be available for download once they have been verified to not to have any problems.
a compo fan

[277] : 13. Nov 2007 07:56   
[276] cool. Ok gotta change message about voting phase. I’ll be online around evening. If you have skype, icq, msn we can communicate through those.

[278] : 13. Nov 2007 11:10   
Woot? 80 Voters ... Tres decent :)

[279] : 13. Nov 2007 11:32   
[278] Nope I’m sure about 20 votes are dupes.

[280] : 13. Nov 2007 11:46   
it seems that there’s a new level in overall quality this time, which makes fewer tunes stand out in the end. too bad that munich got kicked. it was my favorite entry, but it isn’t exactly hard to pick a new #1 since there is another really good tune in the pool. =)

[281] : 13. Nov 2007 15:04   
i am very sorry for the confusing about munich 98,3 fm. i didn’t know it’s a cover and as i am totally against covers in the compo myself, just put it in some trashcan. shit happens...
Some Author

[282] : 13. Nov 2007 15:33   
[281] It’s true that it doesn’t belong in this compo but as a tune itself it’s mega kick-ass. I really dig it.
a compo fan

[283] : 13. Nov 2007 15:49   
just make a single release out of munich 98,3 via csdb i say

[284] : 13. Nov 2007 16:15   
will there be jury voting this year?
juror sruror

[285] : 13. Nov 2007 16:21   
[280] Which one? :)
Another Author

[286] : 13. Nov 2007 16:58   
285, the obvious one. :)

[287] : 13. Nov 2007 17:09   
The best pearls are the Belgian ones, obviously.

[288] : 13. Nov 2007 17:18   
It’s dark in Finland, England seems to be dangerous and jazz loses its appeal in Poland. Tssssss.
not Dane

[289] : 13. Nov 2007 17:38   
[287] Ts ts ts... Dane, mister, you promised something! ;-)

[290] : 13. Nov 2007 17:39   
[261] The tune should get into the cover compo, it’s definitely not a trash at all. It aspired on highest places. So if I’ll get your (if you are author) "YES" on that, I’ll put it into january cover compo! ;-)

[291] : 13. Nov 2007 18:07   
i thought we’d go about all covering the same tune?
mark question

[292] : 13. Nov 2007 18:12   
[291] That would be pretty stupid I think. ;-)

[293] : 13. Nov 2007 18:21   
Roman, it is a natural childish reaction to almost never being anonymous myself. :D

[294] : 13. Nov 2007 18:44   
[292]: why? same chance for everybody :D
mark question

[295] : 13. Nov 2007 18:45   
A followup to the "Sit In My Underwear, Drinking Pepsi" compo was to be to hold an Airwolf.sid compo, but then make a different tv-tune.. I didn’t hold that compo, since it looks like a fuckup for the HVSC (wasn’t my primary intention though :)) ... Alot of cover compo’s can be done.. like tv-tunes, or maybe even the same tune, or known pc-demo-tunes, ehm... anything :) ..Might be fun to restrict the cover compo to something like that.. Ohh, and the telling of the authors made it a bit to obvious now, Dane and not-Dane :))

[296] : 13. Nov 2007 18:52   
Sorry for the delay, My little daughter said it was unforgivable that there was not a jazz sid in this big autumn symphony. While I almost died defending the mothership, i told her it was unstoppable. The sexy hardrestart seemed to have 6581 destinations but when she asked me to mix em up, the music seemed to be full of november echoes and jammed with arpeggios.

[297] : 13. Nov 2007 18:56   
[293] ;-) As if you didn’t know that only "newcomers" can keep some anonymity. But as its seems from your hints even the new ones are quite obvious for some ;-) Btw. as I see from Steppe’s comments (in his votesheet) even the sid-lover and expert like him don’t have chance to identify some musicians if they change their sound-set dramatically ;-)

[298] : 13. Nov 2007 18:59   
[295] I was thinking about restrictions and maybe we can try something like that sometimes, but first we need to check how musicians will react to this one. And I also think (from my own experience) that best covers are made from tunes that we love ;-)

[299] : 13. Nov 2007 19:06   
[296] Ok, I had to "frame" this one ;-))))

[300] : 13. Nov 2007 19:23   
That’s hilarious, No-XS! :D

[301] : 13. Nov 2007 19:23   
[296]: awesome! ahahahahaha

[302] : 13. Nov 2007 20:36   
Dane: btw. I how about pasage 1:47 - 1:55 ?? ;-)) Isn’t it by any chance directly borrowed from Silent Night ;-))

[303] : 13. Nov 2007 20:54   
LOL I didn’t realise that, just listened to it. ?ou are so right.

