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 Retro-Review of Role?s Rockin? FactoR    
Retro-Review of ROLE?s Rockin? FactoRApproximately at the same time as Sadism 3, Rockin' Factor, the first C=64 collection of Factor 6 - the ZX'n'C=64 amphibian - got released. The review of Sadism 3 said that a detailed look at Rockin' Factor would follow. Publishing of the first got delayed on the webmaster's side, but the latter was still worth doing because it's quality that matters - and there's a reasonable share of it in Rockin' Factor, as you're going to learn from Professor Ugha Sid's review. Download the collection here.
Ugha Sid

[1] : 15. Oct 2003 15:22   
My favourite is Vibrations it?s a cover of ZX Spectrum tune and I really than FActor6 for brining this masterpiece to C64 audience. Bodycheck is another piece which truly rocks!. Btw. I?ve also made the same timing error as Woodraf when I made my first collection New Style of Music, Under Studio Style label. It?s necessary to set the correct register in memory so the timer runs like real clocks.

[2] : 17. Oct 2003 15:59   
My favourite is "Intro Beat", also a Spectrum cover. The original is brilliant, but Factor6 managed to make it even better.


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