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 OY2K3CDC/OY2K3CMC (6M 9D 1P)    
OY2K3CDC/OY2K3CMCGo vote for your favourites! Yes, it is that time of the year again when people gather and give nice presents to each other to show how much they like (or dislike - depends on the present) each other. So why shouldn"t You take Your chance of giving Your personal Christmas present to the scene? Why shouldn"t You take part in the Official Christmas Demo / Music Compo taking place for the second time now?

[1] : 06. Dec 2003 17:50   
Link to last year releases will be added later.

[2] : 06. Dec 2003 17:54   
RE:[1] Ah good :) I am missing my Gift Craze game to upload to my web site. If anyone has it please mail it me :)

[3] : 06. Dec 2003 18:24   
I hope the stuff is still online... Ehm...I do not want to go in details but I somehow "lost" my old webpage etc.

[4] : 06. Dec 2003 18:57   
First music-entry added by the way.

[5] : 06. Dec 2003 19:45   
Rich: Check yer inbox, dude! :)

[6] : 06. Dec 2003 19:48   
check for my demo. I just sent it.

[7] : 06. Dec 2003 20:54   
First demo uploaded.

[8] : 06. Dec 2003 20:57   
First demo uploaded.

[9] : 06. Dec 2003 21:42   
Ehh, pi, where can I download the entries? The site doesn’t mention any downloads yet, or am I missing something?

[10] : 07. Dec 2003 01:24   
You could try the download section or you could take a look into demo- or music-section or maybe uploading didn’t work right and i am just seeing the stuff that is on my hd...

[11] : 07. Dec 2003 02:12   
It’s up now, thanks :)

[12] : 07. Dec 2003 10:42   
Excellent, I’ve got Gift Craze from CMR/Role. Which is muchly appreciated. I’ll make a few modifications before I upload it to my website later on today :)

[13] : 07. Dec 2003 13:51   
Correction... I’ve got Gift Craze from Shake/Role. (Sorry CMR). You can download updated version from here

[14] : 07. Dec 2003 21:37   
I wonder if there would be any interest in a graphic compo too. Feel invited to send me your pictures and when more then three will arrive me i’ll add a graphic section to the compo. New music arrived and should be added during this night. Also got all the stuff from last years compo back and will upload that too (Thank you very much Shape)

[15] : 07. Dec 2003 22:13   
Let us know when it’s up so I can update the counter. Or if you want I will give you editor access and you will do it yourself.

[16] : 08. Dec 2003 00:23   
You can (: Ofcourse you could also mail me how to do it myself.

[17] : 08. Dec 2003 16:54   
*scratches head*
Vip, the verse is terribly hard to sing.

[18] : 08. Dec 2003 18:51   
*patpatpats* Something for trained choirs, perchance? You can easily hum along with the lyrics, though.

[19] : 09. Dec 2003 20:15   
@Cybernator Rich: Check yer inbox, dude! :)

I did not get your reply..... My mailer had problems last week. I checked in box. Nothing replied by you.


[20] : 11. Dec 2003 19:29   
First picture added. Where are the rest of Your cool Xmas-Presents?

[21] : 11. Dec 2003 20:14   
u b expectin’ more m8?
satan clawz

[22] : 11. Dec 2003 20:40   
isnt christmas illegal now? seems like it

[23] : 11. Dec 2003 22:38   
Why should it be? Don’t think any sort of copyright is damaged nor does anybody break any copyprotection. Or am I wrong?

[24] : 12. Dec 2003 00:18   
Oliver Cromwell made Christmas illegal in the 17th Century here in England. He’s also the origin of the phrase "warts and all". Killjoy.

[25] : 12. Dec 2003 07:00   
Btw. P means pic, D means Demo and M means music...

[26] : 12. Dec 2003 10:13   
DCMP’s picture can’t be unpacked, the archive is corrupt.

[27] : 12. Dec 2003 13:25   
Ouch. Will fix that soonish! (This evening)

[28] : 12. Dec 2003 22:17   
Update will have to wait until sunday ): There will also be a new song uploaded then. Where are the rest of the demos?

[29] : 14. Dec 2003 20:08   
Archive of Decompracid’s Picture should work now. New Music added New Demo added.