[304] : 13. Nov 2007 21:04   
No-XS: That certainly brightened my evening! =D

[305] : 13. Nov 2007 21:30   
Something disturbs me in His pearl at 1:21 - 1:23. It sounds like a bug. Maybe it was an aim...

[306] : 13. Nov 2007 21:33   
If you mean the volume effect it seems intentional
That guy

[307] : 13. Nov 2007 21:44   
MP3?s and MP3 PACK ADDED! Thanx to dude who helped with this. I?ll reveal his name when results will be announced. I will clean voting registrations tommorow. I will send notifiactions to people who don?t have finished their voting and also to all musicians (jury voting). MUSICIANS -> If you wish, you can send your top 10 ranks now. You don?t have to wait until my E-mail. But please also try to comment your selection.

[308] : 13. Nov 2007 22:25   
[307] You mean we have until tomorrow to vote???

[309] : 13. Nov 2007 22:32   
[307] I will clean the duplicates and some spambot attempts. I will leave only correct ones (with e-mail addy etc.)

[310] : 14. Nov 2007 10:48   
Following MP3’s had minor errors: "Jammed..." (not normalized) and "November..." (small hiccup). Corrected MP3’s + new ZIP are up now. Enjoy!
a compo fan

[311] : 14. Nov 2007 11:41   
It seems that many tunes were composed on emulators. Just listen to 6581 Destinations (MP3 vs. SID). Fortunately there are a lot more 8580 entries. :)

[312] : 14. Nov 2007 11:50   
[311] It maybe also depends on version of 6581 (OLD SID). Can anyone check on their 6581?

[313] : 14. Nov 2007 11:57   
[312] I think it might have more to do with the difference between each and every 6581 instead of the version. The difference is that the "default cutoff point" is different on every chip. Sounds which have the cutoff on a fixed point have the biggest difference in sound between different 6581’s. It’s "dangerous" to rely on these kind of sounds on 6581 :) Filter sweeps work much better. This was already noticed by some game musician in the 80’s, but I don’t remember who it was (his comments are in the STIL file of HVSC). Anyways "6581 destinations" might sound "more correct" on some other C64.
a compo fan

[314] : 14. Nov 2007 12:08   
BTW, "Gold Lux" maybe "suffers" most from my C64 - it propably doesn’t sound as intended in the recording. However, many tunes sound just fine with this C64, so I don’t think I used a particulary bad one. BTW, 8580’s have less differences between each chip, so I strongly suggest using 8580 for those who are worried that their tune might be ruined by "wrongly tuned" filters. But I guess even 8580’s aren’t exactly same... Also there is less difference between emulation and the real thing on 8580, but clear difference between emulation and 6581, so again I strongly suggest that if you use Goattracker or Vice, and want your tune sound similar on the real thing, switch to 8580 mode...
a compo fan

[315] : 14. Nov 2007 12:08   
It probably will sound better on a R2 than on a R4 (which is well known for it’s strong filters) Which revision did you used?

[316] : 14. Nov 2007 12:25   
I opened my C64 (yes I don’t have a life:) to check and it seems to be R4AR. However, I really really think this isn’t a revision issue but simply "difference between each SID"-issue. Chips from the same manufacturing batch might sound the same but I really do believe there can be differences between chips even if they are the same revision. It’s just a bit difficult to explain the idea, but analog synth users understand when I say "the default cutoff frequency is different between every chip".
a compo fan

[317] : 14. Nov 2007 15:23   
I simply have the feeling that, csdb, (or something between) isn?t the right place for a serious musician to release his stuff. (nata)
...aaaah. So that?s why I can?t brainwash Reyn O. ;-( to join the compo. Not to mention Jeroen T. And bunch of others who still lurk around the corners of scene galaxy ;-)

[318] : 14. Nov 2007 19:53   
[317] SID compo is probably not that attractive to the majority of people.

[319] : 14. Nov 2007 21:56   
[318] exactly like me. thus, i participate due to empathy

[320] : 14. Nov 2007 22:28   
in russia, empathy participates due to you

[321] : 14. Nov 2007 22:59   

[322] : 14. Nov 2007 23:13   
[318] Majority of mankind gives a fck about c64 anyway.

