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 August 2004 Related News (2)    
August 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice August!

Demoscene book now in stores! AUG 12 2004 15:56
full version of yawthrust software?s game "spacetanx" for free !! AUG 22 2004 19:43

[1] : 01. Aug 2004 21:56   
Compo stuff! now!

[2] : 01. Aug 2004 23:15   
uf... hopefully alt 071 alt 082 alt 071 worked...

[3] : 01. Aug 2004 23:30   
I heard he did.

[4] : 02. Aug 2004 21:59   
There are a few errors in the LCP results: My Amiga picture was called "Bee", not "LCP2004". My Amiga music was called "Dropout", not "LCP2004". "Admiral" was made by Phase1...and Mermaid.

[5] : 03. Aug 2004 11:01   
@ 4: Fixed the details on "Admiral".

[6] : 05. Aug 2004 16:39   
is there a full northparty releases-disk available anywhere? there’s only a few of the releases entered at csdb so far.

[7] : 06. Aug 2004 08:48   
Check once and then. If anywhere, it could apear there first.

[8] : 06. Aug 2004 11:27   
It’s Prezes’ job to upload the stuff, perhaps he’ll do it on Saturday or Sunday, once he’s back in Warsaw.

[9] : 06. Aug 2004 15:37   
Some error has happened...

[10] : 06. Aug 2004 17:04   
yeah yeah yeah... patience.. this page will be optimised, remastered valid html no table designed.. as soon as I get couple of free days to do that.

[11] : 06. Aug 2004 17:05   
and even rss feed added.. ;-)

[12] : 06. Aug 2004 20:50   
Roman, ppl can’t read... Could you...?!

[13] : 06. Aug 2004 21:17   
If the Turrican III news matches what it advertises, then I’m one of the happiest men on Earth. :)

[14] : 08. Aug 2004 11:09   
Fixed the link to the Dekadence demo.

[15] : 08. Aug 2004 12:29   
Updated Latest Downloads and added Evoke 2004 to the partyscope.

[16] : 10. Aug 2004 16:01   
How bloody hard is it to spell "Dekadence" correctly? :(

[17] : 10. Aug 2004 16:32   
macgyver, since when is evoke a c64-party? (next to the fact that c64-people actually attend it, but it doesn’t have any c64-compos)

[18] : 10. Aug 2004 17:39   
@ 16: Fixed. To prevent this, just post it yourself a little earlier next time ;))
@ 17: Well, I had a little talk with XXX at tUM*03, which went like this:
MacGyver: "As far as I know, Evoke is mostly a PC party."
XXX: "Well, you got that wrong, Evoke mostly is boozing!"
I added it because Turrican 3 is planned to be released there. Now don’t blame me Turrican 3 C64 is not going to be released on a party which has C64 compos ;-)

Any more ppl thinking Evoke shouldn’t be here?

[19] : 10. Aug 2004 18:02   
C64 can compete in the "wild" compo at Evoke, so it is relevant here. The Turrican 3 release is also important.

[20] : 11. Aug 2004 03:16   

[21] : 11. Aug 2004 03:33   
Deleted the "Obsoleet - The Assembly Demo Winner" news post. It’s a PC democompo winner.

[22] : 11. Aug 2004 03:54   
I guess it was posted because it featured a C64 being used (c64 equipment + user rendered as models within the demo)

[23] : 11. Aug 2004 08:41   
Thanx for info Cadaver. Post should have been moved to related news then, but I’m not expected to download mb’s of stuff to check if it’s at least slightly related to the C64 ;-). I should have been hinted by the "obsoleet" name though ;-).

[24] : 11. Aug 2004 11:41   
creamd, beware of c64 related pc demos (winnerdemo/metalvotze), but anyway, heres a screenshot of obsoleet, to spare you the full download

[25] : 12. Aug 2004 02:20   
merman, by that rule any party would basically fit in the list of parties. (i’m a strong supporter of the evoke btw, so no hard feelings there =)

[26] : 12. Aug 2004 02:43   
IMO, party can stay in the list. It’s not that disturbing.

