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 The SID Compo II    
Last year we've organised the GoatTracker music competition. For those who don't know, GoatTracker is a SID music editor running on PC/Windows and at that time we wanted to publicize it more. Exactly year after the first compo we've decided to organise the second one: THE SID COMPETITION II. It is held in the same time period 8.-22. october 2002, with one exception: all c64 music editors are allowed.

That means: GoatTracker, CyberTracker and John Player. DMC, JCH-ed., SID DUZZ'IT, et cetera.

Submitted tunes will be published on-the-fly. Send them to:

[1] : 09. Oct 2002 00:06   
Maybe you would like to ask, "why only two weeks if other web compos run for months?" Asnwer is easy. Everyone can compose music in few days, so why should we wait for months. If one wants to compose, one will find time for composing, during following 2 weeks, that’s for sure.

[2] : 09. Oct 2002 09:09   
Let me remind that GoatTracker versions from 1.3 onwards have better soundquality, pulse & filter handling, and more usable pattern commands, so I recommend downloading the latest from if you’re still using V1.2x or earlier. The "new" versions require just a bit of learning but it shouldn’t be that hard.

[3] : 09. Oct 2002 12:47   
you can’t call it goat sid compo anymore if you allow all editors.

[4] : 09. Oct 2002 12:59   
I know for a fact that I’ve only managed to release 2 tunes made in less that 2 weeks and it shows. some of use are not so talented. Maybe it doesn’t matter as I won’t be competing but maybe there are other people affected?

[5] : 09. Oct 2002 13:56   
i’d say, allow goattracker only, we can always have a john player compo too =)

[6] : 09. Oct 2002 15:26   
Unlock: how about if we changed the name to: "The SID compo II. ;-)" Stryyker: Long lasting compos support lazyness. Dalezy: I don’t want to have too much compos at Ideal would be to have 1 generic compo per year. (Icomming message for Fanta/+H : I know we’ve had some great ideas, but I hope you don’t mind I didn’t realise them yet. I feel like it’s probably too soon (or late?) for experimental compos)

[7] : 09. Oct 2002 18:57   
I can’t but agree to Stryyker. CreaMD - you seem to have too much spare time. I’d like to compete and still I hope I will but when I look into my diary (or what it is called), I have it full almost 24/7. At least until Sunday I won’t touch the keys and as Stryyker said, some of us need more than a couple hours to release a blody party winner. Unless you want only contributions from talented musicians.

[8] : 09. Oct 2002 19:56   
Hi Wotnau, welcome back on track. Spare time - (I wish I had more). Couple of hours? Not enough, of course. Talented musicians? Yup, quality is welcome, but that doesn?t diqualify beginners. This compo is open for everyone who has guts to compete and can accept the more or less fair results. There is no preselection in this type of compo everyone can listen at his own speed and release the stuff anytime. The submitted tunes will be published on fly. Deadline can be (eventually) postponed, but not too soon before it?s reached ;-))

[9] : 09. Oct 2002 23:51   
This is just a suggestion, but I think an ideal online compo deadline would be one month. I too disklike of those compos that last for 4 months+ where you lose intrest by the time the deadline is reached, but two weeks seems a little too short. 4 weeks = 1 month seems about right. But then again, that’s just silly me.

[10] : 10. Oct 2002 08:06   
Still some time to decide ;-). Let’s start ppl! ;-)

[11] : 10. Oct 2002 08:17   
creamd: but then it’s not the 2nd, so call it the sid compo.. without "II" :)) morning is boring

[12] : 10. Oct 2002 13:15   
;-) chachaa.. no no please excuse moi.. it’s a second offical SID compo (even when the first was goat-only). I know it’s a little bit daemagogic to call it 2nd, but I would like to speed-up the process of establishemt of a traditional compo held at annually in the same time. Selfish me.. I know.. ;-) I hope you don’t mind (that much).

[13] : 10. Oct 2002 13:25   
hey why don’t you make the _music editors_ compete too. just count the average score for each used editor..
turbo man

[14] : 10. Oct 2002 20:14   
Hey, time for me to get that DMC out, when I get the time :)

[15] : 10. Oct 2002 21:32   
Aaaagh! CreamD! I agree to Strykker, Wotnau and Vip: you’d popped out fresh like a rose putting, a sidcompo on the way; but every online compo has to be assimilated from the sceners, as they must wonder their own timechart in order to fit the compo into the boring real life. About me, you’ve got success in choiche exactly the period of my PhD exams, bravo! *clap-clap* IMHO, the compo’s name shouldn’t change: e.g., you won’t run to shake the hands of Holy Mother the 25th of December, altought you’re celebrating Xmas. But if the compo’s rules change, the time range and deadline can change too. So, don’t be severe, but malleable! As Vip preannounced, I suggest: deadline 6th of November (’coz October have 31...).

[16] : 11. Oct 2002 08:10   
creamd: i don’t mind anyways. i just had to blahblah around because it was boring here at the workplace :)

[17] : 11. Oct 2002 21:50   
Cool, a reason to learn more about SID music! A longer timespan would be nice, tho...

[18] : 11. Oct 2002 22:29   
Turbo Man: Very good idea!! Ok! Luca, Six of DLoC and others who requested the longer time span: Yeah, why not. I will make it official in few days and put the compo on spotlight for few days. Now sit over da machine and start composing dudes! ;-) I’ve received first entries from dude who calls himself Pontonius. Thanx man. Gotta add your tune (which I will despotically select from the entries you’ve sent). to the list of submitted entries soon. (Still you can choose yours own fave entry if you want.)

[19] : 13. Oct 2002 16:40   
There, my SID music is done, and DMC V5.0+ was used. Nice one with the music editor CreaMD :)

[20] : 13. Oct 2002 21:42   
;-) Thanx Richard. Your entry is great! I’ve meanwhile received DaFunks one, that’s also great entry. Thumbs up dudes and thanx for support. Gotta add the entries soon! Stay tuned!

[21] : 13. Oct 2002 22:02   
No problem

[22] : 15. Oct 2002 23:00   
Request to all composers, please provide the name and version of the Music Editor you’ve used for composition. Thanx in advance.

[23] : 18. Oct 2002 12:52   
So, are re-releases okay, or should Pi’s entry be disqualified? Both the title and the tune sound a lot like his compo entry for Mainframe.

[24] : 18. Oct 2002 13:22   
Hmmmm... PI, whaddayasay?

[25] : 18. Oct 2002 13:30   
What Puterman wants to say can be found here: Check the

[26] : 18. Oct 2002 18:29   
I mean.. Pater Pi, what will you do with this. Until the deadline, you can replace your compo entry with something else. No problemo. Funkscientist did replace his entry by other one too, last year.

[27] : 19. Oct 2002 12:38   
Hey CreaMD, are Covers of real Songs allowed in the compo?

[28] : 19. Oct 2002 19:15   
Trance: unfortuntely, it seems they are.

