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 Jeff and Drax strikes back    
Ex-Camelot Crestian Cyberzound Producer and Vibrating Maniac of Noise put together a little music collection named simply BEYOND containing 11?perfect soundtracks. It's one of the best music collections released this year. I thought I was finished with this one, but Proffessor Ugha Sid had a different opinion.

[1] : 29. May 2001 07:18   
This SID stuff probably rulez. Someone needs to make a SID player that runs in W95/W98 and can play stuff without an emulator. I know it will probably never be like the real thing, but it seems like a bit of rigmarol to boot up your emulator just to play some music.

[2] : 29. May 2001 07:57   
There is SIDPlay and also SIDPlug - a plugin which plays SIDs in WinAmp.


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