[27] : 12. Aug 2004 16:18   
Demoscene Book moved to related news. This site brings news about C64 software such as music, gfx, demos, games, competitions and so on. And where the heck is Tomcat’s book anyway? ;-)

[28] : 15. Aug 2004 11:24   
PS 2004 winners: demo = K2, gfx = Deev, music = Hein.

[29] : 15. Aug 2004 12:33   
Hein again?... :) Congratulations.

[30] : 15. Aug 2004 13:10   
Hein rocked (pun intended).

[31] : 15. Aug 2004 13:11   
(ps: his song was a conversion of rock it by herbie hanckock)

[32] : 15. Aug 2004 13:38   
Good choice.

[33] : 18. Aug 2004 10:45   
Really smart to Hotlink to Angelfire with the PS photos....maybe you should check the links or use a DECENT provider to host the photos...

[34] : 18. Aug 2004 16:02   
yes indeed. smart move!

[35] : 19. Aug 2004 19:11   
Those links work now (since around 24 hours).

Added function:04 to the partyscope.

[36] : 19. Aug 2004 19:37   
They don’t: "Angelfire does not allow direct linking from offsite, non-Angelfire pages, to files hosted on Angelfire. " This practice of ’remote linking’ reduces our ability to serve out the homepages of our members quickly and efficiently.

[37] : 22. Aug 2004 01:06   
Turrican III: in development since 1997? Damn! I thought it start only a couple of years ago - I’ll have to commend AEG for his rocking dedication to this one. I’ll be sure to give it a spin as soon as it hits the world. Oh, and there’s some really funky music in there too, or so I’ve heard... ;).

[38] : 22. Aug 2004 02:18   
@37: well, notice also: They had a break of several years... ;)

[39] : 22. Aug 2004 03:38   
will there be over 100 people at evoke who has a real c64 with diskdrive?

[40] : 22. Aug 2004 09:45   
@39 You can load it on PC as long as you have 5 1/4 inch diskdrive.

[41] : 22. Aug 2004 12:15   
@38: Yeah, but to come back and finish it - respect! ^_^

[42] : 22. Aug 2004 13:41   
at all: I wonder wether it’s possible if somebody reading this here and visiting Evoke, to grap one of those original Turrican III disks for me? (please O:-). I would also swap it with some other original if wished. (E.g. I still have a wrapped Arkanoid original, in its original plastic film, untouched, not bend and of course in it’s DIN A 3 packaging with its comic stripe). That would be great :) Just a question. would be a lot nicer than just a downloadable version since I own Turrican I and II in its original version, as well. Thanks in advance! :)

[43] : 22. Aug 2004 13:42   
@41: I agree :) He already offered in the GO64! magazine to send the master disks (over 100 they wrote) to somebody else for finishing. Fortunately, nobody wanted to have them :D

[44] : 22. Aug 2004 16:55   
and again .. sudio is not jester/sanity.

[45] : 22. Aug 2004 22:55   
Will turrican 3 be uploaded straight after the party?

[46] : 23. Aug 2004 03:12   
That Turrican III news is truly awesome PR hype. Respekt!

[47] : 23. Aug 2004 10:01   
It’s not a hype... I think a lot of us grew up with the Trenz games... my reason for being on the c64 was Katakis in the first place. I feel that a lot of us were majorly hooked on Turrican 1 and 2 as well, so it’s no hype - it’s fantastic! I only hope that Turrican 3 also has the amazing gameplay which came with the predecessors, not just the looks and sounds... but we’ll find out soon enough =). By the way, if you want to read something funny, try looking at the comments/reviews for Turrican 1 or 2 at My personal favourite is this little gem: "...Just like its predecessor. All hype, no substance. This couldn’t keep me playing. I found it so dull. I wasn’t impressed by the graphics nor the music. There are lots of better examples of visual and aural skill than this..." I just can’t stop laughing when I read this one =). But yes, there is finally a game with better aural and visual skill - Turrican 3 =D.

