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 Sid Compo III - 8.oct. - 8.nov. 2003    
The SID Compo III. October 8. 2003 - November 8. 2003. Get the SID COMPO 3 - SID PACK + results.txt , or 2 disk sides full of C64 executables with all credits: C64 EXECUTABLE PACK + results note. Or just get results.txt. Thanx everybody for support. Enjoy the releases! Congratulations to winners! Previous SID compos: 01 (2001), 02 (2002)


[1378] : 07. Dec 2003 21:19   
Puterman: right I should have minded my business and not patronize Hollowman coz I wouldn?t have to fight with windmills then.. ,but I choose to try to point something out and I received his "appreciation".

Hollowman: your post points out that this site supports mostly worthless shit (and I look forward for your reply which will tell me that you didn’t say that, but I did). Thank you I got the message. Yes I?m proud of myself because I follow this scene and I bet I know more about it than you do, and I know more people inside it (even by name) than you do. And guess why? Because I?m trying to follow all aspects of this weird scene. I have my mission and that mission I?ve explained many times before. I do this page to increase scene communication and spreading of stuff. Support projects which gain feedback from the audience of the stuff which is being released on C64. I do party and compo organising to increase scene productivity. That is my way. That is my work what I try to invest into this scene. So you don?t appreciate this pseudo-c64-activity. Okay, keep on having your short-minded view on the scene and now please leave me alone coz I don?t want to learn any more of your new scene definitions. Next time I might be added to retarted scene cathegory and that could give me a heart-attack. Go make demos. I?ll be gladly watching them until you stop doing them. I won?t be upset on you when you quit, coz it?s quite usual thing. That also happens in better families.

[1379] : 07. Dec 2003 21:54   
creamd, knowing alot of people on the c64 scene is hardly something admireable, but ok. good for you. and i almost believe you when you talk about having a heart-attack. dont know what to make of the end of your post. are you breaking up with me?

[1380] : 07. Dec 2003 22:08   
Sooner or later you will stop picking up the raisins out of the cake of human communication and you will start to see the world in all it’s delicated complicatedness. That will be probably the time when you will be able realise the meaning of the last part of my post, although it will be probably long forgotten at that time.

[1381] : 08. Dec 2003 22:57   
Hmm.. Where are the user/jury comments ? ;)

[1382] : 09. Dec 2003 12:27   
Well, should my comments be added, then I hope that the 4 criteria preceding the comments will be added as well, otherwise, my short quotes won’t make a lot of sense...

[1383] : 09. Dec 2003 14:29   
[1365]: IMHO, only one of PHP and 6502 assembly code can generate steady income today. Guess which?
Anders Carlsson

[1384] : 09. Dec 2003 18:12   
6502 if you’re good enough at it to win demo compos.

[1385] : 09. Dec 2003 19:25   
Ah, ok. I forgot about these monthly $2000 compos.. sorry for my ignorance.
Anders Carlsson

[1386] : 09. Dec 2003 21:29   
we’re only in it for the money

[1387] : 09. Dec 2003 22:41   
Damn straight.

[1388] : 10. Dec 2003 00:54   
I’m all in for the MIA jury comments. :P

[1389] : 19. Dec 2003 11:34   
user and author comments anyone? =)

[1390] : 20. Dec 2003 08:40   
Beep! Beep! Beep! Comments plz! Comments required!

[1391] : 15. Jan 2004 17:48   

[1392] : 17. Oct 2004 10:31   
Comments will be added, sorry for delay, I simply forgot that some SID compo III existed. Too much real-life problems error.


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