[30] : 15. Dec 2003 00:57 is actually containing all the releases from last year. seems like more than a slight bug. =)

[31] : 15. Dec 2003 15:41   
btw, nice tune by asterion. in extremo rocks. =)

[32] : 15. Dec 2003 16:03   
True, been whistling it since the very morning.

[33] : 15. Dec 2003 21:58   
como poden... is a cover of 13th century spanish dance for the Christmas season. I’ve included some lyrics but pi somhehow forgot them.

[34] : 15. Dec 2003 23:59   
Very nice rendition indeed. Thumbs up Asterion.

[35] : 16. Dec 2003 14:05   
What’s up with this It contains all the last year’s entries, but where’s Prowler’s tune?

[36] : 16. Dec 2003 14:09   
> is actually containing all the releases from last year. seems like more than a slight bug. =)
Secret Observer

[37] : 16. Dec 2003 16:26   
Secret Observer, can you please stop secretly obvserving??? Makes me nervous, man! ;-)

[38] : 16. Dec 2003 16:37   
When I downloaded on Monday December 8th, it was "intact", so probably something has happened with the archive past then.

Btw, it is a cover of ... bah, I recognize the song but can’t name it. "En busschauff?r" is all I think of.

Anders Carlsson

[39] : 16. Dec 2003 16:40   
Hmm ok; it may be more known as "Oh Christmas Tree" and of course it covers more than one tune.
Anders Carlsson

[40] : 16. Dec 2003 18:08   
Yep, Asterion rules! My song once was intact but now it’s lost... should be working soon though since I’ve put the church64-industries into work with it.. "Oh Tannenbaum" is the first song’s name but actually there’s one of them even I can’t remember the name of, haha!

[41] : 16. Dec 2003 20:06   
I really start to hate my page and own stupidity. Will fix all the stuff and include the readme to Asterion’s great tune. Sorry sorry sorry.

[42] : 16. Dec 2003 20:10   
WOnder if enlarging the deadline to december 24th would bring us more entries..?

[43] : 16. Dec 2003 20:41   
New demo arrived.

[44] : 16. Dec 2003 23:15   
hoho, easy with the praising. my ego is growing dangerously...hehe...but thx.

[45] : 17. Dec 2003 15:51   
re:42: Yeah, probably would.

[46] : 17. Dec 2003 19:30   
Ok. It shall be enlarged to december 24th then (anybody against this?)

[47] : 17. Dec 2003 21:25   
*nope* The more, the merrier.

[48] : 18. Dec 2003 01:35   
Hmm... 24th, Christmas eve? Naah, better have it done before? Like 22-23:rd? So you can load up your xmas-spirit with all the goodies before... Watching/voting after x-mas seems a little odd? or? (On the other hand maybe the rest of the world outside Sweden has xmas eve on the 25:th?)
A Tired Prowler

[49] : 18. Dec 2003 02:08   
Enlarged :-) Hope some people out there are working on some cool stuff right now...

[50] : 18. Dec 2003 02:10   
BTW no problem with later deadline.

[51] : 18. Dec 2003 08:38   
Lately, I have been distracted by playing Leaderboard golf on evenings rather than composing... :-/
Anders Carlsson

[52] : 18. Dec 2003 09:02   
Why didn’t I read the discussion earlier? Then I would have voted pro 24th Dec. as the enlarged deadline.

Now I have hectically finished my contribution (which will be certainly added in a few moms) and thus it isn’t as long and well arranged as I planned it to be... :-[

(perhaps I’ send v1.1 on 23th)

[53] : 18. Dec 2003 11:51   
Maybe the compo deadline should be 24th December. Make voting for one week, and finish voting on New Year’s Ever or New Years Day. With results following later.

[54] : 18. Dec 2003 11:59   
pi: looking forward to an update of the music-entries!!

[55] : 18. Dec 2003 17:39   
Heihei, immer sch?n locker mit den jungen Pferden. I do not have an own internet-connection and do all this stuff at a friend of me (or posting messages at university). Webpage will be updated either this evening or tomorrow evening. Creamd: could you please change the deadline in the news to december 24th? :) Turtle: drop me a message if you would like to continue to work on your tune and i won’t upload it (that is if a new version arrives before holy eve).

[56] : 18. Dec 2003 19:42   
I wouldn’t call ’Covenant’s’ entry a demo. It is just a picture with music. Maybe this entry should be in the picture category.