[29] : 20. Oct 2002 12:07   

[30] : 20. Oct 2002 12:08   
They’ll be marked C if identified.

[31] : 20. Oct 2002 12:42   
Time to get out that Goat Tracker and learn how to use it :)

[32] : 20. Oct 2002 20:27   
Good lick everyone!

[33] : 20. Oct 2002 20:51   
that -MUST- be a typo

[34] : 20. Oct 2002 23:08   
I’m wondering how many ppl here can still lick good while they’re boozed .. ;)

[35] : 20. Oct 2002 23:11   
you got to lick it ... :-

[36] : 20. Oct 2002 23:27   
Don’t get neck-ache. ;-)Two more tunes comming up after midnite. btw.

[37] : 21. Oct 2002 23:00   
Yeah, enjoy the 2 new tunes, I’m sure you will. ;-) Keep ’em comming! ;-)

[38] : 21. Oct 2002 23:54   
Hey Could you please correct the spelling of my tune’s name, i guess I misspelled it when converting with bbr64. It’s "Der Werktag" or in English: "a day at the factory". Thanx’n’greez!

[39] : 22. Oct 2002 07:36   
And Dane wins.

[40] : 22. Oct 2002 10:17   
"And Dane wins." <- that’s what i dislike on sid compos, ppl vote only for tunes of famous and well known composers, even if there are better tunes of unknown composers :)

[41] : 22. Oct 2002 12:12   
Trance - I agree. Let’s make the tunes anonymous next year then, shall we?

[42] : 22. Oct 2002 13:17   
Dane: that’s what i wanted to suggest for the next compo. the tunes should be named like "compo entry #1..2..3.." and so on for voting. the composer, the tune name as well as the compo entry nr. should be shown in the final result table :)good suggestion?

[43] : 22. Oct 2002 13:22   
not completely. the title should be revealed during the compo. the composer should remain unknown until the voting deadline.

[44] : 22. Oct 2002 13:30   
The composer shouldn’t be named until after the voting is completed, IMHO. Maybe that’s what you meant, st0tF? Whoever is responsible for the competition would of course have to look through the mem areas of all competing tunes, to assure they were in fact anonymous. (the 1020 area and similar) I also just want to say it’s great to see people taking part in this. I released my tune since I wanted to promote this kind of scene activity, and it feels great, although we could do with more compo entries!

[45] : 22. Oct 2002 15:14   
"Trance - I agree. Let?s make the tunes anonymous next year then, shall we?" Okay. But that would mean stricter sumbission rules (sids and tunes with empty headers etc.) Anyway, I believe, the best tunes win, and Dane’s is currently one of the top 9! ;-)))

[46] : 22. Oct 2002 16:25   
Yowsa! I’m one of the top 9! :)

[47] : 22. Oct 2002 16:41   
if i had my tune finished and submitted already, it would be in the top ten :))

[48] : 22. Oct 2002 17:04   
Even _IF_ Dane’s tune had been submitted anonymous you would still recognize the style among hundreds of entries. ;-) Nice tunes so far, hope I can compete in the next compo.

[49] : 22. Oct 2002 17:29   
Steppe: just get goat tracker and compose something, you have two weeks left. sidcompo2 is getting more interesting with every new entry.

[50] : 22. Oct 2002 17:34   

[51] : 22. Oct 2002 18:11   
Uff! -.- I’d just done my PhD exam, the worst exam I did ever, and I’m very sad and tired. Thus, I don’t know if I can react and find spare time to compete in this c00l compo. In positive case, mayube I’ll try to use multispeed, though I hate it...

[52] : 22. Oct 2002 19:07   
There is a thing called multispeed? :)

[53] : 22. Oct 2002 19:51   
Dane, your entry use a 4x, right?

[54] : 22. Oct 2002 19:52   
Nope Luca, it’s plain singlespeed in JCH 20.g4.

[55] : 22. Oct 2002 20:18   
Uazzzz! Damn good sounds then. :D

[56] : 22. Oct 2002 20:23   
Thanks! It’s just a combination of odd filters in 2 voices simultaneously and some strategic ringmodulation effects. Nothing fancy. But I’m glad you like it!

[57] : 22. Oct 2002 22:25   
Argh. SOrry. Didn?t know that tune did really arrive that party.. so better put it out. Lets see if i got something as another release
pi, very ashamed

[58] : 23. Oct 2002 01:03   
Well, i had real problems converting my tune to .sid because of the multispeed ... and btw. the speed can be heard thru the drums ;)

[59] : 23. Oct 2002 15:56   
Sorry Trance, I have a thesis to write, with the deadline being almost identical to the SID compo. Guess I have to set priorities this time... :-( (although it would be uncomparably more fun to compose a tune again after 10 years of inactiveness) :-)

[60] : 23. Oct 2002 16:26   
When I was studying at University I had tendency to play with music editor instead of doing my student duties. I found it very relaxing and still I found enough time to get all crucial papers and exams done.

[61] : 24. Oct 2002 00:48   
CreaMD, your last message was the worst for me, ’coz I just f*cked up my PhD...bah! >_<

[62] : 24. Oct 2002 02:00   
;-) I’ve just f****d up my driving licence test-drive on monday.

[63] : 24. Oct 2002 10:12   
better luck next time ;)

[64] : 24. Oct 2002 17:44   
I agree that Dane’s tune is a great COVER... :) It covers 2 tunes from Coldplays latest album. (Info from Dane himself.) I better find the originals to compare... :)

[65] : 24. Oct 2002 18:48   
2 new tunes added, 1 removed. Enjoy.

[66] : 24. Oct 2002 22:04   
any other interesting compos planned on

[67] : 24. Oct 2002 22:37   
Hey Six of DLoC! Could you please select either: [ ] ntsc [ ] pal ... ’cause I’d like to know ...

[68] : 24. Oct 2002 23:23   
Another cute tune added. I wasked to organise a generic GFX compo but I need a respected GFX-man to help me with that one as I’m not much into GFX (being musician myself). Beesides, there is a disc-cover compo being organised by for the first time by Magnate / Obsession. Richard Bayliss is organising Joke-tro compo. MiniGame compo was organised by MagerValp this year. As far as generic compos are concerned, I think it would be nice to organise some thematical coders compo, but it would need a dedicated organiser too willing to cooperate with and accepting the only rule I have. Not to make too long lasting web-based compos. (month should be the maximum).

[69] : 24. Oct 2002 23:27   
By the way where is "Sitting in My Underwear Drinking Pepsi" collection?

[70] : 25. Oct 2002 00:18   
baaaaahh! stop that cover composing on c64 (sorry dane :-). make a cover competition instead but in a music composing battle covers should not be allowed in my opinion. so fanta won?t compete... ;-)

[71] : 25. Oct 2002 00:55   
Hey Yodelking - "Politik" and "The Scientist" from Coldplay’s album "A rush of blood to the head". And I don’t’s not like we sample stuff on the C-64. Covering something is basically borrowing harmonies and leads, but fitting everything together and arranging it is an altogether different matter, something I find quite challenging. Composing the generic funkpop-tune is, IMHO, less challenging. But that’s just me.

