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SID Music - 100 Greats FEB 14 2005 00:12
Commodore format issue`s 1-12 for sale! FEB 21 2005 01:20
C64 in real life FEB 17 2005 16:44
C64 in real life - NOT! FEB 21 2005 08:37

[1] : 01. Feb 2005 12:25

MP3 songs & Remixes from Dafunk’s workshop.Enjoy!

[2] : 01. Feb 2005 13:10   
oh .. a tribute to trance][control? i remember those guys well .. didn’t they want to sue me in 1999 because i used a ][ in one of my songnames once? :D other than that, nice mp3s.

[3] : 01. Feb 2005 16:03   
I thought Apple had the exclusive rights to ][.
Anders Carlsson

[4] : 02. Feb 2005 01:02   
Hmm, since you CreamD wrote to report appearing errors. This appeared to me at 8:50 PM GMT+1: "select * from opennews where substring(time from 1 for 4)=’2005’ and substring(time from 5 for 2)=’02’ and id<>2562 and id<>0 order by time desc limit 0,12Lost connection to MySQL server during query" The first part of the error looks very very odd!?

[5] : 07. Feb 2005 11:39 was disabled... it will be replaced by better solution

[6] : 08. Feb 2005 11:15   
Ah ok! :) Shouldn’t there also be a download link for this news entry: "7. FEBRUARY 2005 Rosetta update Ver 1.7.2" ??? I see none.

[7] : 08. Feb 2005 22:24   
@ 6: Good question. Anyway, those changes were made around a year ago according to the readme file ;-)

[8] : 09. Feb 2005 10:20   
Why have you stopped moving stuff to related news? Is it some new policy, or are you just too busy with more important stuff?

[9] : 09. Feb 2005 11:37   
Wow, one 256 byte music in the TinySID compo so far (and it really eats my processor time in Sidplay2/w). It’ll be interesting to see how many more entries Stefano gets before April.
Anders Carlsson

[10] : 09. Feb 2005 15:34   
p0sTs wRiTtEn LiKe tHiS sHoUlD bE AuTo-NuKeD.

[11] : 09. Feb 2005 18:46   
[8] b) is correct.. house renovation, like-a-dog-working and stuff.

[12] : 09. Feb 2005 22:37   
[9]It is a RSID rip, so it use lot of emulation resource in sidplay2. Maybe I can provide a PSID version (but need some time). Note that I add a rule to clarify that it is not allowed to enter the compo with tunes that use code ripped from already submitted tunes (as rip 256 or 512 byte is quite easy).

[13] : 14. Feb 2005 17:12   
@the 100 SID greats news... I thought people would stop with this all-time mania after the Millenium passed. What I really hate about the C=64 all-time lists is that it somehow suggests ’everything’s over, it’s time to select the all time bests’. Which after all is true (at least as far as games go, and sometimes I feel that music, too) but anyway I don’t like seeing it black on white. :/

[14] : 14. Feb 2005 20:32   
I agree with Wotnau. "SID Music - 100 Greats" moved to Related News.

[15] : 17. Feb 2005 23:49   
It`s wrong... the trainstation used a commodore pc with intel chips ... no c64 .. but the tv station did something wrong...

[16] : 18. Feb 2005 09:47   
@14: The funny thing is - if it was a plain poll asking "What’s your bloody most favourite music on the C=64?" I’d happily take part. One small "all time" and such a giant difference. ;)

[17] : 19. Feb 2005 00:23   
If you translate "all time" into "so far", it should not appear as provocative. But everyone who intends to make a such list should probably listen through *every* subsong on *every* SID listed in HVSC, and even then you will miss some that haven’t been successfully ripped yet. Otherwise it will be "top 100 of those songs I’ve heard". I’d be more interested in "top 100 of those (songs/styles) I’d like to hear more of".
Anders Carlsson

[18] : 21. Feb 2005 02:26   
"Commodore format issue`s 1-12 for sale!" - link corrected and moved to Related News.

[19] : 21. Feb 2005 08:40   
@15 was it even a commodore system? Heise described it as a "Intel-310-System mit einem 80286-Prozessor". Anyway this news shows us again how easily rumours do spread and how much you should trust the news on tv, the internet or in your newspapers blindly.

[20] : 21. Feb 2005 22:21   
Added Willow Party 2005 to the partyscope and moved "C64 in real life" & "C64 in real life - NOT!" to Related News.

[21] : 22. Feb 2005 22:07   
@17: bullshit, I can easily tell you what my fave tunes are even though I haven’t heard all tunes that were ever done. Because those that I didn’t hear (yet) are most certainly not favourites of mine ;)

[22] : 28. Feb 2005 15:13   
Edited the Remedy post to add a hyperlink...

[23] : 28. Feb 2005 21:24   
Added these events to the partyscope: VCFe 5.0, The Wave Party, Remedy 2005 and Commodore Vegas EXPO 2005.


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