[57] : 18. Dec 2003 20:11   
Maybe the entry should be in the music category? Since its just music with a picture.

[58] : 18. Dec 2003 20:17   
Pi: delay the upload. I gonna work it over...

[59] : 19. Dec 2003 11:41   
I agree there iopop

[60] : 19. Dec 2003 17:24   
Prowler: are you the same Prowler as the one who was a member of Proxyon in the past?

[61] : 19. Dec 2003 22:06   
But if it wpould be in the music or picture section somebody would call "cheating! there is music in the pic to influence the audience" or "cheating! there is a picture shown with the music. This does influence the audience!". It was handed to me as demo and i do not see any reason why i should change that. Although i must admit that some sort of animation would have made it more demo-a-like (a scroller for example what shouldn’t be too hard to do at all). (: Oh, and please don’t be too angry that the update will come on saturday as...well...i guess you do not want to read stupid excuses, just don’t get too upset about this second delay (does anybody know a good and small ftp-client by the way? i am just on a 56k connection at my parents home now and there is no such tool installed over here)

[62] : 19. Dec 2003 22:15   
For the prices...(: Anybody got anything against winning a (double-?)cd (burned, ofcourse, i am no rich man) with wonderfull christmas sid music as to be found within hvsc and this compo recorded from the real thing ofcourse?

[63] : 19. Dec 2003 22:18   
@Anders Carlsson: shame on you ! (although i can understand your addictiveness to leaderboard). 80 Print"DO a lot of cool christmas tunes until christmas!":Goto80

[64] : 19. Dec 2003 23:55   
Although i said i wouldn’t i did do the update this evening (i just felt too guilty and it is your fault if they robb our whole store just because i am sleeping tomorrow...). 4 new demos uploaded! Just wonder what happened to all those composers especially after so many cried for more compos after sidcompo 3 (:

[65] : 20. Dec 2003 02:35   
Virky: Goddamn there’s another Prowler? Nope I’m not that one but I thought I was the only one... Called myself that since 1997 or something... PI: That Feliz-Navidad-thing doesn’t work! And talking of good FTP-clients I have some good ol’ ones lying around, CuteFTP, NextFTP and so on.. (guaranteed older than 2-3 years!) If you wan’t I can send it to you on the email!

[66] : 20. Dec 2003 13:22   
[63]: I will probably continue this weekend. Btw, I still don’t have any relation to line number 80. ;-)

[67] : 20. Dec 2003 13:47   
Right, there is an "h" missing within the link. Should be fixed by now (:

[68] : 20. Dec 2003 14:46   
Updated... 7 demos? kewl!

[69] : 20. Dec 2003 16:18   
Hai! I really got desperate the last few days before those entries came in (: But let’s hope there is more to follow....

[70] : 20. Dec 2003 16:21   
I think it would be best to stop the compo at the 23:rd at 23.59, unless you really got stated from someone that their entry will appear sometime at xmas-eve. Heh, perhaps I just want to enjoy the feeling of xmas and vote while time is... :-)

[71] : 20. Dec 2003 18:42   
[68]@CreaMD, why don’t you take part?

[72] : 20. Dec 2003 21:42   
gave pi the final version of my contribution far before deadline to avoid any expectations... just imagine a song given seconds before deadline that sounds horrible... no, that’s not my fate... (grin)

[73] : 20. Dec 2003 21:43   
[59]: I was just ironic. That entry is and will always be a demo in my book..

[74] : 20. Dec 2003 21:52   
how embarrassing, misspelling my own handle

[75] : 21. Dec 2003 00:41   
Turtle; Probably some -bug- in the keyboard :-) I agree with twoflower.. 23:59 on the 23:rd sounds like a good idea...

[76] : 21. Dec 2003 10:55   

[77] : 21. Dec 2003 19:26   
I think i could agree 98% with Twoflower, but changing the deadline for the forth time? BTW: Turtles tune should be uploaded somewhen during this evening.

[78] : 21. Dec 2003 20:45   
It’s 4M, 7D and 1P now. Let’s see if there is anything left to arrive during the enxt 2 1/2 days (:

[79] : 22. Dec 2003 14:06   
pi, i try my best. maybe i can still stomp something up in 2 days (though i’m still preparing for tum =)

[80] : 22. Dec 2003 19:39   
@prowler: I just "redownloaded" FelizNavidad, and will test it. If it wont work, I will upload a "fresh" Version tomorrow. (Its a shame, but I coded and tested it completely on an emulator!)