[72] : 25. Oct 2002 07:45   
Dane, I don’t mind covers. When I know a tune is a cover, I always try to find the original to compare how well they managed to do the cover. Either they hopefully made a nice 1:1 cover, or they was more "inspired" by the original, which often leads to I love the SID, and then get disappointed over how bad the original sounds. :) If you check my HVSC-dir you will see that all my tunes are covers. Dane, you can mail me the originals of the tunes if you want to. I’ve never heard Coldplay before.

[73] : 25. Oct 2002 09:18   
I agree with Dane, covering multichannle music to 3 analog channels is quite a challenge and sometimes it takes more time than composing an original tune. However, if we get more than 5 cover entries, we could also split the compos. It depends on whether Dane, SmalltownBoy and Sidder agree with that ;-).

[74] : 25. Oct 2002 09:42   
Even if it’s a challenge to make a good cover, it’s not the same _kind_ of challenge as making a good original tune. I think it’d be a good idea to have separate compos for covers and original works.

[75] : 25. Oct 2002 14:03   
Reminds me of gfx compo discussions, maybe there has been a code based discussions on it too.... orignal vs cover. Original is nice. Reminds me of some time when I found a nice cover of a Jeff tune. I thought Jeff covered it but he was original. Spring Pop or something. I’m guessing most have no heard the cover :)

[76] : 25. Oct 2002 14:05   
As long as it’s stated in the entry of the tune that it’s a cover, I think it should be allowed. Then people can decide if they want to vote for a cover or an original tune. I would personally vote for the best SID, cover or not. But for the next compo it would be fun to see the results if the entries were anonymous, and if all tunes were released at the same time.

[77] : 25. Oct 2002 15:05   
The system of organisation - updates almost every day + discussion are intentional, they produce the thrill increase publicity and makes the atmosphere. If we just announced the compo and left it without any publicity I wonder if we got more than 10 entries. However, "anonymous entries" is a good idea.

[78] : 25. Oct 2002 15:11   
Well, just to contribute to the cover-prob: For me it was never fun when I tried to cover something. I never got the Instruments sound as I would’ve liked. That’s why there ain’t no covers from me. Cover or not - it’s just written next to the music’s name. the ears should decide the voting, not the eyes!

[79] : 25. Oct 2002 15:29   
I don’t mind if a tune is a cover or not. "Roseanner" by Scortia is one of my fav SIDs, and that’s due to the fact that it’s so damn brilliant technically. Split the compos if you’d like, though. But then, would that mean you get the right to enter both of them?

[80] : 25. Oct 2002 15:51   
Entering both of them? That would mean 2 first places for you according to some pipul here ;-). I cathegorically say no!! ;-))))))))) Okay no problemo, but first we must get at least 2 more covers and at least 2 more permissions ;-).

[81] : 25. Oct 2002 16:01   
Roman - That’s just my initial reaction. I’m not saying I WOULD enter both categories. :) (And on another note, would this mean we’d have to split those two compos into sub-compos based on player, digis or multispeed or not as well? If we’re being picky, that is.)

[82] : 25. Oct 2002 17:30   
i’m wondering why most ppl are covering other songs, are they too lazy to compose new tunes today? about that gfx-compo: would be nice if there will be one on someday :)

[83] : 26. Oct 2002 17:58   
Hah hah. No. My tune isn’t called ’Sitting In My Underwear Drinking Pepsi’ ;) I’m actually doing that :P

[84] : 27. Oct 2002 02:20   
Now listen to the sound of silence... :)

[85] : 27. Oct 2002 08:58   
No, listen to the submitted tunes instead.

[86] : 27. Oct 2002 14:08   
i hope there’s someone out there who like tunes sounding a little bit oldschool so that i have a chance in the compo. :)

[87] : 28. Oct 2002 09:51   
3 news musics comming up today.. stay tuned ;-).

[88] : 28. Oct 2002 14:16   
let’s make a gfx compo where all c64-gfx modes are allowed in december ;)

[89] : 28. Oct 2002 14:18   
CreaMD: MacGyver told me i should remind you about the search function for the news on this site

[90] : 28. Oct 2002 19:53   
well, lets make a XMAS-graphic compo then with merry xmas pictures only... and i want to have some xmas-tunes too! and xmas-intros 8) We need some sort of xmas (+easter +haloween +birthday) compos
santa pi

[91] : 28. Oct 2002 19:56   
No, Christmas brings back horrid memories as it is. Why should I have to add horrible IFLI-images of reindeers to that?

[92] : 29. Oct 2002 00:11   
1:30 of a new tune done. And it’s not a cover. What to do with it? :)
That Dane guy

[93] : 29. Oct 2002 00:23   
Post it and leave that cover for bonus tunes. I already have some tunes for bonus section.

[94] : 29. Oct 2002 00:31   
I’ll think about it, you greedy compo-organizer. :)

[95] : 29. Oct 2002 01:00   
Are there reindeers in it? And what is horrible about them? And anyway, christmas rules! Trees, presents, merry songs singed by little children, lights everywere, everybody friendly, baked apples and sweeties, poor students and unemployed people playing santa in the big shops to get insults thrown at them by little nerving children because they didn’t bring them that$$$ present they wanted last year, highest suicide rate in the year together with new years eve and the date when the kids get their "notes" at school, damn boring films on tv or just reports live from the church, no snow but rain again...... ah...i love xmas, and i can’t understand why others don’t. So let me say it again, we need some sort of XMAS-COMPO. Maybe an open one? Free for all as long as it is related to this time of the year? 8)
santa pi, absolutely serious

[96] : 29. Oct 2002 08:26   
Pi, my only hope is that you will one day grow up and learn to detest Christmas as well.

[97] : 29. Oct 2002 09:12   
I’m cathegorically against Santa joining the compo, to prevent namevoting. ;)

[98] : 29. Oct 2002 12:16   
You’ll only get old potato-skins for this! Ha! Feel the terrible revenge of Santa!
santa pi

[99] : 30. Oct 2002 11:03   
Okay, 4 new entries added. 1 bonus tune from Stefano and 2 possible bonus tunes from Pontonius will be added later. Enjoy the compo and report any bugs. I have put this up in hurry.

[100] : 31. Oct 2002 16:14   
CreaMD, did you receive my entry?

[101] : 31. Oct 2002 17:21   
Yup, very nice tune! I’ve also received 2 more. All, comming up soon.

[102] : 31. Oct 2002 18:13   
A little bird told me someone is replacing his cover entry with an original tune.

[103] : 01. Nov 2002 16:37   
Another tune arriwed. Total submited tunes 20! I’m leaving my place and I’ll return on sunday. So be patient and stay tuned.

[104] : 01. Nov 2002 18:15   
CreaMD: look out for my tune, i’m sending it tonight or tomorrow.

