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 February 2004 - C64 Related News(4)    
February 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice february...
Studio Version of Rob Hubbard?s Thrust FEB 08 2004 16:50
A new game in the making FEB 12 2004 19:38
TOW seeks C64 coder/gfx artist for intro FEB 15 2004 15:27
CREST FEB 28 2004 13:05


[149] : 28. Feb 2004 04:08   
No, the emulators are not responsible for the games spreading. I had some MAME games long before they were added to the emulator list. What makes me sick of IDSA is that they ruined sites like FUNET and Magyar C64HK, but pirate servers with TOSEC sets like PEmu stay online for years. There are too many places where you can find software (binary newsgroups, IRC, web, FTPs) and assuming that you are not a lamer, you can easily find and leech everything. But while this is bad for the software developers, it’s good for the CDRW and DVDRW producers ;) And this killed the swapping business and I am ex-swapper now.

[150] : 28. Feb 2004 07:03   
stamp licker you mean

[151] : 28. Feb 2004 14:11   
Moved "crest" to related news

[152] : 29. Feb 2004 05:06   
gpz: I see your sarcazm but don’t like it.

[153] : 29. Feb 2004 11:41   
;-D Dr.Hirudo you should’t take Groepaz too hard, I’m sure he had licked few stamps too in past. Don’t get too attached to your past.

[154] : 29. Feb 2004 12:11   
Pardon me, but without people swapping, what good would the scene be? producing demos never to be spread? Cool idea...Machines to me is about the way of obtaining software to use, else its just another box in the collection. C64 was divine in this kill me!

[155] : 29. Feb 2004 13:28   
Trazan, yeah.

[156] : 29. Feb 2004 16:11   
creamd: in theory yes, in practice... why lick stamps when you can draw them yourself? :o)

[157] : 29. Feb 2004 19:35   
Draw stamps..hehe...good idea...:)

[158] : 29. Feb 2004 19:57   
[156] L33T! ;-)

[159] : 29. Feb 2004 20:25   
In the case of Funet, it is a state financed university network, so I understand why Marko decided to take offline (not remove) all titles which were not clear to be published. Anyone independent with the means to host a such FTP could take over, and there are some partitial mirrors. Of course it is easier to shoot at a sitting bird than one fleeing. Anyone with the nerves can take the titles offline, question the ESA letter (but probably never receive a response) and later put it back up again waiting for another threat.
Anders Carlsson

[160] : 29. Feb 2004 20:29   
Hmm.. regarding the Sid Wine 3 compo; maybe one should entitle his entry Viagra just to see how the related advertisments banner to the right of page reacts. From what I understand, it selects advertisments related to the page content (see for yourself :-).
Anders Carlsson

[161] : 29. Feb 2004 22:21   
dalezy, too bad. a fucked up stomach would have made you fit in perfectly in the flt corner

[162] : 01. Mar 2004 15:52   
Apologies for delay, I had a terrible toothache during the whole weekend.

[163] : 01. Mar 2004 15:52   
I mean.. delay with VN#41.


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