[323] : 15. Nov 2007 02:30   
Just take it easy, guys. After all, we are just a small minority taking part of an even smaller competition. :)
the emperor of the jungle

[324] : 15. Nov 2007 03:48   
no, we are the future of electronica. trouble is that no one recognized us as such yet
i mask my something with something

[325] : 15. Nov 2007 10:07   
Yeah, when are The Knife going to call me?

[326] : 15. Nov 2007 10:15   
My first reaction about this compo. Lots of fun, even being just a spectator/voter, to listen to all the tunes and to rate them listening to them day by day. Thanks to you all who composed these tunes. Let’s keep up this online competition through the years!!! Now it has become an yearly appointment.

[327] : 15. Nov 2007 13:33   
"no, we are the future of electronica. trouble is that no one recognized us as such yet" bullshit! timbo recognized us :D:D:D

[328] : 15. Nov 2007 17:00   
us? he recognized grg and tempest. i bet he doesn’t even know that there’s more "videogame idiots" out there. =)
d ale tu nudno zy

[329] : 15. Nov 2007 17:52   
sam jestes nudny
der stolze Pole

[330] : 15. Nov 2007 19:19   
[328] ;-)

[331] : 15. Nov 2007 21:49   
Very good quality and variation. I think even if this is a compo, it’s a very good way for all kind of composers to contribute to the C-64 scene with music, no matter if you’re a veteran, newcomer or just making one single song. :)

[332] : 15. Nov 2007 22:06   
[331] I second that. A compo like this really bring’s a wide variety of SID talents into one festival... just like the Eurovision Song Contest events, except it’s less in popularity (disadvantage?) and more limited, which should be kept that way really.

[333] : 15. Nov 2007 22:07   
What? Reyn and JT didn’t join the compo this year? :|

[334] : 15. Nov 2007 22:17   
’us? he recognized grg and tempest. i bet he doesn’t even know that there’s more "videogame idiots" out there. =)’
it was a joke smartass :P

[335] : 15. Nov 2007 22:37   
[332] - agree with that. I think this compo it’s the best thing on C64 scene right now,just behind the X party :)
sid shagger

[336] : 16. Nov 2007 00:00   
[334] seems like i double smartassed you out. :)

[337] : 16. Nov 2007 12:03   
yeah, sure ;)

[338] : 16. Nov 2007 15:48   
[333] I doubt that you ever will see here a *real* c64-music-legend.
another legendary guy

[339] : 16. Nov 2007 15:57   
nata, legendary for what? :D

[340] : 16. Nov 2007 16:55   
I’m proud to announce that next year ONLY *real* SID-legends will participate: Johannes Bjerregaard, Crowther Antony, Charles Deenen, Thomas Detert, Jonathan Dunn, David Dunn, Follin Bros., Martin Galway, Chris Huelsbeck, Baldwin Neil, JCH, Anthony Lees, Barry Leitch, Reyn Ouwehand, Jeroen Kimmel, Jeroen/Michiel Soede, Jeroen Tel, Michael Winterberg AND MANY MORE.. STAY TUNED!!!! :D
another legendary guy

[341] : 16. Nov 2007 17:18   
I sure hope Richard Rinn will be on that list!

[342] : 16. Nov 2007 17:21   
bah. no hubbard, no cred.

[343] : 16. Nov 2007 19:15   
CreaMD, maybe it’s time to add the attendants to the csdb entry? or do you still want to keep it secret for now ?
popeye’s chicken’s teh shizznit

[344] : 16. Nov 2007 20:51   
Hmm, I assume the idea is to wait until voting phase is over.
a compo fan

[345] : 16. Nov 2007 21:58   
This compo has been a complete breath of fresh air. I am enjoying the music alot - respect to all composers. It lives up to my expectations from last year. Autumn Symphony suits any demo perfectly! The mothership swings! Da Jazz funks! Out of too many good sids error! And yes, put Deek (and Xayne) on that list.

[346] : 18. Nov 2007 00:11   
ok cleaned the votesheets database. 34 correct sheets 3 need just one touch. 35 needs to be finished (gotta mail the ppl).

[347] : 18. Nov 2007 01:06   
Ok. All requests sent. Participating musicians should receive e-mail with request for jury voting and voters who didn’t finish their voting yet will receive the request for completion of their votesheets.

Have a nice rest of the weekend.

