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The C64 Banner Exchange
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May Rumours, Gossips and <i>B</i> Stuff
C64 inspired Elektronica music CD-release MAY 03 2003 00:38
Here’s your reward! More to come... MAY 04 2003 01:40
Uncover - we?re sorry! MAY 04 2003 11:27
Uncover?s Hubbard Collection MAY 04 2003 03:41
Uncover update MAY 04 2003 12:16
UNCOVER - started! MAY 03 2003 13:24
Uncover - SID pack #01 MAY 04 2003 12:58
C64hq is now one year old! MAY 02 2003 10:44
calice MAY 11 2003 03:34
Uncover MAY 11 2003 13:54
Jedi joined NOSTALGIA MAY 06 2003 18:57
Happy birthday! MAY 21 2003 09:26
My first ever Goat Tracker tune MAY 29 2003 21:38


[140] : 30. May 2003 00:13   
Deev, and if Roman deletes your last post, this very last one won’t have any sense neither. Neither this one I’m writinig at the moment.
That’s the domino-theory in practice.
prof. Jillbeard

[141] : 30. May 2003 00:15   
Hehe.. ook I’ve deleted that one, but I won’t delete those last two because I, I... eee... like them. *silly smile*

[142] : 30. May 2003 00:45   
Richard, don’t you think the way you try to promote your first experiments with Goat Tracker it is a little bit exaggerated??!

[143] : 30. May 2003 10:25   
Agreed... should be moved to sub-news

[144] : 30. May 2003 11:25   
Morgor, Thunder: that’s a no-no attitude, please.
Fade and I ’d like a banner on the right saying "Richard’s first Goat Tracker tune".
Is that possible, Roman?

Ok, why I am really here is to inform this little community that Jailbird&Friends moved to
So, consequently, the address where you can find the site changed too. Clieckoen!

[145] : 30. May 2003 14:28   
Yo, or why not put up a big banner replacing that Vision partybanner on top of the page? It’s all a matter of priorities! ;->

[146] : 30. May 2003 15:20   
Richard is already well known anyway.. he doesn’t need banner advertisements ;-)

[147] : 30. May 2003 15:28   
May I suggest a slogan for you guys:
"C64.SK - The place where you can find Richard’s first Goat Tracker tune"

[148] : 30. May 2003 18:58   
Does everyone know who Brad Templeton is?

[149] : 30. May 2003 20:03   
Agreed... should be moved to sub-news Me too.

[150] : 30. May 2003 21:29   
Who the f$%& is Brad Templeton? Read tomorrow on my website: Interview with Martin Klein, he’s my neighbour and knows a lot about motorbikes. He used to have a C64 too, but dumped it when it refused to play back audiotapes in the datasette in reasonable soundquality.

[151] : 30. May 2003 22:31   
* fermhg: What do you think about the SID and it’s possibilities?
* fermhg: What do you think about the VIC II and it’s possibilities?
* fermhg: What do you think about the CIA and it’s possibilities?
* Brad: Not really involved with these things.

Hmm.. naturally it must be possible to write a C64 emulator and still have no opinion of the chips, but still somewhat odd answer :)

[152] : 31. May 2003 10:42   
I’d like to know the same question. Who is Brad Templeton? I don’t think any of us heard of him somehow.

[153] : 31. May 2003 16:14   
Check the interview, it says what he?s done; PAL Assembler and a series of tools with the prefix "Power" (not the Power64 emulator). According to his own site, he?s presently chairman of the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and may be able to claim to have put the dot between a domain name and it?s TLD... In other words, more famous than most of us. =-)

[154] : 31. May 2003 23:35   
But definitely still less famous than Richard. :)


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