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 Forever introduces Eternity award    
Starting from Forever 2010 ? The 8-bit Odyssey, the party will have its signature award called Eternity. Get conceptual, get creative! Get more info in the Forever introduces Eternity article

[1] : 28. Dec 2009 13:53   
Hm. I’ve just got an idea. How about id we asked our winners from previous 10 years to make a photo of themselves posing in a Forever T-shirt(s) and sending it to us. That would make a nice gallery for forever news, especially for those who never saw a Forever T-shirt ;-).

[2] : 28. Dec 2009 15:59   
...but I’d send a lot of such photos :)

[3] : 28. Dec 2009 16:04   
[2] Even better ;-) Raster would probably have to put it into the video to save us some page space ;-)


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