[105] : 01. Nov 2002 18:20   
so, what about the gfx-compo now? has anyone some suggestions, and should we make a compo in december?

[106] : 01. Nov 2002 18:44   
Other compo will be probably announced, but everything depends on CreaMD. ;-)

[107] : 01. Nov 2002 19:02   
so, what about the gfx-compo now? has anyone some suggestions, and should we make a compo in december?

[108] : 01. Nov 2002 19:04   
oops, my last post was possibly sent again because i clicked on reload..

[109] : 01. Nov 2002 20:28   
/me is still for xmas-compos

[110] : 01. Nov 2002 20:55   
I’m all for a gfx-compo, as long as we ditch the X-mas theme.

[111] : 02. Nov 2002 11:14   
Dane, Dane, Dane.... did you never get the right Christmas Present? Are you the Grinch in disguise? Anyway, i am still pro xmas-theme, as everybody could handle it like he want and the pics mustn’t be very positive to the theme..... I would also be open for any other theme of course, but xmas would fit into the time the compo would take place 8) What i do not want is a theme-less compo....

[112] : 02. Nov 2002 12:02   
I celebrate Crestmas, pi.

[113] : 02. Nov 2002 20:09   
CreaMD, have You checked my compo tune?

[114] : 02. Nov 2002 20:13   
Yeah, Jammer, I know what you’re thinking. Maybe I accidentally sent my compotune to Limbo as there has been no sign of life from CreamD. Maybe he overdosed on the 8580-filters? Or maybe...this delay is intentional to make it more exciting?

[115] : 02. Nov 2002 22:45   
This may make things clear: Another tune arriwed. Total submited tunes 20! I?m leaving my place and I?ll return on sunday. So be patient and stay tuned. 01. Nov 2002 16:37 CreaMD that is ofcourse if you mailed him after he left 8=) /me didn’t get any response either, so what?

[116] : 03. Nov 2002 01:13   
congrats to everyone who competed so far. it’s these kind of competitions that keeps the scene alive. thumbs up and keep on composing lads!

[117] : 03. Nov 2002 12:39   
what about to compete for a prize, c64-hardware as example. i believe there will be more competers then :)

[118] : 03. Nov 2002 13:11   
I’m back update comming-up soon.

[119] : 03. Nov 2002 13:55   
i wanna listen to the new tunes soon :)

[120] : 03. Nov 2002 14:45   
Trance: i guess this would be generally a good idea... BUT(!!!!): who wwould give away his hardware for a net-compo?

[121] : 03. Nov 2002 14:49   
pi: maybe the organizers of the compo?

[122] : 03. Nov 2002 14:53   
...and i’d say that the amount of entries isn’t that bad for a net-compo.... ...well, for parties hardware-prises would be cool

[123] : 03. Nov 2002 15:04   
hm, are there any prizes for c64-compos on a c64-party today?

[124] : 03. Nov 2002 15:36   
well, x had prizes, but i do not know if they were demo-compo only or if there were also prizes for graphic and music compo

[125] : 03. Nov 2002 15:52   
i believe that there are some other parties with prizes, but these parties are not as big as x or something similar.

[126] : 03. Nov 2002 15:53   
creamd: will we see the update today or do we have to wait until mondey? /me really wants to listen to the missing tunes... and what about voting and composers? are composers allowed to vote? (..not that i want to..)

[127] : 03. Nov 2002 17:52   
Yeah this evening. Gimme some time (26 tunes total) (still some time to submit until yesterday evening though). Thanx for all the entries and bonus tunes. Bonus and non-competiting tunes will be added later (after voting).

[128] : 03. Nov 2002 20:02   
26+ tunes. 128+ reactions. So far. Am I being too optimistic when I say there will most certainly be a SID Compo III?

[129] : 03. Nov 2002 20:17   
yeah, would be great if there will be a sidcompo3

[130] : 03. Nov 2002 20:41   
Yeah, lets do this thingy every month! :D

[131] : 03. Nov 2002 20:44   
No, Steppe! I have to get some sleep too!

[132] : 03. Nov 2002 20:46   
xmas based? 8) with such a success it is a MUST to have a 3rd one!
xmas-pi (who hopefully gets a lot of presents)

[133] : 03. Nov 2002 20:48   
*giftwraps a grenade for Pi*

[134] : 03. Nov 2002 20:56   
xmas based? 8) with such a success it is a MUST to have a 3rd one!
xmas-pi (who hopefully gets a lot of presents)

[135] : 03. Nov 2002 22:23   
xmas-pi: what about a xmas-demo compo?

[136] : 03. Nov 2002 22:31   
I must have died and gone to hell. What’s up with the morbid X-mas fascination? Do you get off on fat men in red suits bonking reindeers or what?

[137] : 03. Nov 2002 22:57   
+1 more.. sorry ok gotta continue so it could be up before midnight ;-)

[138] : 03. Nov 2002 23:06   
dane: you got me....

[139] : 03. Nov 2002 23:08   
CreaMD: okay, reloading your webpage continously until midnight then.....8)

[140] : 03. Nov 2002 23:46   
he might not make it before 0:00 !!!!?!?!

[141] : 04. Nov 2002 00:00   
Please report any bugs.. asap done in desperate hurry...

[142] : 04. Nov 2002 00:07   
Glad to see some new composers decided to join the action. 27 entries. Man, this competition rocks!

[143] : 04. Nov 2002 00:07   
Also I’m going to contact all composers of covers tommorow and split the compos to cover and non cover. I hope all mentioned above won’t mind. (that’s why there are still 2 tunes from dane in the list btw. ;-) If some of people will object against that I will remove Dane’s cover. Another thing. Detailed info about musicians comming up later. And voting pack comming up after the deadline which is set to 4.11.2002 0:00 (you still have some 24 hours to go ppl)

[144] : 04. Nov 2002 00:19   
I like Vip’s tune - very nice and reminiscent of Drax’s "Priapos", which is somewhat of a personal favourite. He’s added a personal touch, though, with the echoes and repetitive leads.

[145] : 04. Nov 2002 00:24   
my nick is with a small ’o’

[146] : 04. Nov 2002 00:33   
oKay.. corrected.. PI’s and Cadaver’s entry also corrected..

[147] : 04. Nov 2002 00:44   
/me got nothing against splitting...although his tune got no chance against the other covers (well, wouldn’t have any chance against the other tunes anyway).. yeah, Vips tune is really nice.. Your both too, dane... and nice to have a huge amount of different quality in the compo...

[148] : 04. Nov 2002 00:50   
hey creaMD! there’s coming more tunes, from mrdeath and Mermaid... Please have the deadline later......then it’s 29 entrys..that’s real C-64 power :)

[149] : 04. Nov 2002 01:00   
Wow. This is really taking off. It is certainly a great bunch of composers. I can’t feel a bit bad being the lamer in such a great selection of artists. :)

[150] : 04. Nov 2002 01:03   
I must be blind...the deadline is not over yet..... ;)

[151] : 04. Nov 2002 01:09   
;-) Thanx god it’s not. I still have some time to add the author/groups links and correct few glitches here or there. I also plan to make a realsidplay-based voting pack for c64, like last time. If it will work.