[348] : 19. Nov 2007 04:38   
How do you know when a votesheet is complete? I have not made up my mind and whereas I have filled most of the comment boxes, my votesheet is far from complete. PLease don’t close them thinking they are complete, set a specific deadline when voting has to end.

[349] : 19. Nov 2007 08:12   
[348] Complete votesheet is the one which has all 27 tunes ordered. That means. User has edited it after all tunes arrived. Incompleet votesheets are those which were last touched at time when number of musics was less than 27.

[350] : 19. Nov 2007 12:06   
... and what does the winner get? (fame doesn’t count ;-))
femme fatal

[351] : 19. Nov 2007 12:16   
[350] What would you suggest?

[352] : 19. Nov 2007 12:48   
A bottle of Stefano Tognon’s homemade wine, of course.

[353] : 19. Nov 2007 14:39   
homemade, really?
femme fatal

[354] : 19. Nov 2007 14:51   
[352] Yeah I don’t have problem with that. Stefano, what do you say? ;-))

[351]Anyway, I’m kinda curious what kind of arsehole one has to be, to ask for prizes in the compo that is organised on a non-profit basis, on a non profit site with voluntary compo participants. Next time you are going to ask this ungrateful question don’t forget to ask yourself who will pay me for all the time I wasted with this compo over the years trying to make it as good as possible. I never thought that having prizes in the compo would make it bigger or better, but if you think so, feel free to sponsor the prizes for the last one in the series - Sid Compo #8 a.k.a. The Last CompoTM.

[355] : 19. Nov 2007 15:00   
CreaMD - NOOOOOOOOOO - not the last one, You can’t be serious!!
sid shagger

[356] : 19. Nov 2007 15:05   
Do you really need a sponsor for a 50 eurocent bottle of wine, or maybe some empty c64 floppy disk? :S
femme fatal

[357] : 19. Nov 2007 15:17   
[355] I’m serious. As you could have already noticed there is no point where this compo could move (in some radical way). Every year I’m getting more and more anxious feelings about how it will go, if it won’t end by a big fiasco and all that crap. Every year I collect tiny bit’s of negative emotions from here or there and I can’t shake it off, it’s collecting inside me. It’s really exhausting and I feel that I can’t continue with this for too long. I don’t believe that this compo will ever get bigger response than 43 entries in (I don’t know which year) and I’m a bit scared of the idea that #9 will have less than 20 ;-). If you wan’t to beat your competition, you must differ from it. But how can you "beat" yourself? I know how. And you will learn when the time comes. Don’t worry I have something different in the sleeve. ;-))

[356] Do you really think that having cheap prizes in this compo will earn it more respect?

[358] : 19. Nov 2007 15:36   
Roman, if you stop SID Compo, you will never get coffee from here again :D

[359] : 19. Nov 2007 15:45   
CreaMD - this year is less tunes than last year but quality is fantastic. I reckon that in 2008 will be even better,maybe not in quantity but quality definitely.

[360] : 19. Nov 2007 16:01   
[358] ;-) it seems like I will have to reroute the "coffeduct" through austria-and-hungary ;) [359] I don’t worry about it. It will be The Last CompoTM everyone will do all their best not to miss it ;-).

[361] : 19. Nov 2007 16:09   
Seriously, if there’s Sid-wine involved, the masses will gather. I can attest to the quality of this most exclusive of beverages!

[362] : 19. Nov 2007 16:43   
is the amount of entrys really that important to make it a good compo? i dont think so... this years breakpoint c64 demo-compo just had 6 entrys, but the overall quality was high (5 of those entrys were very nice)... so i considered it a good compo. so why do you care if its less than 20 entrys if the quality of the - lets say 15 tunes is very high?

[363] : 19. Nov 2007 16:45   
CreaMD: change "all the time I wasted" with "all the time I invested". I do not consier the SID compo to be a waste of anyone’s time, and I think it has been very good throughout the years :) The Last Compo (ninja? :P) will definitely rock supreme!

[364] : 19. Nov 2007 16:52   
[362] agreed with you yazoo, but perhaps CreaMD’s objectives with the SID Compo were different, and that’s why he cares about the number. If numbers count, I suppose one of his main goals was to raically expand the scene’s activity and perhaps composer-base. I unno, just my speculation ;)

[365] : 19. Nov 2007 17:08   
the last north party, the last sidcompo. we slavs seem to like funerals.