[81] : 22. Dec 2003 19:55   
Ha! After a number of hours of scratching my head, I’ve found a difference (bug?) between the player routine in the editor and the one in the packer of the music prg I’m using. Oh well, maybe I should try to locate or at least inform the author about the bug, although now I believe I know how to get around it.

Music is due to upload later.

[82] : 23. Dec 2003 02:07   
Tenerifeghost; It’s OK now, It was just that the archive was corrupted a few days ago.. shite, I wan’t to sit down in peace and quiet and compose some lame xmascode but somehow time isn’t enough, have to assemble furniture, wrap up xmas-presents, buy a xmas-tree and so on.. too much worries, xmas isn’t good for you :-)

[83] : 23. Dec 2003 06:55   
that’s why I just stole a classic tune and arranged it as I felt when rushing through the cities and malls collecting all necessary and often more less necessary gifts for those I love (or those I have the duty to). But when you spent little time just standing still and observe the crowd passing by, it makes me feel quiet and calm. Isn’t that pre-xmas stress disorder??

[84] : 23. Dec 2003 16:15   
Quite a cool tune Turtle :)

[85] : 23. Dec 2003 20:13   
2 new tunes arreived and uploaded.

[86] : 24. Dec 2003 08:43   
Anders: Great medley. Pushes me to the right mood for waiting for the present-passing-evening. Currently I’m still at work ’till noon...

[87] : 24. Dec 2003 11:07   
Work till noon.. and are you in CET time zone? Btw, I liked your version of Silent Night too - a bit of surprise once the intro is through.

[88] : 24. Dec 2003 12:13   
In germany many offices are closed today. But mine isn’t, so I have to "work". Perhaps it’s not so unusual in the rest of europe. (It sure isn’t)

[89] : 24. Dec 2003 22:40   
Mh? I do only knbow shops that were open today (until noon most of them). A merry Christmas to everybody (:
One more entry arrived and maybe (just maybe) something else will come during the night. (: It’s 6M, 9D and 1P so far.

[90] : 25. Dec 2003 22:10   
pi: it’s over... tap, tap, tap...

[91] : 27. Dec 2003 12:45   
Now I’m a little confused: Who is Prowler? The same guy as Six? Or a completely different Prowler? %-)

[92] : 28. Dec 2003 00:03   
I haven’t gone by the handle "Prowler" since the 80’s. :) I was kind of thrown by that myself, eh...

[93] : 28. Dec 2003 00:17   
Ah well, I thought so. Would be kind of pointless releasing several entries in the same compo under different handles/groups. ;-)

[94] : 28. Dec 2003 17:28   
Yes, and while I thought there were some stylistic similarities in our coding work, Prowler is clearly the superior musician.

[95] : 29. Dec 2003 12:03   
It might get interesting if one person released two very similar entries under different handles, and then arranged a public fight with the other himself about ripping you off. Maybe that has been done already?
Anders Carlsson

[96] : 29. Dec 2003 19:21   
Hmmm... yeah well, don’t you dare to pick a fight with someone else you can always pick a fight with yourself, eh? *waiting and wishing Godspeed to Pi:s computer*.. And Six, I didn’t do that much when it comes to the musics.. just tapped in some notes, a’ight... :-)

[97] : 29. Dec 2003 20:29   
@anders: And the winner of the compo gets disqualified because he stole from his other self! Happy new year!
Zed Yago

[98] : 29. Dec 2003 21:22   
If you don’t dare to pick a fight with someone else, you can always pick your nose. Eh.. or something.
Anders Carlsson

[99] : 30. Dec 2003 08:35   
Hey pi, when will the voting start? Next year? ;-)

[100] : 30. Dec 2003 18:14   
As it looks now, that’ll be the case. :-)

[101] : 30. Dec 2003 20:33   
Hmm.. yes next year! that’s when it’s all gonn ahappen! yeaah :-) But I guess the Pater and the rest of the drunken germans are busyt getting drunk at their xmasbooze-contest instead... I’m drinking aswell but thatdoesn’t prevent me from getting online.. but actualy I guess that’s only bcoz I don’t drink "enough"! hahaha :)
Prowler the wannabedrunkgerman :-)

[102] : 31. Dec 2003 10:38   
why getting drunk? we germans are always fully loaded (*_*)!

