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Current events

01/11 - 17/12 Only Sprites Compo 2023 (Standalone Compo)
01/12 - 02/12 LuheCon³ (Demo Party)
01/12 - 03/12 Inércia Demoparty 2023 (Demo Party)
02/12 - 02/12 30N 2023 (Demo Party)
02/12 - 24/12 X-Mas 2023 Compo (C64 Only Party)

Upcoming events

16/12 - 16/12 HCC Meeting December 2023 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
23/12 - 23/12 Xmas/Winter 1-Screener Online Compo During #4th Live With C64 Demoscene (Standalone Compo)
05/01 - 06/01 rsync 2024 (Demo Party)
19/01 - 21/01 Gerp 2024 (Demo Party)
09/02 - 11/02 Lovebyte 2024 (Demo Party)
09/02 - 11/02 Fjälldata 2024 (Demo Party)
16/02 - 18/02 MountainBytes 2024 (Demo Party)
23/02 - 25/02 BCC Party #18 (Demo Party, 8 bit Party)
10/05 - 12/05 X'2024 (C64 Only Party)
24/05 - 26/05 Moonshine Dragons 2024 (Demo Party)
01/11 - 03/11 Zoo 2024 (Demo Party)

Recent events

27/09 - 08/10 Stupid Rainbows Compo (Standalone Compo)
01/10 - 01/12 Complete This SID Tune Challenge (Standalone Compo)
06/10 - 08/10 Brown Birdie 2023 (Demo Party)
20/10 - 22/10 TRSAC 2023 (Demo Party)
21/10 - 21/10 HCC Meeting October 2023 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
27/10 - 29/10 Syntax Society Oktüberfest 2023 (Copy Party)
27/10 - 30/10 Mini Jam #144 (Standalone Compo)
28/10 - 28/10 Flashparty 2023 (Demo Party)
03/11 - 04/11 Demosplash 2023 (Demo Party)
11/11 - 11/11 Vintage Computing Carinthia $24 (Meeting)
17/11 - 19/11 Mysdata 2023 (Demo Party)
25/11 - 25/11 Transmission64 2023 (C64 Only Party)
25/11 - 25/11 Interface XXXVI (Meeting)
25/11 - 26/11 Syntax 2023 (Demo Party)




Mermaid and TMT were kicked from Protovision for inactivity. They are invited to return to the group once they become active for Protovision again.
JSL left Samar and Civitas, so he?s currently in Protovision only. He is still open for painting graphics for these groups though.
JSL would like to join a high-quality-demo-group. Email offers to


If you enjoyed Moon Patrol and Decathlon, you?ll love Team Patrol! This engrossing racing game can support up to four simultaneous players using Protovision?s recently improved 4 Player Interface and, along with Bomb Mania, is an excellent party game which comes highly recommended.

Team Patrol supports 1541, 1581, 1571, CMD FD-2000/4000, CMD HD and CMD Ramlink and, if you own a SuperCPU with SuperRAM, you will be able to enjoy the game as a single load! The game is being shipped on 1541 or FD disc along with a printed manual as well as a colour printed disc label. If you would like to know more about Team Patrol and other Protovision products, you should check the following URLs:…ion-previews


World 1 of PAC IT, the ultimate Pacman for up to 4 players, is 90% complete (18 out of 20 levels are designed) and looks awesome.
New screenshots are available at Big User?s Homepage:…ion-previews (in German language only).


There was a lot of progress concerning the last two levels. Status:
Level 3: 100%
Level 4: 90%

If you want to support the fist game for the SuperCPU and own a homepage at the same time, install the Metal Dust button (88×31 Pixel) on your website. The button should link to…ion-previews and this is also where you can pick it up. This campaign will end a few weeks before the release of the game. If you want to take part, send an email to – then your full name and your website address will be published in the endsequence in the list of supporters.


DreamLoad has been installed in the game. JSL got a big task for doing graphics. Some parts from the fishing-part have been recoded.