[48] : 23. Aug 2004 11:06   
@45 I guess there will be some wrestle fight during the party for being able to upload the firstrelease.

[49] : 23. Aug 2004 11:18   
Eh...wasnt Dr.Hirudo the very same guy that told us he would never do anything on C64 again and told us to fuck off?! Cool...

[50] : 23. Aug 2004 11:28   
[47] "It?s not a hype... " -- well.. maybe I didn’t use the politically correct words, but as you can see I’m amazed, positively surprised and respect their effort, because this is the best example of "how I wish it worked" in today’s C64 scene ;-)))

[51] : 23. Aug 2004 11:33   
And btw. BOFH and Metal Warrior 4 are unebeatably the best C64 games in their genre, released in past years ;-). Turrican III can be only happy ;-) that it will only be compared with technical quality of his predecessors. But still as have noticed, Wotnau is keen on getting the copy of the game, so I will have info about Turrican III quality, first-hand from the person who knows I and II by heart. (not to speak about his record in shortest possible completion of these 2 games)

[52] : 23. Aug 2004 12:54   
Uhm... I fail to see where BOFH and MW4 even come close to the technical quality of any Turrican game. A better loader system, perhaps, but in-game? Meh. But I guess that’s why you wrote two ;-) emoticons.

[53] : 23. Aug 2004 13:02   
And I’m happy to read about another Turrican nut (Wotnau). I didn’t play for speed at the time (1992-1994 I believe) but rather went for a ’perfect run’ for each of them: 100% monster kill, each map fully explored and no damage. Alas, two years later, Resident Evil came along and dragged me away to console land =D.

[54] : 23. Aug 2004 13:54   
i hate that brainless turrican stuff

[55] : 23. Aug 2004 14:08   
[52]no.. but I’m biased so who cares. [53] I think you could have good chat with Wotnau then. I think he had 100% monster kill all lives etc. too.

[56] : 23. Aug 2004 15:09   
hrm. it’s definatly hype, no question, the question of whether the final game lives up to the hype is seperate to that. Of course, having loved t1 and t2, I’m hoping it does, and i’d be lying if i said that i’m not excited about the release. But being good doesn’t make hype not hype. As a side note on passing judgement, if any of you are planning on writing a big game, do your friends at game over(view) a favour, and release it at the start of the month, so that we can have semblence of lives between the release of your game and the release of the mag, rather than the very probable no sleep for me from getting a copy of T3 -> releasing game over(view) #9 :-p

[57] : 23. Aug 2004 15:41   
[52]You might change your opinion about the technical level of MW4 if you read Lasse’s rants at - I did. He’s doing really cool stuff.

[58] : 23. Aug 2004 21:17   
Eh.. my games were never about technical excellency, just the bare minimum required that allows some sort of violence to happen and some kind of story to be told, so it seems weird to put them on any kind of pedestal.

I know however something of the compromises needed to make a Trenz-style technical game and I wouldn’t be happy with them, but to each his own, and I expect T3 to rock fairly much..

[59] : 23. Aug 2004 23:00   
I’d agree with that. The MW series always was more about storytelling and creating atmosphere. And you don’t need more technical power than is necessary for the game. Just look at Tetris - very simple technically, superaddictive nonetheless. But the Turrican series is sort of a benchmark of what is possible in the ’pure action’ genre on the c64. As said, it requires some compromises to be made, and it is a very delicate game to keep those compromises to a minimum while achieving the technical standard you need for the game. For some, it may be mindless, but I’d like to re-mind you that in order to survive in Turrican’s world, you do need a quick mind and sharp reflexes - or you’re toast :).

[60] : 24. Aug 2004 11:29   
i prefer turn based stuff ... like that duel game in the upper...

