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We are pleased to say that although the summer turned out to be unexpectedly productive, it was beaten by September! In this article you will not only find a brief recapitulation of all the September happenings, but also surprising updates of those events! Do you know that Cadaver (Lasse ??rni) is back?! Did you wonder which group would Sad and Lord Hypnos, formerly of Anubis, join in the end? Just read and learn.
Wotnau and CreaMD

[1] : 05. Oct 2001 19:11 project rocks! I really like the idea and how are you guys doing it. Still some new news and interesting articles. Great work! Dont stop!

[2] : 06. Oct 2001 21:24   
Sign, thank you for positive feedback. This project is so strong thanks to YOU ALL! That is visitors, news-posters, reaction writers, bug-reporters, editors, creators of demos, creators of graphics, composers, utility programmers, also game creators, party & competition organisers, hardware creators, FTP maintainers, other c64 news servers, disk magazines editors, forums people, newsgroups people et cetera. Also thanx to various C64 supporting web-page projects maintainers and paper magazine publishers. THANK YOU ALL. And as I always say, stay tuned for more... ;-))


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