[152] : 04. Nov 2002 01:21   
oh my god.. right.. I got it now of course... 4.11.2002 23:59 then ;-)) sorry for the mess. ;-(((

[153] : 04. Nov 2002 09:51   
CreaMD: just a couple of things: 1 - Zaw Productions effectively died in late 1999, so it’s not to be used when referring to what groups I’m in now. 2 - My surname is spelt wrong. I also think it’s a bad idea to split covers/non covers up. The tune should be judged on C64 musical merit, how well the melody sounds, etc.

[154] : 04. Nov 2002 10:53   
Can we have a compo every week? :) <- I\’m on a roll... :)

[155] : 04. Nov 2002 11:59   
Ekhm... There’s an error in my info. I mean duplicate of my nick.

[156] : 04. Nov 2002 12:01   
No-XS if you will do all the slavework around, no problem. Waz, okay I will correct that as soon as I get to another update. Okay so if you are against we won’t split the compos, but as there are 6 covers already it wuold be very nice if we did as it has to be done for the next year anyway.

[157] : 04. Nov 2002 12:05   
Ekhm... There’s an error in my info. I mean duplicate of my nick.

[158] : 04. Nov 2002 12:08   
But the rules didn’t state at the start of the compo whether covers would be split or not. If that was the case, I’d have done one original tune and one cover. Best off to set the rules in stone for next year so that they’re not changed along the way.

[159] : 04. Nov 2002 12:13   
My "group" is actually Exec, not Exec 2002. Not that it really matters, it’s not like we even do anything anymore... Anyway, cool to see this many entries in the compo. Looking forward to the next SID compo.. :oP

[160] : 04. Nov 2002 12:29   
i foresee the voting will become difficult, i’ve heard too much great tunes so far.

[161] : 04. Nov 2002 13:08   
how long is the time period for voting the tunes?

[162] : 04. Nov 2002 13:11   
One more thing: Vip’s handle is spelt like this: Vip. Right Vincent? :)

[163] : 04. Nov 2002 17:06   
Thanx for input ppl. Voting will last as much as needed. Last year we received around 39 votes so this year with around double ammount of visitors a day I would expect more than 50.. if we get at least 50 votes the voting can be closed. I hope people will try their best to make the results as objective as possible by their unpredictably great participation on this hard process ;-) Everyone, even composers should vote. You all have your own taste and you all know what to do in case you will have to vote for your own tune. Either give it neutral 5 points or 1 or 9 ;-), it will be just 1 vote so it shouldn’t be statistically so harmful. You all know how good your tune is ;-) In case someone will give 9 points to 1 tune and 1 to the rest you will what I’m going to do. It’s not fair voting and it won’t be counted.. Voting will start after I’ll either get the c64 executable voting pack done, or when I find out that it’s impossible to do that one ;-) If you have any sugestions, objections or anything just write reaction here.

[164] : 04. Nov 2002 17:07   
Waz okay, so compo won’t be splitted.

[165] : 04. Nov 2002 17:11   
Still only 27 entries...?

[166] : 04. Nov 2002 17:25   
Mermaid: compose something and send it before 23:59, then we have 28 :)

[167] : 04. Nov 2002 17:31   
CreaMD: you really want to make a c-64 executable voting pack? what about the two different sidchips then? we all know how bad a tune on a 8580 sounds if it was composed on a 6581. you should split up the packs for 6581 and 8580 :)

[168] : 04. Nov 2002 17:35   
My info is also wrong... I used Goattracker, no cyber.

[169] : 04. Nov 2002 17:43   
Trance: I sent something around 01:00 last night. I guess CreaMD is busy. :-)

[170] : 04. Nov 2002 19:13   
CreaMD: Cheers, much appreciated.

You might also wish to use PSID64 to make the c64 .prgs from the .SID files. Works a treat.

Maybe in the D64 image, have the 6581 and the 8580 tunes in sections so it’s clearly marked?


[171] : 04. Nov 2002 20:22   
Waz, very good idea. Thanx.

[172] : 04. Nov 2002 22:10   
Huh, I finished my tune and mailed it. Hope it’ll make on time! :)

[173] : 05. Nov 2002 06:58   
CreaMD will add all tunes sent before 23:59, but it seems that he’s always a little bit busy while we’re waiting for an update :D

[174] : 05. Nov 2002 10:30   
Yeah and I even had problems to connect in the night sorry for the mess ppl. Now be patient and wait until voting starts.

[175] : 05. Nov 2002 10:40   
CMD, forgot to say that I’m from Finland, but good guess anyway. :)

[176] : 05. Nov 2002 12:15   

[177] : 05. Nov 2002 12:26   
As the competition will not be split into covers/original tunes, I’m removing "Politik and Science" from the field of competition. It feels better to enter with an original tune, albeit one of less effort. And hey, 29 tunes! :) We rock!

[178] : 05. Nov 2002 13:06   
Yeah I’ve removed your tune and I will put it into bonus section with your kind permission ;-). Same with Smalltown Boy’s entry. He has submited his original composion. Btw. I think I’ve never ever heard so playfully relaxed tune on c64 as his ;-))).

[179] : 05. Nov 2002 13:29   
Ok, I was busy until this afternoon, thus I composed a quick tune for the compo, and finally...I tried to pack the music for 7 (!) hours with no success!!! I’m very afraid, tired and angry!

[180] : 05. Nov 2002 13:35   
No problemo send it. Voting still didn’t start.

[181] : 05. Nov 2002 14:41   
Send it? The packer doesn’t work! I need another day, and maybe I’ll loose against it! Tonight I’ll try again...

[182] : 05. Nov 2002 14:48   
Send it? The packer doesn’t work! I need another day, and maybe I’ll loose against it! Tonight I’ll try again...

[183] : 05. Nov 2002 17:18   
Convert your unpacked version to .sid, Luca?

[184] : 05. Nov 2002 18:11   
Dane, I’m using the SIDwinder. Thus, once edited a music, I must pack it in order to create a playable file...but there’s a stupid bug that sometimes force me to change some track positions. Abitually it works. Late night I was happy ’coz I composed a little mice tune in order to join the compo, but this time, after 7 (7!!!) hours I wasn’t able to create a valid file. Tonight I’ll try again but donno if I’ll have luck or not...

[185] : 05. Nov 2002 20:38   
Luca, if you’re unpacked file just has a init-jsr and a play-jsr you don’t have to pack it in order for Sidplay to replay it. Mail me the unpacked file if you’re uncertain about what to do with it.

[186] : 05. Nov 2002 21:19   
Sounds more like a bug in the packer of Luca’s music-editor to me then a problem of creating sid-files...

