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 The Last Compo RESULTS!    
The's SID Compo #8. Deadline for tune submission is November 30. 2008 23:59. Thanx for MP3 hosting goest to: hosted by Matti Maza Kari. (

1. Eskimonika by Stellan Andersson (Dane) sid prg mp3 (03:47) NEW (852 PT)

2. Intrinsic by Conrad/Viruz/Samar/Onslaught (Owen Crowley) sid prg mp3 (3:58) NEW (850.5 PT)

3. A Liquor Store Anthem by Randall sid prg mp3 (4:09) NEW (787.5 PT)

4. Love Land by Steven Diemer (A-Man/Xenon) sid prg mp3 (2:35) NEW (781 PT)

5. Two Minute Jam by Josep Barwick (Stainless Steel) sid prg mp3 (2:00) NEW (675 PT)

6. Stay Chill by Marcin Majdzik (PSycHo) sid prg mp3 (3:23) NEW (641 PT)

7. Rocco Siffredi Invades 1541-II by Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer) sid prg mp3 (2:58) NEW (638 PT)

8. Stretch Marks by Hein Holt (Hein/Vision) sid prg mp3 (3:57) NEW (627 PT)

9. Christ 69 Electroclash Deluxe by Arman Behdad (Intensity) sid prg mp3 (3:30) NEW (615 PT)

10. Wander Fool by Vincent Merken (_V_) sid prg mp3 (6:24) NEW (563 PT)

11. Johnny Rocket by Uneksija (Antti Pitk?m?ki) sid prg mp3 (3:46) NEW (534 PT)

12. Back to Planet:dATA by LordNikon/Dekadence sid prg mp3 (3:25) NEW (513 PT)

13. fuckyou.progressivedata.fuckme by Sascha Zeidler (Linus) sid prg mp3 (2:46) NEW (508 PT)

14. Pixel Hell Level 9 by Hĺkon Repstad (Archmage of Instinct) sid prg mp3 (3:04) NEW (498 PT)

15. Drunken Ninja Dance by Rambones sid prg mp3 (4:54) OLD (454 PT)

16. See You Later Oscilator by Kristian Myklebust (kribust) sid prg mp3 (2:21) NEW (451.5 PT)

17. Elegy by Peter Bergstrand sid prg mp3 (1:24) OLD (392 PT)

18. Levitation by Henne / The Dreams sid prg mp3 (2:15) NEW (385 PT)

19. Disco Dream by Richard Bayliss sid prg mp3 (3:54) NEW (380 PT)

20. Mustelid by Hukka/Svenonacid sid prg mp3 (2:34) NEW (359.5 PT)

21. Ninja Life by G-Fellow / CiViTaS (Gerhard Flagge) sid prg mp3 (2:48) OLD (353 PT)

22. Upgrade by Dennis Hildingsson (Rusty46) sid prg mp3 (2:00) NEW (286 PT)


User comments final


[308] : 11. Dec 2008 10:17   
Thanks for a great competition! Has been fun following it from day one. I totally disagree with the placement of a couple of tunes, but there you are. Congrats to Dane the Swede, and horray to Linus for making me laugh out loud several times when I read his comments. :) And thanks to CreaMD for making it all happen.

[309] : 11. Dec 2008 10:19   
Imperator equals Archmage btw. Damn.

[310] : 11. Dec 2008 10:30   
Wow. Thanks to my fellow musicians for making The Last Compo memorable. Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in! :)

[311] : 11. Dec 2008 10:58   
Once again - BIG THANKS to Roman! He gave all of us great opportunity to release our tunes. I hope you got more ideas for the future. With people like you on the scene SID music will never die :)

[312] : 11. Dec 2008 11:08   
Indeed a very interesting compo i am happy to have competed with all of you. Next time i’ll make the jam last longer. Promised.
the bitching compo participant

[313] : 11. Dec 2008 11:08   
the bitching compo participant = Stainless :-D
the bitching compo participant

[314] : 11. Dec 2008 14:54   
I’m not in Dekadence! :o

[315] : 11. Dec 2008 15:01   
alankila must be a variation of that jazz/data dude from afew years back: jazz = 8580 filter data = distortion
middle msx

[316] : 11. Dec 2008 15:47   
[314] Sorry. As I said please don’t mind the crap credits it was put up in hurry to satisfy result-hungry audi3nc3 ;-)

[317] : 11. Dec 2008 19:19   
Shame on me... i didnt "finish" my votings... BUT: FINISHED VOTESHEETS: 48 UNFINISHED VOTESHEETS: 0 how is this possible?

[318] : 11. Dec 2008 21:18   
[317] deleted. Only finished votesheets count.

[319] : 11. Dec 2008 21:49   
booker, did you just seem to copy and paste one of your comments to each one? :D

[320] : 12. Dec 2008 11:50   
yeah, he did. i had great laugh of that :D:D:D and now somebody signed himself as ’middle msx’ and my laugh surpassed my abilities :D

[321] : 13. Dec 2008 00:17   
Randall, your the Afro Kolektyw videos are mostly so stupid that they’re almost good again. But of course I’m completely missing what you’re singing about, so I may fail to see the point of rubbing in the mud with new pullovers on. ;D

[322] : 19. Dec 2008 13:49   
Great entries all! Well deserved #1 to Dane, which recently has become my favorite C&4 composer.


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