[366] : 19. Nov 2007 17:18   
[361] Any bottles left? ;-)

[362] For me it is not, but for some people (doesn’t matter if musicians or audience) it is. Some decent quantity is important for the image of the compo to be considered valuable.

One musician asked, me will there be enough musics in the compo? Some people need to have enough entries to consider their participation valuable from broader point of view.

I once came second i a chess tournament ... and I was last at the same time. I once won 3rd place in draughts game (and was second from the end).

It’s much better to win compo with 30 participants than to win compo with 10-15 ones. Unless those 10-15 are from musicians from to 20 and the one who won is *you*, of course ;-)) Anyway. Having enough tunes in the compo, that’s not the only reason. It’s just one of my reasons why I decided like this. IMO It’s better to end at the top than quit when you failed to keep up with the expectations.

[367] : 19. Nov 2007 17:30   
[364] That too. And I’m really glad that I achieved to get a lot of cool musicians participate in the compo. Sidcompo not only attracts some talented newcomers but also motivated few cool musicians to compose another tune. I don’t want to talk about commebacks because (as we say over here...) "one swallow doesn’t make a summer".

[365] But it’s not the funeral. I think I’ve kicked serious butt with last 7 years and I’m sure #8 is not going to be exception, but I think now it’s time to kick even bigger butt with something different ;-). After all those years sidcompo doesn’t have anything new or innovative to offer to enrich and enliven the scene. Except of the great musics of course ;-)

[368] : 19. Nov 2007 17:37   
CreaMD, don’t let the couple of negative comments discourage you, I’m sure the vast majority of feedback is/was positive. But I can understand you perfectly, the feedback of the whiners with their always exotic requests who you can’t please anyway somehow lasts and causes a bitter aftertaste. Just a matter of time, you’re getting used to it! ;-)

[369] : 19. Nov 2007 18:05   
It’s your decision, CreamD. If that means there will be a vacuum for online compos I am sure somebody else will attempt to fill it. It’s been grand and I promise to take part in the ’last’ one (especially if you include a bottle of that fine wine).

[370] : 19. Nov 2007 18:13   
[368] I always thought I was getting used to it, but it seems that it at the cost of turning to oppresive mizantrophe ;-) I’m not discouraged, I have decided to about what to do next sometimes in the middle of this compo.

[371] : 19. Nov 2007 18:56   
[369] Don’t worry I’m not going to jump over the sadcastles I’m rather going to build something other next to them ;-)

[372] : 19. Nov 2007 19:37   
Expect at least one from poland, germany & england in the top 3. The guy from enland wins. No surprise this year.

[373] : 19. Nov 2007 20:04   
[372] ;-D

[374] : 19. Nov 2007 21:17   
Yeah I too must say that this compo has brought lotsa fun to this autumn. It’s currently the coolest thing happening around SID-music.
a compo fan

[375] : 19. Nov 2007 22:23   
[372] nah, i guess none of guys from germany will make it this time. you seem to have forgotten a guy from belgium, btw :)
another compo fan

[376] : 19. Nov 2007 22:44   
I think the finns will kick some serious german and british ass this time around. ;-) And hey, great to hear that you won’t tear down all the tents, but instead carry on with something different, CreaMD. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it!

[377] : 19. Nov 2007 22:58   
[376] It will be pompous, funny, original, innovative, full of pathos and all that crap ;-) [372][375][376] If I combine all the guesses together .. well guys you are close ;-))))

[378] : 19. Nov 2007 23:52   
i wouldn’t underestimate sweden, either.

[379] : 20. Nov 2007 00:19   
This has become the predictions for the next world cup? :D

[380] : 20. Nov 2007 11:06   
[354]I still have my homemade wine. The only problem is that sending it require very hard package that need many times to be self build as the travel service is very dangerous :( But if one pass here in Italy to take it, I could finance lot of sid-wine compo :)

[381] : 20. Nov 2007 13:35   
was there any obviouos entry from a german participant this time? i honestly wouldn’t say so. :)
bob the bodybuilder

[382] : 20. Nov 2007 16:59   
[381] Three or four at least :)
he who

[383] : 20. Nov 2007 17:00   
[375]Ach, like the Eurovision Song Contest, Belgium’s only in it for fun, and hopefully provide a little entertainment to some. Although, our performer *would* have liked the same 200000 Euros government support which one Kate Ryan received last year for ESC 2006 with "Je t’adore" - and she didn’t even make it into the finals, dammit. ;) Well, if SC7 is anything like ESC06, the Fins will win :).
West-Vleeteren 12

[384] : 20. Nov 2007 17:43   
If the Eurovision is anything to go by, the Spanish contestants will dance barefoot. There will be French ballads. And everyone will vote for whoever lives closest to them.

