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APRIL 2016   
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 26. APRIL 2016
 C64 SID Shootout part 4 - SID8580 vs. SwinSID Ultimate 18:09
Had to do it again. Next part of the C64 SID Shootout is here, this time with a 8580 and a SwinSID Ultimate prototype. Have fun.

 25. APRIL 2016
 Former Commodore UK employee David Pleasance video Interviewed for Scene World Magazine 15:49
Due to massive delays and the new issue of Scene World Magazine being out very soon, we couldn’t pack the transcription in , but decided to release our interview with former Commodore UK employee David John Pleasance nevertheless!

David Pleasance is a former employee of Commodore UK who had too many titles and his career at Commodore to list them all here!
In this interview he says very outspoken and directly what he thought about some actions of some employees at Commodore and some high ranked manager guys in the company.
(Disclaimer. None of the explanations or statements of the interviewee do imply that his opinions necessarily reflect the views of any staff member of Scene World!).

Topics raised in this interviews include:
-Situation of Commodore in the Turkish market
-Situation of Commodore in Latin America
-Events happening at the 30 Years Amiga Anniversary in Amsterdam/The Netherlands
-Strategies of Commodore UK to keep the business going and growing in markets such as the PC market, etc etc.

Watch it on youtube and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

 18. APRIL 2016

 15. APRIL 2016
 C64 65816 Turbo Card (LTC64) 09:20
Smal update on my Homepage, new images in the photo galery, new project site LTC64-2
New Eprom with our own software and a working prototyp from the old c’t documents.
Today with 256k fast ram and 4Mhz speed.
Cool with Basic programs, its very fast but with fastloder problems.
Not all SuperCPU demos work.
TurboDrift is very hard to play but very funny
german, use a translator)

 30. MARCH 2016
 CBM Asteroids Hummer edition soon 16:37
huh Time goes by so fast ... After several years of oblivion and various unsuccessful attempts ... After the great agony and pain ... I can confirm that probably in June we move to the production of CBM Asteroids Hummer edition on the cartridge. The distribution will probably by Amibay. I’ll know soon. Now we gotta HW and the rest of stuff. I’ll be in touch.

Best regards - wegi

 28. MARCH 2016
 VIC 20 book on Kickstarter 17:41
"Commodore VIC 20: a visual history" is a book about the computer that made Commodore enter the home market. It will feature pictures of all the VIC 20 revisions and peripherals, plus cover scans of all the catridge games by Commodore.
On Kickstarter now!

 25. MARCH 2016
 Theme of Forever 2017 Revealed! 15:13
Just so that you donít say we didnít tell you soon enough ;), the theme of Forever 2017 will be Mad Max - The 8-Bit Road. Now you can start thinking and sketching your plans for the next Eternity-winning demo. Get into high creative gears and drive your assemblers into the sunset! See you next year. More details at

 22. MARCH 2016
 SIDFX open for preorders! 01:00
The ultimate dual SID solution. Use in any C64, SX-64, C128 MODEL, using 1 or 2 SIDs, combine any two SID models

Preorder here:

 17. MARCH 2016
 100 new intros and 45 new groups on 19:01 is back again with another update - this time 100 new intros and 45 new groups. Enjoy!

 9. MARCH 2016
 New Commodore 64 album! 00:55
Our new chipmusic concept album is a collection of ambient music crafted to help facilitate relaxation. Over 1 hour of mind defragmenting tones for you to enjoy! Each sound is hand crafted from the Commodore 64 personal computer’s SID sound chip. Portions of the album were co-written by a computer as many of the notes were set to be selected by the CPU at random! All tones have been digitally processed for maximum smoothness and optimum ambiance. Relax and Enjoy!

See what some original 1980’s Commodore 64/128 SID Composer legends have to say about the album:

"It’s beautiful... it’s a work of art... genius." - Martin Galway Original C64 Music Composer

"Top notch! I both enjoy and respect it." - David Warhol Original C64 Music Composer

"Very nice and soothing lengthy 8-bit soundscapes... nice for digital meditation! Nice work ! " - Jeroen Tel Original C64 Music Composer

"So ambient my hips fell off" - Ben Daglish Original C64 Music Composer

 3. MARCH 2016
 Scene World Releases Video Interview with C64 Rainbow Arts coder Hans Ippisch! 20:54
Early release of another tech veteran video interview we have conducted: Hans Ippisch!

Hans Ippisch is a game industry veteran who is unique for his broad view of the video game industry due to his broad field of employment in his life.

He started out 1986 as a coder for the well-known computer game developing studio "Rainbow Arts".

He also was staff member of various Computec magazines starting 1990, such as Play Time or PC Games.

In 1992, he was leading editor of Amiga Games, 1993 of SEGA Magazin.

He was also founded the magazine N-Zone in 1997 and PlayZone in 1998.

2001, he was also leading editor of the Club Nintendo Magazine.

In 2001, he started having his career in leading roles at the Computec Publishing, in 2009 he became its CEO.

In this interview he talks about his career and several stations of his life, as a coder, magazine editor, publisher and many other video game related journeys throughout his 30 years ongoing career!
 Slime Deluxe Release 06:49
Slime Deluxe is a fast paced arcade game based on the original Jim Summer’s Commodore PET game.

Improvements were made to the original Slime C64 game released last month that include:
- Easier to play levels
- Custom music and graphics by Richard Bayliss
- Smart Bomb
- Extra Live at 10,000 points
- 8 way joystick control (over the original 4 way)
- Bug fixes
- Slower play mode with full frame animation (fast speed is double frame)
- Source code for parts of Slime Deluxe and full source code for the original Slime game


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