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 October Beta News (9)    
October Beta NewsUrine Release of Bomb Chase is BETA OCT 02 2002 18:54
CSDB temporary down OCT 06 2002 23:42
Bomb Chase gets a Fake Release. OCT 07 2002 20:02
Honestly, I doubt it?s TRIAD... OCT 21 2002 11:34
The C64 Inventory opens 2 new sections. OCT 29 2002 10:37
CSDB up & running OCT 07 2002 18:22
HardSID PCI announced OCT 28 2002 22:57
Murdock aka HMM got kicked ! OCT 30 2002 17:31
The C64 Inventory: 30/10/2002 update. OCT 31 2002 00:25


[35] : 25. Oct 2002 20:28   
Added Swiss Pirates Reunion 2002 to the partyscope.

[36] : 27. Oct 2002 14:16   
Richard, that game isn’t anything special, but the title-music is FANTASTIC! Thumbs up!

[37] : 27. Oct 2002 21:26   
It’s nice to be personal. I’m not completely against diversity in news posts,but please place your personal requests to forums like CSDB forums, comp.sys.cbm news or CBM hacking list (If you have any questions about the policy of the list owner, please contact "".)

[38] : 29. Oct 2002 00:54   
agree CreaMD. This is a News-Portal, no private message board nor forum nor ebay nor ........ Seems like some people can’t read or can even less think then me (and i ever thought that that is impossible)

[39] : 29. Oct 2002 01:51   
To that end, i’ve just removed the post reading "I have an old Commodore 64 Home Computer. It is in working condition and has several games on floppy. How much money are these things worth in the current market?" from the news and emailed the author with an explanation.

[40] : 29. Oct 2002 07:26   
TMR, yeah! Thanx a lot dude.

[41] : 29. Oct 2002 09:21   
ah.. support the new hardsid, it offers even more functionality than the isa one - and is properly supperted by today’s operating systems.. while still being fully compatible.

[42] : 29. Oct 2002 12:03   
new hardsid? no plug’n’pray any longer? /me wants informations 8)

[43] : 29. Oct 2002 15:21   
You should have been on the HardSID mailinglist. But you can also find all available version on the title page of - we don’t know more either. The new version will be PCI, fully XP/2000 compatible and brings advanced and more professional midi support and drivers etc..

[44] : 30. Oct 2002 18:15   
Mermaid this was what I wanted to avoid by putting all group jumps to beta-news... such posts turn this site to tabloid, and what is even worse the last post of Mr.Alpha is a public and personal attack. Not very nice if we consider the fact that (if I remember right) all Mr.Alpha posted on this news-site was his scene-leaving and return back.

[45] : 30. Oct 2002 23:47   
Ahem... Meanwhile I’ve found out what was problem with HMMmurdock ;-), quite interesting story ;-). HMM, you should reconsider your views on some things concerning todays c64 scene.. many things have hanged since last century. But yeah Internet and powerful computers has changed us all in a little bit negative way...

[46] : 31. Oct 2002 01:24   

[47] : 31. Oct 2002 10:07   
CreaMD, where can it be read (postings before your reaction on Richard, Mermaid and HMM)?

[48] : 31. Oct 2002 11:14   
Reaction to Richard is reactions on his latest game. As far as reaction to Mermaid is concerned it’s about the discussion we had in past about news concerning group movements. News abou HMMurdock is in Betanews at the bottom of the page.

[49] : 31. Oct 2002 15:14   

...or I’ll force CreamD to make those bloody screenshots again :)


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