[385] : 21. Nov 2007 00:05   
ok, results plz ;-)

[386] : 21. Nov 2007 00:09   
[385] 6+1 jurors haven’t sent their top 10 yet. One answered my second E-mail. That makex is 5+1 who won’t send it because that’s against his philosophy.

[387] : 21. Nov 2007 00:12   
think it’s possible to publish audience results first, and then jury results (when you get the remaining votes)?
steaming pile of shit

[388] : 21. Nov 2007 00:17   
[387] Only if I posted them anonymously ;-). But at any case I’ll post results on tommorow evening.

[389] : 21. Nov 2007 00:18   
[387] I mean.. without author names..

[390] : 21. Nov 2007 00:27   
creamd: did you my jury email? just curious if you got it or not.

[391] : 21. Nov 2007 00:45   
creamd: did you my jury email? just curious if you got it or not.

[392] : 21. Nov 2007 00:47   
[391] I did. Thanx. If I haven’t you would get 2 e-mail urgentions already ;-)

[393] : 21. Nov 2007 01:05   
[392] heheh, blame the F5 key :)

[394] : 21. Nov 2007 13:49   
i enjoy the feedback most, hence i have a QUESTION. when will the comments be released? this question is particularly important in case trompkins sent his reviews too, you know.

[395] : 21. Nov 2007 15:06   
[394] ;-))) As soon as possible. ACtually it works on preivous year system so I can generate the comments and results immediately. I just need to put together credited sids too.

[396] : 21. Nov 2007 17:08   
CreaMD, on some years you have also published author comments of their own tunes, but I think you didn’t publish them last year, or then I’m an idiot and didn’t notice (could be!;). Could you please also publish these comments this year?
a compo fan

[397] : 21. Nov 2007 20:20   
[396] I will post them. But if I remember right there isn’t many of them.

[398] : 21. Nov 2007 21:20   
... one hour later ... tipping fingernails on desk ... results? PLEEEEASE? :D

[399] : 21. Nov 2007 21:41   
yup results plzzz ;-) want to know if my favourite tunes are on top or bottom of the results...

[400] : 21. Nov 2007 22:02   

[401] : 21. Nov 2007 22:11   

[402] : 21. Nov 2007 22:20   
thanks! :-)

[403] : 21. Nov 2007 22:20   
roman, as far as i know, sidder doesn’t share his name with me :D

[404] : 21. Nov 2007 22:25   
[403] Argh. I don’t know why I come up with that, let’s hope I don’t fck that up in official sid releases ;-)

[405] : 21. Nov 2007 22:27   
i see there’s a little mess in the list in general :D

[406] : 21. Nov 2007 22:30   
Anyway. Thanx to everybody who participated in the compo. Congratulations to winners. Special thanx to Uneksija (Antti Pitk?m?ki) for MP3 recording/endcoding and hosting (on his friends server). Also thanx to Orcan and Randall for help with SID2PRG files conversion. Thanx to all authors of the tools like psid64.exe and psidedit.. and to all who voted and listened, etc. I will put thanks in official text too.

[407] : 21. Nov 2007 22:39   
"Sorry for the delay" by who? Very interesting und surprising results on the whole. A great compo that was!

[408] : 21. Nov 2007 22:47   
[407] By Peter Bergstrand. Fixed. Randal’s high place is kinda surprising considering the fact that his tune came into the compo so soon. The rest of the results seems quite OK to me. Except maybe of a little bit low place for The sweet odour of Jesus.. but that might depend on tastes. When I first heard Darkening I was quite sure that it will aspire on 1st places ;-) Same goes for Danger Zone and His Pearl. Autumn’s Symphony is also a kind of surprise. I didn’t expect people will recognise it betweens som many other great compositions. Unforgivable or November Echoes were also very good.

