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 Close Encounter with Sadism 3    
Close Encounter with Sadism 3Those who visited Forever Quattro (held in March 2003) had some souvenirs to take home when leaving the party. The best competitors got their trophies, others could take at least nice memories - and Sadism 3, the music collection of Sad/Padua released right at the party. Professor Ugha Sid brings you a review of this piece of audial art.
Download the collection here.
Ugha Sid


[10] : 13. Oct 2003 23:36   
dane, wait a minute. your fourth collection? or did you count the collections you did with mitch as well? if not, tell me where to get your other 3 collies. =)

[11] : 14. Oct 2003 07:10   
Bondage, Bondage 2, Magical Noter (Bondage 3). If you’d like, feel free to count the Manifesto as well. And a fourth one on its way. Come to think of it, it’s hilarious that there are both music collections called Bondage and Sadism.

[12] : 14. Oct 2003 08:36   
now if only someone would do ’bad girls-the music collection’

[13] : 14. Oct 2003 09:45   
Me! Me!

[14] : 15. Oct 2003 12:23   
Polish sleepingbag stealers recomend to check the collection on Vice emulator with sound turned off!

[15] : 15. Oct 2003 14:51   
X-Ray?... Is that you?... Whoever he is, I’ll gladly take his advice.

[16] : 15. Oct 2003 16:57   
Yeah yeah.. SAD vs Polish scene, episode 35 of total 135. Title: "Nema zivot zadnej racii bez powzsechnej forumovej masturbacii". I really have enough of this kind of humour especially when after I?ve read Jed Kielbasny in train when returning back from latest NORTH Party. Quite silly remarks on FOREVER party. I really think anyone who wants to criticize should first sweep before his own doors. It?s quite sad (;-) as I didn?t receive any complaints directly and only could read sarcastic reactions in a magazine dedicated to polish scene. Good think I can read polish so I know that some ppl. in PL think that FOREVER party sucks.

[17] : 15. Oct 2003 16:58   
SBoy I of course respect your musical opinion my reaction is solely aiming at post [14]

[18] : 17. Oct 2003 10:33   
> ...Good think I can read polish so I know that some ppl. in PL think that FOREVER party sucks. It seems that you misunderstood sense of article ’Jak zorganizowac copy-party’ (c)Jad Kielbasiany - do you really think the s-bag stealers woukd come to the party they dont like?

[19] : 17. Oct 2003 10:34   
> ...Good think I can read polish so I know that some ppl. in PL think that FOREVER party sucks. It seems that you misunderstood sense of article ’Jak zorganizowac copy-party’ (c)Jad Kielbasiany - do you really think the s-bag stealers woukd come to the party they dont like?

[20] : 17. Oct 2003 11:42   
Yo Prezes, of course I don’t mean I was upset or something but it hurts, you know :-(. Maybe I was too disappointed from the North Party 8 this year or something and reading comments in JK#01 didn’t help it. Anyway I hope this year you guys bring some byg PL made demo finally! ;-)) (and if not big then alsm SMALL PL made demo would be nice ;-)

[21] : 17. Oct 2003 14:16   
Prezes, dobra okazja skonczyc to, czego nie skonczyles na NP8, yhyhy.

[22] : 20. Oct 2003 11:12   
CreamD - you didn’t get it. Forever is a bit different to all polish parties I have attended (over 25) and there are things on Forever which are strange (and funny if shown in particular context) for averange polish scener, so don’t take it as ’Elban doesn’t like Forever at all’ but rather, ’Elban doesn’t like getting up on 9am after boozing till 5 am’, etc.

[23] : 20. Oct 2003 22:19   
Ah yeah, I also don’t like getting up at 9:00 after boozing nite so I perfectly understand you, but most of the Forever visitors are weak geekish non-drinkers from the alcoholically underdeveloped countries who don’t understand what we two are discussing right now... ;-) I think the best solution would be to not to sleep at such hostile partyplace and choose some warm bed, especially considering our increasing age. I’m so thankful to Smalltown boy that I could sleep in bed at his place at NorthParty 8 coz it really helped to increase my mood after the music compo. Ahem where was I? Aha, so if you drink too much, don’t risk to sleep at the place run by geeks who go sleep at 12:00 and get up at 9:00 or even worse ppl like atari users who don’t sleep only few hours and terrorize da partyplace with their SAP tunes composed by brutal polish POKEY technomaniacs.

[24] : 20. Oct 2003 22:20   
don’t <> do


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