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30/06 - 04/08 BotB Summer Chip XIV (Standalone Compo)
01/07 - 31/07 $81 Music Compo 2024 (Standalone Compo)
18/07 - 21/07 Vammala Party 2024 (Demo Party, Meeting)

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02/08 - 04/08 ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2024 (Demo Party)
09/08 - 11/08 Pågadata 2024 (Demo Party)
16/08 - 18/08 Evoke 2024 (Demo Party)
29/08 - 01/09 Xenium 2024 (Demo Party)
30/08 - 01/09 ACQUA Party 2024 (C64 Only Party)
13/09 - 15/09 Black Birdie 2024 (Demo Party)
20/09 - 22/09 PsykoZ 2024 (Internal Meeting)
04/10 - 06/10 Deadline 2024 (Demo Party)
19/10 - 20/10 Syntax 2024 (Demo Party)
01/11 - 03/11 Zoo 2024 (Demo Party)
23/11 - 23/11 Transmission64 2024 (Demo Party)
21/03 - 23/03 Fioniadata 2025 (Demo Party, Meeting)
21/03 - 23/03 Forever 2025 - Jurassic party (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)
24/07 - 27/07 BOOM! Party 2025 (Demo Party)

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19/05 - 19/05 Flex 50th birthday reception (Meeting)
24/05 - 26/05 Moonshine Dragons 2024 (Demo Party)
08/06 - 08/06 Vintage Computing Carinthia $29 (Meeting)
14/06 - 16/06 Nova 2024 (Demo Party)
15/06 - 15/06 HCC Meeting June 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
15/06 - 16/06 AMI 47 (Internal Meeting)
16/06 - 23/06 Underground Conference 13 (Demo Party)
22/06 - 22/06 Commodore-Treffen Graz $42 (Meeting)
22/06 - 23/06 Interface XXXVIII (Meeting)
27/06 - 30/06 BEE #5 (Meeting)
28/06 - 30/06 Arok Party 2024 (8 bit Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Reunion 2024 (Demo Party)
28/06 - 30/06 Shadow Party 2024 (Demo Party)
29/06 - 30/06 Level Up 2024 (Meeting)
04/07 - 07/07 ALD Summer Meeting 2024 (Internal Meeting)
04/07 - 07/07 Nordlicht 2024 (Demo Party)
05/07 - 07/07 C64 Symposium: Past, Present, and Future of a Home Computer (Meeting)
06/07 - 06/07 Vintage Computing Carinthia $2A (Meeting)
11/07 - 14/07 Lost Party 2024 (Demo Party)
12/07 - 14/07 Black Valley 2024 (Demo Party)


 New SID musics from Louie/Faces and Monk APR 29 2003
Check out these great new SID musics (mp3) from Louie / Faces and Monk:

HardSID_1 by Louie / Faces

Fusion of Two Dragons by Monk

Both tunes are made using HardSID MIDI sounds only.
8580 6581 chips were used on HardSID Quattro PCI cards.

HardSID Homepage
Hard Software
 New ANUBIS redirect APR 27 2003
Here is the new address for the ANUBIS homepage:
And don?t forget: install SID plugin! :)
PCH / Unreal
 Plus/4 News APR 23 2003
Erich / Unlimited has finished the German Plus/4 magazine Club-Info #74. You can find it here. Also you can download all issues of the German Plus/4 Diskmag Video Plus/4 here.
Enjoy it…
Mr. Museum / Unlimited / ROLE
 Domination #18 APR 21 2003
The new 18th issue of Domination disk magazine has been released at Breakpoint 2003. It?s the SID Special Edition focusing on the SID-chip and C64 music. Download it from here and have an excellent reading! The zip file contains The Superbike Project (which gives a possibility to control an exercise-bike with C64) and .JPG image with a marvellous, colour disk cover as well.
 HardSID News APR 15 2003
Various news from

Free money transfer:
Buy three HardSID Quattro PCI cards in april and we?ll pay the Western Union fee instead of you! You save the whole Western Union fee! Money transfer costs you nothing now!

Publish your stuff:
Upload you own HardSID stuff to the official HardSID homepage!

Two new user MP3z has been uploaded to our homepage:

WinVICE for HardSID
This unofficial VICE version supports all of the PCI and ISA HardSID cards. You can download it from our homepage.

Other news:

  • HardSID Quattro PCI review at CBMZone!
  • Online HardSID MIDI Manual here

Check out:
Hard Software
 Big SID update at Kohina APR 13 2003
A few days ago there was a big update at Kohina, the old-school game and demo radio station. The update consists of nearly 40 SID-tunes, amounting to an extra two-hours of c64 airplay. Very handy if you?re connecting to the ?net on something other than a 56k modem. Ahem.
Now we just need to get them to add more AY tunes and I?ll be happy.
 SID Composers paid ?20,000 since 1998 by APR 13 2003 announces it has now paid over ?20,000 in total to SID composers since the first remix CD release in 1998 („Back in Time 1“)

This represents the lion?s share of the profits on the CDs, with the rest being spent on live events such as „Back in Time Live“, investment in more CDs, and equipment to produce better remixes. releases C64 remix CDs for the good of the original composers, and this figure was made public to highlight that support. is also using its time and resources for composers such as Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish and Martin Galway in protecting their work from unauthorised commercial usage like Zombie Nation, and in encouraging the music world to take more notice of C64 music and the SID sound: a strategy will see C64-related albums and singles coming from other record labels by the end of the year, around the world.
Chris Abbott
 „NEW“ C64 Game APR 13 2003
„Stone Age Comic“ is downloadable on . May be the only Version on the web.
 Level 64 page updated APR 12 2003
The Level 64 page has been updated recently with some more Spanish cracks from the past of the Spanish scene. Have a look at them on
Almighty God/Level 64/Onslaught/Dekadence
 Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games mag APR 12 2003
The folks at the Classic Computer Magazine Archive are delighted to announce that the full text of Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games Magazine is now on the web, at

A short-lived spin-off from Creative Computing magazine, Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games magazine only published two issues, in 1983. But they were both packed with great information about home video games, computer games, handheld games, and arcade games. The magazines include reviews, guides to mastering games, and informative features.
Kevin Savetz
 Official Theme for BIT Live Germany APR 08 2003
Hi SID-Lovers!

Finally it?s done, BIT Live Germany (June 21st 2003) has it?s own Theme!

The jury decided well, and the winner is 2Klang! Congratulations! His tune will be played exclusively at BIT Live Germany. The other contributions will be featured at Check it out!

And keep in touch with!
 swh APR 02 2003
I?m going to clear out my remaining C64 software & hardware, hopefully by the end of this month. 1st try is on eBay. If interested, you may want to look at Thanks!
C64 stuff available
 Commodore Fans against War! APR 02 2003
I designed a banner „commodore-fans against war“. If you also think this war is illegal, wrong, a crime against humanity ect. feel free to use it on your site. I welcome any support/feedback in this matter.…inst_war.gif
 Commodore Fans against War! APR 02 2003
I designed a banner „commodore-fans against war“. If you also think this war is illegal, wrong, a crime against humanity ect. feel free to use it on your site. I welcome any support/feedback in this matter.

The banner can be seen at:
or directly downloaded at:…inst_war.gif
Christian Leuenberg

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