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 GT 2 (10) voting closed    
Voting will last until at least about 30-40 votesheets are collected.
Voting system (standard):
- Give each tune from 1-9 points (9 for the best, 1 worst)
- send your votes to following address:
- please use the following format (example):
- 5,4,8,5,6,1,2,9,4,2 (ten values divided by comma)

SNG files (music data) will be released after voting phase and will be distributed with GT2 as demotunes. check the tunes in the article

Results coming up soon...


[198] : 31. Jul 2005 02:37   
@[196] Well that was definitely the more dull & stagnant side of your style. You know you’ve done much better in the past, so what do you expect?

[199] : 31. Jul 2005 10:11   
My favourite tune is Everlasting Anoyance, really nice oldskool-song!

[200] : 31. Jul 2005 15:38   
[187] Yep, been busy with production and distribution issues but everything is fine now. Looking forward to the polly tracker compo, see ya there :)

[201] : 31. Jul 2005 16:37   
@197: I don’t think that "My Own Hyperspace" or "Ghost Trackers" were conventional (especially the latter - learn from it how to break the rules skillfully). On the contrary, "Ledermaus" was, somehow. Check "Into the Sunset" from the last Sidcompo, for example.

[202] : 01. Aug 2005 01:13   
@201 Okay, I agree, these tunes have some great and clever parts but then I guess I am not a conventional sidfan :) For example "My own Hyperspace", I like it untill the main melody starts. In my eyes this "main instrument" is too high, ugly (sorry) and just not what I prefer. IMHO this kind of instrument is very often used in sid-songs. Maybe it is the typical sid sound which everybody likes and I’m making me enemys now... But hey it’s just my opinion and I’m a rookie on this sector. ;) So, nevermind (btw where can I find "into the sunset")

[203] : 01. Aug 2005 01:23   
[202] in VARIOUS/S-Z/Six/Into_The_Sunset.sid its a bit the same style as your ledermaus, including nice alt saxophone..

[204] : 01. Aug 2005 13:14   
Roman, publish the full results & comments please and let’s close this event...

[205] : 07. Aug 2005 08:29   
I liked all.... One way or the other... I first liked one, than after several runs I favoured a new, while voting I suddenly changed which to give 9. Unluckely my entry attempt failed, next time maybe :-)

[206] : 07. Aug 2005 08:43   
sorry to bug about it, but as I write there are 3 different versions of the songs (listening point of view) . Sidplayer,GT and Vice emu ?

[207] : 07. Aug 2005 19:51   
Roman, are you busy? This event/compo looks so half finished and abandonded...

[208] : 08. Aug 2005 12:40   
hmm... how about adding the compo to CSDB?

[209] : 14. Oct 2005 04:56   
"Results coming up soon... " Soon = ?

[210] : 14. Oct 2005 09:02   
What is soon.. a golden bee..

[211] : 14. Oct 2005 15:01   
found the list, Argh I’ve been wondering for months...

[212] : 14. Oct 2005 19:36   
ahh.. ;-)


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