[187] : 05. Nov 2002 23:39   
Okay, so I decided to add a little comment about the truly international feeling of this compo (29 entries - 13 countries :) and then my eyes got smashed open. 186 reactions so far. Huch! Double huch! Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback on Prancah above - although I had no prior knowledge about Priapos/Drax, you’re right Dane; odd resemblance initially. I’d like to return the positive comments and would like to state that most entries here are proof of great originality. Everyone displayed their own style and some tracks were just neat little surprises. And that’s just refreshing to see/hear, especially in the days where graphical originality on the c64 is sparse... kudos to all composers involved. Great job! 29 entries - 13 countries... ahyeah, kkoollness... :) And oh yeah: good luck to everyone! Cheers!

[188] : 06. Nov 2002 13:55   
Dudes, as pi wrotes before, I have serious problems in obtain a valid file, never happened before with my SIDwinder packer. Although I get it obtaining that little music as a point of honour (I’ll rewrite completely!), it’s obvious that I can’t join in the compo. Thus, good luck to everyone, I’ll challenge next time ;__;

[189] : 06. Nov 2002 15:16   
Hi, all. It would be wise for you all to use SIDEdit when converting your tunes into Sidplay files. Then you could set which chip it was made for, and the new Sidplay2w would automatically switch to the correct chip (6581/8580). This is maybe a bit late to write, but hopefully CreaMD can set these bits correctly, so that all tunes play with the intended chip using Sidplay2w without people needing to check the page on every SID. Sid edit can be found here: Two tunes can’t be played as SIDs and should be converted into SIDs. I think people might be a bit lazy and not listen to these tunes otherwise. I’ve enjoyed composing for this compo, and I’ve enjoyed the discussion here. Nice to see that there’s so many active composers!

[190] : 06. Nov 2002 15:22   
So when does the voting start?

[191] : 06. Nov 2002 15:48   
Hehe, I already set which chip mine was made on, of course :)

But I do agree. People should be encouraged to use SIDedit, not least as you can load your c64 .prg into it, add all the info like credits (to correct HVSC standards, please) and job well done. It makes life a lot easier and is a really useful tool.

Best of luck to everyone who has entered, it’s nice to see that many of us have taken the time and effort.


[192] : 06. Nov 2002 18:16   
anonym: that’s the question i also ask myself, i thought that voting will start after the deadline

[193] : 07. Nov 2002 06:35   
Hey Luca! It’s seems kinda stupid to me that the packer is your problem - I also recognized a bug in AcidTrackPacker when packing ’der Werktag’ - it just said the music-end was not present. I didn’t find the bug, but I just c0ded a small routi (for the Programme of my programm music) and sent in an unpacked version. Guess how Master Jeff did it in 1995 with Anal’ogue? Same way!!!

[194] : 07. Nov 2002 10:33   
Now this is what I was prepared tp help Luca out with.

[195] : 07. Nov 2002 13:05   
well, me too, if I had any time ...

[196] : 07. Nov 2002 14:31   
Unfortunately, I’m not a coder, thought I release sometimes a diskmag on Plus/4 (some PLA here, some RTS there...^^); thus I’m not able to write a player routine by myself. I’d sent the unpacked file to CreaMD, but if a good soul would help me I’ll be really happy!^__^BTW, the dedicated packer really packs, but the resulting tune plays some bad sectors.

[197] : 07. Nov 2002 17:52   
Well, Luca, then don’t send it to CreaMD first, ’cause he got a lot to do. if you send it to me within the next 12 hours, it could be a playable .prg-file tomorrow morning (CET) and I would send it straight to CreaMD - I guess Dane would be as fast, too. So get the data up into a d64 and ’move yer ass’! What should be in the d64? - your SIDwinder and the data-file. that should be all things necessary.

[198] : 07. Nov 2002 17:57   
Well, Luca, then don’t send it to CreaMD first, ’cause he got a lot to do. if you send it to me within the next 12 hours, it could be a playable .prg-file tomorrow morning (CET) and I would send it straight to CreaMD - I guess Dane would be as fast, too. So get the data up into a d64 and ’move yer ass’! What should be in the d64? - your SIDwinder and the data-file. that should be all things necessary.

[199] : 07. Nov 2002 18:23   
sorry, I hit reload and forgot my mailaddy ...

[200] : 07. Nov 2002 19:05   
I did it! I used the old version (V01.22). Dunno if I really had lost something, and sadly I can’t pack it for my beloved +4...but I did it, yeeeeeeeeahhh! ^__^

[201] : 07. Nov 2002 21:00   
So...I suppose this means I don’t have to bother with mem-dumping the tune after all. Good for you, Luca!

[202] : 07. Nov 2002 21:23   
Well, if I must say the truth: I would know what didn’t work well, also because I’ll continue to use that editor...

[203] : 07. Nov 2002 23:53   
I just received a message from the author of SIDwinder V01.23: he’ll approach the problem in these days. Go Levente, let kill some bugs! ^__-

[204] : 08. Nov 2002 00:06   
There?s so many great editors out there.. Still i would like to see these: Charles Deenen Mon routine (Heck, even if i had to make the music in Assembler, i would like to get my hands on this ;o) 20cc editor by Falco Paul, and ofcourse CZP music editor by Jeff. Great contest by the way, and much respect to all the musicians!

[205] : 08. Nov 2002 00:35   
All tunes are in PRG now. Expect voting very soonish.. sometimes tommorow...

[206] : 08. Nov 2002 00:35   
(30 tunes btw ;-)

[207] : 08. Nov 2002 06:53   
i listened to my goat tracker tune on a real c-64, the filters didn’t sound like in gt. anyway, my tune sounds best in sidplay2w :)

[208] : 08. Nov 2002 09:19   

[209] : 08. Nov 2002 12:19   
making music in Ass. isn\’t that hard :))

[210] : 08. Nov 2002 12:25   
What do you know about that, Trance?

[211] : 08. Nov 2002 13:09   
Yeah, making music in Ass would be a painfull experience *grin* Especially when you?re used to work in editors.

[212] : 08. Nov 2002 13:15   
seems that the filters in the re-sid engine differ a lot compared to a real c-64. i should use goat tweak on the c-64 to make it sound better. anyway it was fun to compose a tune for the compo using goat tracker :)

[213] : 08. Nov 2002 13:48   
I remember reading the reSID emulation was tuned to one particular SID-chip (what the developer used), so it’s no wonder the filters are off when compared to most other SID-chips... I’d like reSID to have stronger filtering, that would make people more afraid of them when used in GT :) Btw. HardSID PCI will be a nice thing...

[214] : 08. Nov 2002 16:31   
I don’t know about everyone else, but my experience was that the two things that sounded the most alike were goattracker and my 128. (Though I had to call the routine on my 128 via CIA and not vblank IRQ since my tune is PAL and my 128 is NTSC.) Regardless, I thought the sound on sidamp was kind of "edgy" whereas the real sid sounded a lot "warmer".

