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 Forever III - Invitation (article)    
Forever III - InvitationCan former rivals - C64, Atari XL and ZX Spectrum gather at one single place? Yes! For the third time in Earth's history at Forever 2002, taking place in Trencin/Slovakia. Previous year's visitors from Germany, Hungary, Poland, England, Czech Republic, Italy and Holland can only confirm that having the three most remarkable European 8-bit platforms gathered at one place creates a unique atmosphere. Thrilling competition, quality bigscreen show & new friendship, that's the Forever 8 Bit party.
Wotnau & CreaMD

[1] : 04. Mar 2002 07:33   
Wow. Great article for even greater party it seems... I’m convinced. Meet me and other PROTOVISION dudes at FOREVER!

[2] : 04. Mar 2002 07:50   
Hey, weren?t you one of the first people who registered in the ;-) few weeks ago?. Anyway, I really look forward to meet you dude(s) ;-).

[3] : 04. Mar 2002 10:28   
Well, it took one completely juiced out Wotnau and dunnowhat CreaMD to catch up with the last year’s invi article.

[4] : 07. Mar 2002 21:05   
Yes I was, because I will meet my girlfriend there! ;-) First time we met was Forever 2000... :-) Well, and NOW, I will also visit because it seems a very attractive PARTY! :-)


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