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 Super Seven - review    
Super Seven - reviewLike most puzzle games, Super Seven doesn't really have a story line; in this case the simple premise is to match two dice of the same denomination as one falls from the top of the screen and the other cycles past at the bottom. Read more in the review of the game first published at Lemon64 forums. Download the game here.
TMR / Cosine

[1] : 06. Apr 2003 22:01   
Thanks for the review TMR.

Damn, my game - a flaw! Need to improve with my coding


[2] : 06. Apr 2003 22:23   
No, the flaw isn’t in the code as such (although holding a key down during play will make the display flicker) - instead the design needs work, there’s a problem with how the game actually plays on a conceptual level and that’s what is wrong.

[3] : 07. Apr 2003 00:32   
Hmm.. at least the game very cleverly tricks you, when you judge it by its screenshot, that it is an actual Tetris clone. But the truth is far more horrible.. :)

[4] : 07. Apr 2003 18:07   
Urine firstrelease :) G.W.Hussain, ha, ha. A real funny one I have to admit. I looked at the intro and found this really funny LOL! One question, where’s the trainer?

[5] : 08. Apr 2003 12:59   
i like game very much. good concept game. i like play puzzle game on computer.
Wuu Zing Chung

[6] : 09. Apr 2003 04:47   
does it need a trainer?, it’s a very skinny game. When you write an overweight game i’m sure someone will call in a trainer to whip it into shape.

[7] : 09. Apr 2003 18:28   
Don’t worry about it dude. It was going to be a magazine oficial cover disk game, but I thought I release it into the Public Domain, as it was’nt as good as I expect it to have been. It was a practice run for me to think of new game ideas, but that idea did not turn out to be very practical. I do have a trick up my sleeve for the magazine though.


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