[215] : 08. Nov 2002 16:33   
hardsid is for sure a nice thing, but we have to wait until it’s ready for shipping :) btw, the bassline i did in gt sounds a little bit weak compared to other tunes.

[216] : 09. Nov 2002 02:54   
sorry to say that, but as to a c0der of a real c64 tracker goat tracker is just a bad tool! not a lot of possibilities and just too bad! I played with it a little, and I must say, all the other trackers I based AcidTracker on (DMC 4,5, NordicBeatEditor, Jeff’s player, the Samplemenu and KB’s player) are better than this. the sad thing about it is that you hear which tune is made with goat tracker. sorry guys, but it’s just this way!

[217] : 09. Nov 2002 04:07   
Aaaahhh, the real machine is still the best choiche! :D

[218] : 09. Nov 2002 04:09   
Gneeeem, "choice" I meant.... BTW, where’s my entry? Gotta lotta pain in order to comlete it, eh! ^__^

[219] : 09. Nov 2002 04:10   
"Complete"...ok, ok, I’m gonna sleep after the Florence’s Social Forum...

[220] : 09. Nov 2002 06:59   
CreaMD, why don’t you put the missing tune online? i want to listen to it :)

[221] : 09. Nov 2002 08:06   
Uno momento. I’ve been checking the voting disk with tunes yesterday those tunes are even better to listen on real thing. But don’t worry it’s comming up.

[222] : 09. Nov 2002 16:22   
St0fF: Yes, GT is one kind of compromise-tracker, where more power is given to pattern commands instead of instruments. Btw. did you notice step-programming of pulse & filter can be "simulated" by instrument changes and filter-command (5xx)? Usually, people using GT are lazy creating their own good instruments. :) But blah...I couldn’t care less about GT...I have NinjaTracker :)

[223] : 09. Nov 2002 16:31 offense, but I wonder what difference does "c0der of a real C64 tracker" make, in this case? I have c0ded real C64 trackers before, and after GT. :) Rather, I’d say the difference between us is that for me, rastertime usage always comes first. That preference has its effects, of course :)

[224] : 09. Nov 2002 17:14   
yeah, and this preference even makes rastertime lower, did you notice? More tables, less to compute.

[225] : 09. Nov 2002 17:20   
Bravo CreaMD! Really professional. I cite myself: the real machine is still the better choice! :D

[226] : 09. Nov 2002 17:29   
Cadaver: using it correctly, how much rastertime feeds a singlespeed tune made with NinjaTracker?

[227] : 09. Nov 2002 17:32   
Yeah, St0fF, you’re right. But, tables also mean more memory-accesses, and I’ve always found table jump-handling slow, unless done with a specific column for "next step"

But blah, when taken to the extremes, one notices one can’t do *anything* without rastertime going up... And I guess my view is already quite fatally skewed, for I consider >16 completely intolerable, >12 disgusting and 9-10 somewhat tolerable :)

[228] : 09. Nov 2002 17:46   
CreaMD, such a big delay can cause some kind of riots, You know ;P

[229] : 09. Nov 2002 21:04   
*entering riot mode*

[230] : 09. Nov 2002 21:24   
Lol! CreaMD, have you never tasted the SIDcomposers angry? :D

[231] : 09. Nov 2002 22:07   
Luca, it is 10 ($A) rasterlines, or in some cases, 11 ($B) (though it certainly never is 11 whole rasterlines, just a bit over 10)

[232] : 09. Nov 2002 22:33   
$0A? Impressive! And me, that was proud of my max $17!

[233] : 10. Nov 2002 11:42   
I was with my girl, sorry. Voting form is done I just need to put it up.

[234] : 10. Nov 2002 13:00   
Finally! Nice one CMD! :)

[235] : 10. Nov 2002 13:05   
Oh, Luca’s sid on this site cannot be found

[236] : 10. Nov 2002 13:16   
Thanx, corrected.

[237] : 10. Nov 2002 13:48   
when i have to fill in 30 votes, does that mean i have to vote for myself?

[238] : 10. Nov 2002 13:53   
Any score to any tune... judge the quality of every tune separately. Give it from 1 to 9 points according to how much do you like it.

[239] : 10. Nov 2002 13:54   
Do what you wish, you know yourself how good your tune is. Or give it neutral 5 points.
CreaMD (Roman)

[240] : 10. Nov 2002 14:01   
neutral voting sounds best. it’s just that i don’t want to judge myself when i have to.

[241] : 10. Nov 2002 14:09   
Derek: there are very easy ways to make music in Assembler. Just needs some coders help..

[242] : 10. Nov 2002 14:10   
also in the voting screen, Luca’s tunes is with a small ’m’ :

[243] : 10. Nov 2002 16:04   

[244] : 10. Nov 2002 16:14   
Argh! My surname is Carrafiello, double ’r’, Carraf...sincerely, who cares? ^__^

[245] : 10. Nov 2002 16:28   
And the voting deadline?

[246] : 10. Nov 2002 18:16   
That’s not fair! Voting program didn’t allow me to skip my tune. Guess, what I had to do?

[247] : 10. Nov 2002 18:19   
Shit, I’ve hit the goal myself! (sepuku)

[248] : 10. Nov 2002 19:04   
;-) I was talking about voting deadline before. It will end when we collect enough votes. Until now I’ve received 18 votesheets which is a very surprising ammount when I imagine that it’s sunday few hours after the start of voting ;-).

[249] : 10. Nov 2002 19:48   
Talking of music, try this: DMC V5.0 Album #1.

[250] : 11. Nov 2002 01:44   
Well, what about setting a voting deadline, like next Sunday 0:00 CET?

[251] : 11. Nov 2002 01:50   
Oh, and btw. from a pure hexdump of dafunks music i’d say it’s DMC 5(.?) ... you know, Jmp $1040 Jmp $1095 Jmp $10d3 ... pretty much looks like a DMC 5-Player ... But you might wanna ask him, anyhow.

[252] : 11. Nov 2002 12:02   
Thanx for tip StOfF I think I’ve send him and e-mail a while ago but he didn’t reply.

[253] : 11. Nov 2002 12:16   
One more thing. I’ve got 37 votesheets from which 5 votesheets had a lot of 1 points and one or two tunes got 9, or which had only few tunes evaluated and rest had 1. I was mentioning this somewhere in this discussion. I won’t count votesheets into results.

[254] : 11. Nov 2002 12:48   
Especially when they are posted anonymously.

[255] : 11. Nov 2002 12:59   
Good point, CreamD, downvoting really sucks! I enjoyed voting very much, by the way. Took me about two hours but it was worth it! :-)

[256] : 11. Nov 2002 14:37   
jepp, was the same with me, but as innovation was my top-voting-point most ppl got less than half the points.

[257] : 11. Nov 2002 14:48   
Noooo! Can’t believe this lameness! :( I hope I’m not in the lonely-9, though I invited users I know in voting _freemind_! The best way for voting is still ranking all the entries (from 30 to 1 in this case).

