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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange
 October less related news (7)    
Kohina streaming old school tunes in 128k again 24.oct.2001 18:58
VORC - Cool Japan VGM or Chiptune News site 21.oct.2001 16:47
A new website of c64 remixes: OCTAVE SOUNDS 17. OCTOBER 2001
Tadpole joined Role as swapper. - 14. OCTOBER 2001 - 18:04
Demoscener-Survey by Chaotic^Padua^Farbrausch - OCT/13 - 18:30
A member leaves Civitas - OCTOBER 13 2001 - 19:14
Mr.Alpha left the so-called "c64-scene" OCTOBER 12 2001

[1] : 01. Oct 2001 05:08   
Another changes in engine. Now the change between months is much smoother so you won't loose the latest news from previous month. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more.

[2] : 04. Oct 2001 19:44   
Sad news I'm afraid. I've decided that I'll stop doing stuff for the C64. Hah, hah - only joking :o) Nah, let me tell you about my future developments in C64 projects. First of all I have to finish off Balloonacy, which should take two or three weeks, so hopefully, if I work on the game more often, it should be ready in no time. However, if other things happen, i.e. how I feel, or work (overtime related), evening class, etc, then these will hold up the project for a short while. Still nothing to worry about. If I say I will get a project finished (no matter how late it is), I'll still get it done. Now for the fluffy bits in a McFlurry :o) Once Balloonacy has been finished, I wont intend to work on any more large game projects until the new year. This is because I would like to create some small projects for not only myself, but Civitas as well. I have a Christmassy game in store for December, which will only be a little game project (Featuring some Christmas jingles), maybe another few small games, and some Civitas demos, music and also a Richard Bayliss Charset collection, that gives you the opportunity to select your favourite charset and splash it on to a disk for future use.

[3] : 06. Oct 2001 18:40   
I've been doing more on my Balloonacy game project and all is going really well. I'm starting to get really impressed with what has been done so far. I still have a lot to do. Although I have nearly finished part 1 of the game, project. I have part 2 to work on, which probably be some time this week. I'll continue with the project tomorrow, and sort out the movements and animations for the game. Sadly I had to convert the Turbo Assembler file into an ASCII format (Seq file), as the text (in the assembler) started to take over $9000, therefore I wont be able to re-run the assembler without it crashing :o( Oh well, it does not worry me much, as I know what to do, what routines to use, and how to use these. I'll be finishing part 1 off, by using a CrossAssembler, or Notepad, save as an ASCII file and then transfer back to a real C64 :o)

[4] : 07. Oct 2001 01:21   
Another nasty bug found in the engine and squished. This time it was articles rereading, which displayed only last ten articles. Now it should be okay. Search engine is becoming more an more necessary. I'll add it very soon.

[5] : 12. Oct 2001 21:27   
Uh, these Girls of 64 Banners get on my nerves. :) How can the site achieve so many exposures? Do ppl REALLY visit it that much? Sick world :)

[6] : 13. Oct 2001 17:24   
Of course. Porn is know to be the best working business on the Internet. ;-)

[7] : 16. Oct 2001 22:24   
even c64 porn ;-)

[8] : 16. Oct 2001 22:32   
Hehe.. when I'm writing this reaction another banner appeared ;-).

[9] : 17. Oct 2001 11:05   
It's hard if you want to create a professional looking C64 page and then such a banner appears. :)

[10] : 17. Oct 2001 11:52   
Imho "girls" are quite proffesionally handled. If they weren't they would have far less traffic, also banners are quite nice ;-).

[11] : 17. Oct 2001 18:49   
Everyone has his own opinion... And the fact the 'girls' site is so professional handled makes it even worse, because investing so much time in such a page is really a waste.

By the way, could it be that new pictures arrived to the gallery? I see thumbnails I've never seen b4.

[12] : 18. Oct 2001 02:37   
I don't know, but afaik, the best of party compos has 300 pics so it's not that fast until you see all of them.

[13] : 19. Oct 2001 14:59   
Do I get it right that The Girls of 64 are maintained by the same person as The Last Ninja Archives?

[14] : 22. Oct 2001 04:41   
That is right Wotnau... Seems this is an internal DMAgic forum now ;-) Gotta post to make sure that this is more open, hehe.


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