[409] : 21. Nov 2007 22:52   
intensity’s work is definitely underrated. i’m quite surprised in general, my list looks kinda different :D

[410] : 21. Nov 2007 23:06   
[409] What I see is that except of the "Sweet odour..." you have all top 5 tunes in the top 5 positions.. but in different order ;-) so it seems that audience (as usual) doesn’t have that bad taste ;-)

[411] : 21. Nov 2007 23:16   
Dear listeners. Please what did you do with my old heart? Now I have to "enjoy" a heart attack:-)

[412] : 21. Nov 2007 23:21   
Seriously: Thank you very much.

[413] : 21. Nov 2007 23:54   
is sending the comments obsolete now? i have a half-finished textfile with my top10 comments here, but it feels weird having my guesses in there because i see the pre-results now :( also, it’s still possible to vote, you might want to fix that =)

[414] : 22. Nov 2007 00:19   
[413] Send them by E-mail please. I thought you have finished your votes already btw. So I didn’t urge you to send jury votes.

[415] : 22. Nov 2007 00:37   
see dudes, it WAS syndrom who did echoes *smoker*
great tune btw.

[416] : 22. Nov 2007 00:41   
...and i am almost sure that all jury votes are belong to conrad. on the other hand, i was sure that he will storm _both_ rankings like dane did last year, so i am 50% wrong already. who cares about results anyway *smoker* *smoker* *smoker again*

[417] : 22. Nov 2007 00:48   
[406] I want to say special thanks to my friend Maza for hosting the MP3’s and also special thanks to Commodore 64 serial number U.K.2290559 and C64C serial number HB5 074859E for spitting those wonderful sounds for the MP3’s ;) I’ve owned that C64C since early 90’s and it and its SID (that you are hearing) are important reasons why I became the SID music and synth freak I am ;)
compo fan Uneksija

[418] : 22. Nov 2007 09:25   
Incredible, my votesheet ran exactly the opposite of these final results :O Congratulations to all the composers, big respects to Sidder, Ed and Peter Bergstrand. I hope to join the cover compo or The Last CompoTM to definitely ruin your ears, though I didn’t touch an editor in the last 14 months.

[419] : 22. Nov 2007 09:28   
Interesting results, quite different compared to my votes (I was even thinking of adding ’print all your crap’ to my top 10). Nevertheless, congrats to Lasse.

[420] : 22. Nov 2007 09:37   
Congratulations to Cadaver and everyone who participated. Looking forward to the comments!

[421] : 22. Nov 2007 10:13   
Congratulations to the winner. :) Btw. what kind of music-editor Mr. Ed uses? (rint_All_Your_Crap.sid)
Unterhosen Lady

[422] : 22. Nov 2007 10:36   
[421] dmc with mods

[423] : 22. Nov 2007 10:45   
It’s available for public?
Unterhosen Lady

[424] : 22. Nov 2007 10:56   
Congrats cadaver for winning this year’s competition, and also for your very usefull tool! ;-) same goes to randall and orcan for winning a top place, and ofcourse everyone who took part! This has been a wonderfull event. Will attend the next year hopefully.

[425] : 22. Nov 2007 11:31   
hail to the winners! :D

[426] : 22. Nov 2007 14:23   
creamd, i would have to start over for most, because they include mostly my guess and the guessed placement. =) also, what’s with the weird numbers in front of these 3: 14. Girls’n Ghosts Ate Kleve by Sascha Zeidler (Linus)(2:00) NEW (ID: 59) (887.5 PTS) 5. His pearl by _V_/Role/WOW/Padua/64ever/Viruz (Vincent Merken)(6:47) NEW (ID: 58) (1087.5 PTS) 8. Not_A_Jazz.sid by Jammer/Exon/MSL/Samar(3:32) NEW (ID: 39) (995 PTS) :(
dalez z z zzzzzbigniew

[427] : 22. Nov 2007 14:24   
My absolute favorite this time was Linus’ tune!

[428] : 22. Nov 2007 14:24   
-mess all over
dalez z z zzzzzbigniew

[429] : 22. Nov 2007 14:24   
let’s try it again: 14. Girls?n Ghosts Ate Kleve by Sascha Zeidler (Linus)(2:00) NEW (ID: 59) (887.5 PTS)
5. His pearl by _V_/Role/WOW/Padua/64ever/Viruz (Vincent Merken)(6:47) NEW (ID: 58) (1087.5 PTS)
8. Not_A_Jazz.sid by Jammer/Exon/MSL/Samar(3:32) NEW (ID: 39) (995 PTS)
dalez z z zzzzzbigniew

[430] : 22. Nov 2007 14:28   
drax, word. i think this has been the disappointment of the year, in reality that tune’s nowhere near 14, but somewhere near 1. i mean, seriously. =)
dalez z z zzzzzbigniew

[431] : 22. Nov 2007 14:32   
indeed, Linus’ tune is at a ridiculous place. Should of been much higher imo

[432] : 22. Nov 2007 14:33   
btw... CreaMD! where are you? are you going to show comments and put the tunes on csdb or what? :)

[433] : 22. Nov 2007 14:37   
it will be fun to see if votes on csdb differ much from the results here.

