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???The Complete Works of Rob Hubbard

By Professor Ugha Sid

???Are you a Rob Hubbard fan? Have you ever dreamt of having a chance to listen to as many of his musics as possible? Are you tired of hunting for them one by one? If one or more answers was yes, have a look at

???The site is called The Complete Works of Rob Hubbard.

???The word complete applies to his works on the C=64, other systems are not included. The site has got a sober design in the Breadbox colours (similar to ours!). The graphics are well chosen.

???The most important part – the music – doesn't miss of course. You can view the list of the tunes ordered by name, publisher, year or ZZap! 64 rating. You can download the whole game for your C=64 or a .sid for SidPlay. To each tune there's an interesting additional text and of course some pictures. I miss (or haven't found) some d/l-all-in-one option, and that quite a lot because there are 72 tunes by Rob. You can substitute this by dowloading the (yet?) four offered music demos for your C=64. They're just a small sample of the many Rob Hubbard demos done on the machine.

???The music is accompanied by a brief but nicely done profile and an exclusive interview. The interview is the weakest part of the site – IMHO the maintainer just wasted a chance to do a good interview with the master himself. Without half of the questions the interview would be better, I think. Also there's only one answer that's actually longer than the question, so we can learn more about the interviewer than about Rob Hubbard.

???If you're a die-hard Rob fan, you can take part in voting for Rob Hubbard Top 20 via mail.

???As the site is complete, we can't expect many further updates. The only way I can see is adding more Rob Hubbard demos. The final verdict: a nice tribute to the legend of the C=64 music. Dear C=64 musicians, do your best and maybe one day some dedicated fan will do such a page about you!

COMMENT BY CREAMD: I've checked the site, it seems it has changed meanwile, so it's possible it will be updated from time to time. Actually it contains more interviews than one. And by the way, it's a retro site, stay away from that if you don't want to die of nostalgia.
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