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 The Congo Shell Extension for Windows steals the PSID filetype APR 27 2004
And afterwards it cannot be restored to SIDPLAY.

Hey, Congo is really nice.

But this SUXX!

Contact the author of congo before you decide to post the accusations here (CreaMD)
Congo Shell Steals PSID filetype
 Czech commodore renamed… APR 22 2004 is now renamed to

Now you may looking for 22 full levels from Gianna Sisters in one pictures !! or
Full screenshots from Bubble Bobble :)
Others in progress ..
PCH / Unreal
 Uphold The Law bbs is back online! APR 19 2004
After fixing all hardware errors the demo & ascii related telnet board for all kind of computer platforms, Uphold The Law bbs, is back online and awaits your call. You can reach it by feeding your favourite telnet client with the addy at port 23.
 New number 1 in The Alltime C64 Games Top 50 APR 18 2004
The C64 community has voted for a new number one in The Alltime C64 Games Top 50.

Check it out at:
Marcel Eggenkamp
 Deev?s Workstages APR 13 2004
I hear some people at Breakpoint thought my compo entry was wired, so I’m releasing my full set of workstages which can be downloaded here (files are in Funpaint 2 format). For people who claim they don’t show much advance planning, it’s because I wasn’t certain exactly where I was going to take the picture. I had the basic idea, but with several variations, so I just took things one step at a time.
 360?ARM APR 13 2004
After his ?Luna-buggy? blows a gasket „they sure dont makeem like they used too“ – The main character in 360?ARM finds himself stranded in an alien part of town. Armed only with his ?Disks of Death? you must find your way out without taking too much damage.

Screen shots here:

360?ARM should be uploaded very soon :)
 BP04 pre-results APR 12 2004
First Breakpoint’04 results:

C64 4K:
  1. Plush
  2. Dekadence
  3. Padua

C64 Demo:

  1. Camelot
  2. Smash D.
  3. K2
 Andreas from C64hq on SLAY Radio APR 07 2004
On 8th, 9th and 11th April 2004. It?s finally time for my debute on SLAY Radio with a 1,5 hour show which includes SIDs, remixes and C64 related music. I have collected my favoruite tunes and there will hopefully be one or two tracks you?ve never heard before. Even though it?s a pre-recorded show, I will be in the #RemixCommodore channel on Efnet during the show on Thursday for a chat. I hope to see you there! One or two famous C64 personalities might show up as well…

Air dates: Thursday April 8th (21.00–22.30 CET), Friday April 9th (21.00–22.30 CET) and Sunday April 11th (16.30–18.00 CET).
Andreas //
 Metalvotze wins the Breakpoint 2004 PC Demo Compo APR 12 2004
This might interested some of you guys out there: The famous (and old, exactly 10 years) C64 crew Metalvotze, known for funny productions aswell as for the Antinationale-magazine, won the PC demo competition at Breakpoint 2004 with their entry called „Winnerdemo“. If you got a PC at your hand, it might be interesting for you to watch the demo because it contains a fucking great (arrogant ;-) soundtrack aswell as high quality 3d models of a whole C64 board!
 „!ll C0mmun!ca7!0n“ Website got now more Webspace for ExCeSs releases… APR 03 2004
„!ll C0mmun!ca7!0n“ the official ExCeSs Homepage got more Webspace now. We are currently converting more and more of our ExCeSs released Warez from the past until today. And all can be downloaded now or soon under under „Releases“.

So be prepared for more releases available from ExCeSs soon!
St0rmfr0nt of ExCeSs / Covenant / The Stock
 Some HACK !!! APR 01 2004
Hi all … Are you also problem with IE ?? :)
Maybe Hack -.--- shit … :)
 Also shutting down… APR 01 2004
 Lemon64 shuttin? down! APR 01 2004
At 0:20 GMT hours on 01/04/2004, you type in your browser and find this:

Lemon to be closed due to copyright infringment!
My host forwarded me a not so pleasant email yesterday. They were contacted by an organization which only mission is to protect their members copyrights, and as such closing gaming and emulation sites. A lot of you probably know which bastards I’m talking about.

This organization claims that Lemon uses pieces of copyrighted games by providing screenshots and music for download. What can I say?! Well, I have no option. Therefore Lemon will be closed within 24 hours, so enjoy it while you can.

I’d like to thank all contributors, donators and visitors for the great support and the forum users who made Lemon a great hang out.

R.I.P. – C64 forever!
  • Kim Lemon

NOTE: In the main news. People active on C64 computer are preferred. News about releases not executable on C64 such as new mp3 remixes and C64 game remakes, or news not directly related to active C64 scene (as various web site updates, non-c64-but-c64 related hardware)  plus all retro and nostalgia related stuff, might end in beta-news. While we also like MP3 remixes, or various C64 related fun pages, active C64 scene is our priority. Such news might stay in the main news for 1 to 24 hours since it?s post.. 

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