[61] : 24. Aug 2004 13:58   
OWH!! Whota cooolish odlskoolish cracintro jam stuff in that TYGER TYGER intro. GRG you have made my day today dude!!!

[62] : 24. Aug 2004 22:32   
CreaMD, Vip: Guys, you lit that old fire in me again. I guess CreaMD was waiting for when I’ll appear in the discussion myself. Thanks for waving my flag over here in the meantime, m8. :) Anyway, my feelings are pretty much mixed right now, I don’t go online that often anymore. The original two Turricans are technically perfect (I know about just one fatal bug in Turrican II, and that only because I’m a real nerd who’s been through the two games maybe even hundreds of times - and one avoidable bug for two such games is a good score). I believe AEG managed to create a technically flawless game, he’s always been an extremely talented coder. What I’m worried about is the atmosphere. Something like with Crush - it’s great action, perfectly multiplexed, some nice music inside - and it’s NOT Katakis by far (not to mention the incorrectly ripped Katakis title tune ;))! AEG’s game might feature a great music - but will it have that touch of Mystery with capital "M" which has always been dripping from every note in the Huelsbeck/Vaca/Siebold pieces? Or will it be a masterfully composed techno, which will kill every single bit of that mystery inside me? Will the monsters have the typical turricanish look? And how about the caves? When I enter one, will I be shivering inside: what? When? From where? Or are we going to blast loads of much trickier enemies than in the original games - but nothing more than that? I’m convinced that AEG’s game will be well programmed, with great graphics and nice music. But I have to wait and see if I’ll call it Turrican III.

[63] : 24. Aug 2004 22:36   
CreaMD: Do I get it right that if there’s someone to write a review of the game for a C=64 portal, might be interested to add some screenshots and publish it? I promise to be briefer than with my party reports (to make it clear I’d do a 2nd draft this time ;D). Anyway, I’ll be outta home until Sunday night - if the game is published as freeware, would you be so kind as to e-mail me a copy?

[64] : 24. Aug 2004 23:05   
Yes. Yes! - Hopefuly Milo will manage to get a copy for you. Or anyone who reads this will send over one to me so I can send it. I look forward for your review too ;-).

[65] : 24. Aug 2004 23:08   
Vip: Oh well, Turricans... One of the reasons why C=64 will never be retro for me - if I load those games, it will never be about nostalgia, it will always be about the world one enters. Well, I used to do Turrican sprints. I remember going through Turrican I below 40 minutes and not losing any life. BTW I don’t think it’s possible to clean the map without any damage in Turrican I at least in level 4-2 - there the time limit is too hard. Anyway, my favourite way of going through Turricans was trying not to lose any life. I remember finishing Turrican I not losing any life with 50+ lives left and Turrican II as well. Also, I’ve always appreciated Manfred’s sense of humor - ever tried to sneak past the final monstrous walkers in T II 4-2 as the rotating star? They play good football. :) And I’ll never ever forget the feeling I had when I saw The Machine in Turrican II for the first time, emerging behind the background, heading for the final confrontation. Dammit, I’m afraid I’ve just written off AEG’s game in advance. :) Anyway, even though Turrican II is technically much better than its predecessor, I’ve always loved Turrican I at least as much, just because of the atmosphere. Both these games belong to the very few where when I saw "Loading The End", the feeling of victory was predominated by sadness of exiting that world. At least I thought so at that time. I was playing Turrican I and II like mad in 1995 and 1996 - and I think in 2000 I still found a new secret room in Turrican II. The effort Manfred put in the games for the few who’d play the game over and over again is just incredible. (It reminds me of the Times of Lore title tune where Martin Galway programmed random guitar solos - just for the few who would listen to the 8-9" tune several times in a row...) I wish we could meet at a party having the Turricans with us and play in the "and do you know about this secret?" manner. :)