BTW: Have a nice and joyfull beginning of 2004! (I’ll drink more than 8-Bit...)

[103] : 31. Dec 2003 15:13   
Glad to hear they’re having fun. Does anyone really care about the voting anyway? I know I don’t. It’s about nigh on time to be drinking here as well, eh....

[104] : 04. Jan 2004 15:23   
Nearly 2 weeks after christmas You are officially invited to vote now (: Sorry for the lame system (the send-a-text-file-to-email-address) but i thought more then enough time passed by and voting in early spring would be a little late (as it wouldn’t be allready...).
And be informed that a bonus-entry was added called "Little X-Mas Demo 2003" made by Hexagon.

[105] : 08. Jan 2004 08:14   
I’m also sorry, right now (although sometimes it doesn’t seems so) I’m out of time.

[106] : 08. Jan 2004 14:24   
No Problem with that, I am out of time nearly all my life

[107] : 08. Jan 2004 17:42   
[104]: Is there any, like, date for the voting to end? Should we try to get it done within next week, or the end of January, or do you wait until "enough" number of votes has been received?
Anders Carlsson

[108] : 08. Jan 2004 17:52   
A vote for me is the right vote, see!

[109] : 09. Jan 2004 06:54   
voting deadline should be something around starting date of OY2K4EDC/OY2K4EMC* ;-)

* E: easter

[110] : 09. Jan 2004 10:54   
Easter compo, is that when there will be another dozen of The Chicken Song covers?
Anders Carlsson

[111] : 09. Jan 2004 19:14   
Easter is the time of the year when you’ll freeze your (insert various body parts here) of being on a big german scene party without a working heat system and holes in the walls that are bigger then the entrance doors!
Voting should end when enough votes arrived. (And judging from the number of votes that allready made it to me it may be easter, yes)

[112] : 09. Jan 2004 20:11   
I dont want to bring you down, pi, but maybe you should make the next compo jury-based, not vote-based. I also think you should declare a deadline for voting, otherwise the People will forget to vote. See you at brechpunkt
Zed Yago

[113] : 10. Jan 2004 13:39   
[112] Maybe pi could spread pre-filled votesheets next year to save time? :)

[114] : 10. Jan 2004 15:20   
Yeah, that would be a great thing to have both sided pleased: those who do want to have jury-based votes would have those votes there and the people prefering audience voting would still have the feeling of voting themself (:

[115] : 10. Jan 2004 18:10   
No deadline alright, but a stupid question; do you mean that 1 is what I wan’t to have as 1st place or that it’s like points so the best gets 10 points? I figure it’s the 1st interpretation that’s correct but saw the other possible aswell.. %-)

[116] : 10. Jan 2004 18:50   
the second one is. give a rating from 1 to 10 points, not what place it would be

[117] : 11. Jan 2004 16:52   
Hmm.. the bonus entry refuses to unpack for me. I’m using Power Archiver 2001, and it says the .rar archive has a CRC error. All the other files are OK.
Anders Carlsson

[118] : 11. Jan 2004 22:40   
@Anders: Try using the latest version of WinRAR!

[119] : 11. Jan 2004 23:42   
Hm, ok. I wasn’t aware the format had changed. Regarding "Last Christmas" (the tune in the bonus entry), I own a Yamaha SHS-200 keyboard which has this Wham song background as one of the built-in rhythms. Compared to the recording, a copyright infringelely exact copy too I would say.
Anders Carlsson

[120] : 15. Jan 2004 01:51   
but isn’t the bp already covering the easter compo perfectly =)

[121] : 20. Jan 2004 10:17   
hm... definatly more votes needed, but if no more votes do arrive i"ll have to publish the collected opinions of only 10 people...pfffff!

[122] : 20. Jan 2004 11:35   
bah, just give Triad their price money. :-)

[123] : 20. Jan 2004 19:02   
@pi: Do you send confirmation-email when votes arrive ? I send the votes, but no reply so far..
Zed Yago

[124] : 22. Jan 2004 20:44   
Zed: nope. (-:


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