[434] : 22. Nov 2007 14:56   
if anyone’s interested, there is antique toy (speccy music & graphic online compo) 2007 votepack available since yesterday. sometimes real gems appear there, such as 2004 (iirc) winner, ’konami’ by c-jeff. is the label

[435] : 22. Nov 2007 15:43   
Thank for your support guys, but hell ... it *is* controverse music to say the least :)

[436] : 22. Nov 2007 15:46   
please release the comments and final rankings!

[437] : 22. Nov 2007 16:32   
[424] Thank you and read my comment to your music

[438] : 22. Nov 2007 20:59   
[432] Where am I? Spending quality time with my little daughter and my wife.

[439] : 22. Nov 2007 21:43   
noo thats forbidden all must serve the c64

[440] : 22. Nov 2007 22:16   
...doing teh creditedz versions.

[441] : 22. Nov 2007 22:53   
so who made the munich-tune ?

[442] : 22. Nov 2007 23:01   
Faaaaanta (and mitch)
That guy

[443] : 22. Nov 2007 23:11   
That guy: dont forget msk

[444] : 23. Nov 2007 01:59   
Well well, kick ass! I only guesed two names :P Randall’s tune (those drums man, those drums :D) And Ed’s. Autumn Symphony was my surprise tune of the compo. Each time I gave it a listen it jumped up on my charts. Keep it up Orcan!!! Looking forward to SC8!!!!!!

[445] : 23. Nov 2007 02:04   
Can’t forget to congratulate Vip, Conrad, Jammer, Hein, Linus, Peace, Sidder and Cadaver, all in my Top 10 ;) Kickass tunes!

[446] : 23. Nov 2007 08:47   
Credited packs online. Let me know if something is wrong.

[447] : 23. Nov 2007 08:57   
This year had 15 tunes that would fit my top10.. Some who didn’t make my top15 were also quite nice. Tunes like Unstoppable (strong beginning), I Died Defending the Mothership (kinda funny tune :)), , 6581_Destinations, etc.. are not bad at all.. Congratulations to all !~

[448] : 23. Nov 2007 13:53   
Linus sid has "ghosts" misspelled again (ghots) in filename.

[449] : 23. Nov 2007 14:49   
Yep, seems like that title is coursed :)

[450] : 23. Nov 2007 14:59   
since there are no comments or jury results yet... here is the reference for future generations to come - my own jury voting! cannons, balloons, fireworks, bottles of moet, weapons of self destruction
1. darkening
2. danger zone
3. not a jazz
4. unsophisticated
5. saturday laid back weirdness
6. november echoes
7. jesus christ
8. autumn symphony
9. unstoppable
10. print all your crap
(11. girls ’n ghosts
12. sexy hardrestart
13. volcanoes of passion)

[451] : 23. Nov 2007 19:02   
Story about F Sharp: About should be uppercase Immoral Coil: All lowercase (as far as I know dalezy, he’s a lowercase fetishist). ;-) There was a light: MultiStyle Labs (at least that’s how we have it spelt in HVSC and that’s how you wrote it in Volcanoes of Passion too)
The Nitpicker

[452] : 23. Nov 2007 19:11   
[451] I think I’m not going to correct that in tens of versions of the info that got already spreaded. I’ll leave the corrections of this kind of HVSC maintainers.

[453] : 23. Nov 2007 19:31   
Fine with me, just thought I’d mention it.

[454] : 23. Nov 2007 19:35   
[453] Thanx for understanding. Today at csdb started really shockingly... ;-)

[455] : 23. Nov 2007 20:21   
Yeah, people got a bit trigger happy uploading the releases. It almost ended up in a big mess. ;-)

[456] : 23. Nov 2007 20:26   
[455] Not only that, the one who did put up the prgs and screenshots straight away were the uncredited. Too much excitement by instinct for sure.


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