[66] : 25. Aug 2004 00:49   
Wotnau: Well, to be honest, the last time I led Bren McGuire to victory was 10 years ago, so my current grap of the game is very rusty, to say the least. You probably have a much clearer sight of things and from what you’ve told me, it could very well be that my perfect runs are only 95% perfect as I might have missed a room here and there. I don’t recall time problems in 4-2 for example, so I could have missed something there. As for the level of detail in Turrican 1 and 2, it is indeed amazing. No focus on storytelling, just lots of action, action, action and imaginative level design with as much features in there as possible. I remember playing the Hurrican preview to death and wasn’t disappointed when I got 15 times the enjoyment in Turrican 1. I must also add that for some reason, I prefer playing Turrican 1 over 2 on the c64. The graphics look slightly more polished and the levels have a better feel to them. But I guess Trenz had to forfeit a few things while trying to cram as much as possible from the Amiga version into Turrican 2. By the way, I highly prefer the Amiga version of Turrican 2 - I need the soundtrack by Huelsbeck as much as a junkie needs his fix =). Katakis was my reason to get a c64 (and yes, I agree that Crush doesn’t have the same feel), Turrican 2 the reason to get an Amiga 500 and Resident Evil the reason to get a Playstation. I’m much more versed in Resident Evil these days, but Turrican still holds a special place in my heart (well, that and the Last Ninja series). Let’s hope that T3 is a worty part of the trilogy for all Turrican afficionados like us ^_^. [by the way, Turrican 3 on Amiga wasn’t that great. Only Huelsbeck saved the day with his score]

[67] : 25. Aug 2004 11:47   
So... you two planning on writing a book or what? =-)

[68] : 25. Aug 2004 14:12   
Changed the Trefpunt C= show post to add links.

[69] : 25. Aug 2004 17:54   
TMR: I am already writing books: (German website). See those Resident Evil 3, Dino Crisis 1 and 2, Resident Evil 0, Devil May Cry 2, Chaos Legion, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Onimusha and (soon) Resident Evil: Outbreak strategy guides? I’m the author =). The Tips & Tricks book has my old Resident Evil 2 guide inside.

[70] : 25. Aug 2004 18:12   
And oo-er, I got the sexy number.

[71] : 25. Aug 2004 20:39   

[72] : 25. Aug 2004 20:44   
...aaaaaaand that wraps up this year’s game section in the reaction board. Thank you for your attention, and until the next one! We will return to the usual c64 scene related program shortly.

[73] : 25. Aug 2004 22:29   
... but not before, just for the sake of clarity, I say that AFAIK Manfred Trenz developed Turrican 1 and 2 on the C=64 and then Factor 5 converted it to Amiga, not vice versa (remember the end-titles: "Turrican II was designed and developed on the C=64"). THAT’s why Turrican III on Amiga sucked such a big time (in fact like vacuum cleaner) - because it had nothing in common with Manfred. :) Anyway, my book will be called "The Turriculate Years - Memoirs of a Turrican addict" :D

[74] : 25. Aug 2004 22:53   
...and not before I respond to Wotnau: I read in an interview in 64’er with Manfred Trenz that he had to make some serious compromises to get in as much from the Amiga version as he could. Because of this, I think the Amiga version was done first. One can also see this from the intro: the Amiga has a cool full-colour version, whereas the c64 version has to make do with single colour hires, a sign that they were converted from Amiga.

[75] : 27. Aug 2004 09:43   
trenz sucks .... just made stupid action games

[76] : 27. Aug 2004 18:24   
Or as they say in css: I’ll get my Trenz coat.
Anders Carlsson

[77] : 28. Aug 2004 15:36   
Well done to Smash Designs. I waited 3 1/2 years to see the full game and at last I’ve got it. Great, colourful atmospheric gameplay. Addictive as well!

[78] : 29. Aug 2004 22:20   
Vice 1.15 just came out. Thought some of you might be interested.

[79] : 31. Aug 2004 13:14   
Just wanted to say it was nice to meet the guys at Evoke. Felt nice being at a computer party once more after four years - too bad it was a PC party. Looking forward to the Padua meeting in Berlin at the coming weekend :)


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