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FEBRUARY 2016   
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 29. FEBRUARY 2016
 Less than 3 weeks till For8ver 2016!!! 20:59
Here are some important bits about For8ver 2017 that you shouldn’t miss:
Deadline for all compos is Friday, 12:00! That’s right, we want the compo entries in advance. You can find the address to mail it to here.
Want to present something at the party? We’ll be only happy to hand the stage over to you, so that you can promote your creative project. Contact the organizers directly or leave a message here, and we’ll make room for you in the timetable!
Ah, timetable! Yes, we officially have one even before the party. If you can’t believe it, just check it out! Minor changes might still happen, esp. based on your inputs, but this is pretty much what the party will go like.
Registration – Let others know that you’ll be there! You can register for the party here. The number of registered visitors helps us to dimension the catering and number of tables needed in the party hall, so if you don’t register and end up hungry or without a place to put your hardware, don’t complain!
Catering? Yes, catering! Finally we’ll have one, so if you want to buy some munch at the party, get registered, or you’re running the risk of us not having enough provisions.
And last not least, all of the links above lead to various pages of the new website, which, surprise, surprise, gives you all the information about the party and is regularly updated.
See you at the party!

 27. FEBRUARY 2016
 Captain Fizz V1 release and new GTW64 updates 13:08
A completely different version of Captain Fizz has been recovered and released on GTW64. Done by a completely different programmer at Clockwize.

Also 8 new entries have been added, and 19 entries updated with new info and scans.

 22. FEBRUARY 2016
 Hessian 12:39
The new Covert Bitops C64 game "Hessian" is released after long development! It’s a 8-directionally scrolling action/adventure/platformer in the vein of the Metal Warrior series.

Physical disk release will appear later courtesy of Psytronik, stay tuned!
 JETGRAB 10:40
Thanks to this new accessory, Princess card is able to grab the content of Commodore tapes operating completely in stand-alone mode without the need of receiving commands from a Commodore Computer. This allows to grab tapes of any commodore computer of classic series (PET included) by using simply a datassette.

 18. FEBRUARY 2016
 Scene World Podcast Episode #20 - The MEGA65 Project 01:08

What could be cooler than a fully compatible, functioning, and NEW Commodore 65? AJ and Joerg talk to Paul Gardner-Stephen, Andre Kudra, and Detlef Hastik from the MEGA65 Project about just how they’re working to make this a reality!

 14. FEBRUARY 2016
 Scene World Magazine reviews the new Commodore Pet Phone 16:24
Interested in a Commodore smartphone? We try to give an unbiased, neutral view of the new Commodore Pet!

AJ did this review based on a test unit that +Commodore Business Machines ​ sent to us! Also for further listen to out interview in the Scene World Podcast with Commodore:

 13. FEBRUARY 2016
 New 64 Release - SLIME 09:09
Based on an original game by Jim Summers on the Commodore PET, Mr. NOP is proud to present to you [b]SLIME[/b] for the Commodore 64.

Featuring 1 or 2 players, high score saver, joystick or keyboard controls, in-game music by Richard Bayliss and some pretty neat sound effects.




Battle the growing slime before it takes over the screen, shoot the membranes and eradicate the slime. As the slime grows, cells begin to grow inside the membranes which then chase after you. Complete the level to advance to more complex stages with even more slime growth.

Produced by a Canadian :D

Download link:

 6. FEBRUARY 2016
 Reset #08 Released 14:30
The latest issue of Reset Magazine has been released. Contains C64 gaming news, reviews, interviews, exclusive cover disk releases and heaps more

 5. FEBRUARY 2016
 FlashBack coming to C64 12:09

 28. JANUARY 2016
 c0zmo - Blissed Out! 19:59
Another great SID music from c0zmo of Bliss, here:
And here:
 Scene World Magazine playing C64 Internet games live on Twitch! 13:43
Probably a world’s first!

Scene World staff will play against each other on the internet with a C64!

Leif Bloomquist - creator of the famous C64 Wifi Adapter and the C64 Internet games NetRacer and Vortex will play with Oliver (Six), Kevin (Alterus) and Joerg (Nafcom) in a live battle. AJ (Derision) will be the moderator!

Saturday 30th, 2 PM NJ time (8 PM CET, German time) on our twitch channel at or via the Twitch page on our website:

Also make sure you follow our Twitch channel and turn on notification so you get notified when we go live! :)

 19. JANUARY 2016
 New website: K.C.’s C64 Projects 16:32
Because most of my current and past Commodore 64 related projects do not have an easy to find and permanent location at the net, I’ve put a new website online containing information about my projects.
Currently available projects:
* IntroBase64
* Intros Reorganizer
* GameBase64 Manual
* GBXfer

I’m still adding content to the website, so stay tuned for information about other projects!


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