[258] : 11. Nov 2002 14:53   
Well, completely ranking 30(!!!)entrys top to down is not too easy. CreaMD did it right. giving points is good,’cause you can give 4 tunes the same placement. which is partly necessary.

[259] : 11. Nov 2002 15:21   
I must admit that it’s not my idea, this system is used on Polish scene parties since ages.

[260] : 11. Nov 2002 18:50   
I’ve updated the voting pack disk 2 (bug in the numbering of the musics) Thanx to Smalltown Boy for info.

[261] : 11. Nov 2002 19:20   
Did you sort the numbers after which chip was used? I noticed that 6581 tunes are first... (except Banankorv which also is 6581)

[262] : 11. Nov 2002 19:43   
yup.. Banakorv 6581 hmmm.. didn’t know, sorry. Roman

[263] : 11. Nov 2002 20:28   
/me wonders what happens if more then 1 tune got same result of votes...would we have 2 number 1, 4 number 5 etc? or would there be something like revoting for those?

[264] : 11. Nov 2002 22:39   
IMHO point system is the best system.

[265] : 12. Nov 2002 00:35   
It’s only important for the first 3 places, the rest can share the same places.

[266] : 12. Nov 2002 06:52   
what about the first 3 places, will they win a prize? ;)))

[267] : 12. Nov 2002 07:09   
Yeah I will pay them a round or two of their favourite drink if they visit Forever 4 party, in March 2003.

[268] : 12. Nov 2002 09:05   
With over 30 votes already it’s nearly impossible to have draw. Tastes are just too different.

[269] : 12. Nov 2002 09:28   
A 15years old scotch at the Forever4 in Slovakia? Aaaaagh, I must enter the highest threeeeee! ;)

[270] : 12. Nov 2002 22:55   
let’s wait for the final result, i’m very curious about it :)

[271] : 12. Nov 2002 23:36   
yea. this will be interesting. how many votes did you collect already?

[272] : 13. Nov 2002 00:04   
52 valid votesheets.

[273] : 13. Nov 2002 08:18   
so we’ll soon some results?

[274] : 13. Nov 2002 13:05   
btw, how many votesheets did the first sidcompo have?

[275] : 13. Nov 2002 15:00   
39 including mine and sisters

[276] : 13. Nov 2002 17:11   
Let’s hope for our sake your sister’s got good taste! :)

[277] : 13. Nov 2002 20:34   
lol :)

[278] : 14. Nov 2002 02:43   
ok, definitely Dafunks tune is DMC 5.1. allround analyzer told that and allround-analyzer knows all dmc’s, newplayers, older sdi’s and a lot more;) btw. CreaMD, what does (ditf) mean?

[279] : 14. Nov 2002 04:40   
Day in the factory ;-)

[280] : 14. Nov 2002 21:04   
Voting ends on Sunday - Nov 17. 2002. You have last 3 days to Vote!

[281] : 17. Nov 2002 07:42   
No, let’s hope for my sake that his sister has no taste!

[282] : 17. Nov 2002 13:19   
when will the results be availabe? tonight at 0:00?

[283] : 17. Nov 2002 15:24   
LOL!How much hurry, Trance! :D

[284] : 17. Nov 2002 15:59   
;-) Tommorow morning would be an ideal time.

[285] : 17. Nov 2002 16:04   
Are the results clear?

[286] : 17. Nov 2002 22:19   
What do you mean by "clear"? Everything will be clear tomorrow morning.
Smalltown Boy

[287] : 17. Nov 2002 22:20   
Sad that all the fun ends, I enjoyed x-mas discussion enormously :).
Smalltown Boy

[288] : 17. Nov 2002 23:14   
But as you will see Santa will win this compo.. ;-( namevoting sucks ;-).

[289] : 18. Nov 2002 01:04   
post it! :)

[290] : 18. Nov 2002 01:08   
Oh, and put the bonusfiles up too! :)

[291] : 18. Nov 2002 01:15   
More sometimes in the morning

[292] : 18. Nov 2002 01:18   
1 14 490 Dane / Crest trial_and_error.sid 4:27
2 18 465 Vip/ Padua / Role / WOW / Cyber Zound Prancah.sid (prg)? 3:52
3 17 452 DaFunk / Onslaught Euro(S)cream.sid 3:25
4 11 439 GH lafrique.sid 3:10?
16 439 Yodelking of Defiers & UL-Tomten Banankorv.sid? (prg)? 3:20?
5 4 425 Dr.Voice /? Magic_Carpet_Ride.sid (6581)? 3:00
6 1 420 Trance / X-Stayle Way_of_the_Saint.sid (6581) 3:04?
8 420 No-XS / Toondichters Still_in_April.sid 2:17?
7 12 409 Cadaver / CovertBitops TheConsultant.sid 3:00
8 20 395 Jammer / MSL / Samar? Sky_Flight.sid 4:02?
9 28 388 Oedipus Wings_of_Death.sid ’C’? 4:52
10 21 382 Makt One / Fairlight NagChampa.sid 3:33
22 382 Sidder / MultiStyle Labs / Role? MrPivo.sid ’C’? 1:55
11 26 379 Aleksi Eeben / CNCD RoundBlueRath.sid 4:08
12 5 378 Smalltown Boy / MultiStyle Labs coffee.sid (6581)? 2:31
13 30 377 Luca / Fire mindfixer.sid 2:15?
14 29 375 Dalezy / Creators / Rebels? midnightrun.sid ????
15 15 371 A Life in Hell /WOW / Unreal internalise.sid ???
16 7 370 Mr.Death / Creators Russian_Cow_Moolok.sid 1:45?
17 6 368 Mermaid / Creators / Crest in_die_Dunkelheit.sid 3:25?
18 19 362 Richard / TND / Civitas / PTV TwiceDelight.prg 3:50
19 23 348 St0fF / N30PLA51A? Wektag.prg? 3:15?
20 2 324 Waz / Padua Very_Doubtful_Space.sid ’C’ (6581) 2:19
21 3 322 TDS / Creators Level_Zero.sid (prg) (6581) 2:45?
22 13 317 hukka / Exec kauppa.sid 4:22
23 27 313 CeRRor / Ex-Xentax? CerroR_MoS.sid ????
24 9 306 pOnToNiuS? Poke.sid 2:50
25 25 290 Pater PI/ Church64 Star_Fox_Corneria.sid ’C’ 1:36
26 10 279 Alias Medron / Padua / Samar? relax.sid (prg)? 2:29
27 24 252 Six of DLoC /Dark Lords of Chaos Hi6i11y H34v3n! (SID) 2:30?

[293] : 18. Nov 2002 13:23   
now the sidcompo is over, so let’s discuss about the next compo.. anyone make suggestions for compos (maybe a xmas compo? :)))

[294] : 18. Nov 2002 15:37   
well, what about a GFX compo (x-mas related or whatever) ?? btw, compos like this one (SC II) keep the scene spirit alive.. we don’t need a party to release stuff, do we? :)


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