Protovision is looking for graphical support for their shoot?em up project coded by Andre Zschiegner. Mostly needed are all kind of smaller enemies aswell as big bosses with animation phases not larger than 5 sprites in width. If you are interested, mail some examples of your work to If 10 people would contribute 5 small enemies each, there would be enough sprites for the whole game. The graphics should be similar to the Trenz style. Ofcourse everyone whose stuff gets used will be credited in the game.
One graphician has been found already. Follow the example of PAUL FINCH: he will support the project with his graphics.


It?s official: Vision 2003 will take place from 6th to 9th June 2003 so it?s taking place over four days including Whit Monday! The location has changed again, it?s square shaped this time (so no full corners like last year) and several metres larger! How many C64-parties have expanded like this? ;-)

When? Where? How?
Start: Friday, 6th June 2003 – ca. 16.00 h
End: Monday (Whit Monday), 9th June 2003 – ca. 14.00 h
Entrance fee: 20 Euro (includes breakfast buffet)
Place: Parish Hall (Gemeindehaus) Uetersen, near Hamburg

Misc stuff:
- meet Protovision in person
- see exclusive previews of new C64 games
- breakfast buffet for free
- free beer (Carlsberg Ice) while stocks last (we have at least 2 palettes)
- bigscreen with video projector
- easy to reach by car via highway (A23) (see map on the Vision homepage)
- shuttle service from Pinneberg station or Tornesch station by appointment only
- room for about 40–50 people
- separate sleeping room
- currenty there is a negotiation running about using the showers of the gymnasium near by
- drinks (Cola, Fanta, MezzoMix, apple juice and Selters) and chips as well as sweets can be bought for reasonable prices (if you have a special request, simply email Courage!)
- dinner is going to be ordered from various suppliers (Pizza, Croque, Fast food etc.)
- a Burger King is just a 10 minute car ride away
- shops, snack bars etc. all near by

Competitions and rules:
- Demo (executable with „RUN“, no further restrictions)
- Game (executable with „RUN“, no further restrictions
- Graphic (executable with „RUN“, no further restrictions)
- Music (executable with „RUN“, no further restrictions
- „Most-Useless-Tool-Compo“ (fun-compo, the more useless the program the better)

* – Why are there no restrictions? The visitors of the Vision Party have enough knowledge to differentiate between a demo on the stock C64 from one made on C64 with SuperCPU and to estimate the effort required to complete each project so everybody should do what he can do best. No matter if it?s digi, Quattro-SID, Koala graphics or IFLI, BASIC or Assembler, everything is allowed – the aim is for everybody to have fun!

ATTENTION! The following hardware will be available at the party (any other hardware has to be supplied by you): C64 (new and old SID), SuperCPU, CMD-HD, CMD-FD2000, CMD-RamLink, Action Replay, Final Cartridge. Other hardware such as Flash8, C128, C65, Retro Replay and so forth by appointment only.

 – If you can?t be present at the party in person in order to demonstrate how useless your tool is, please include a short description what it can or can?t do! :)

DEADLINE: Visitors can hand in their contributions directly before the competitions.
Via snailmail the disk has to arrive by Saturday, 7th June 2003.
D64 files can be emailed and should arrive by midnight on the same Saturday.

Competition prizes:
At the moment we can?t tell you about the prizes but Courage is talking to various sponsors hoping for some good prizes. It will be worth it for sure!

The timetable is not completed yet, but the following events are planned:
- PROTOVISION-show (presentation of the latest PROTOVISION software and projects)
- a large competition show
- various fun compos
- SID-Disco
- an auction, with proceeds going to charity
- and lots more!

Don?t forget to bring:
- a good mood!
- enough money for entrance, food, drinks, equipment etc.
- a sleeping bag, isolating mat, water bed or anything else you?d like! :-)

The partyplace is located about 15 km in the north west of Hamburg; From highway A23, exit Tornesch it is less than 5 km straight on. Turn twice and 50 more metres and you have arrived. You see, it?s very simple! Of course a detailed map will be available online in time and if you still don?t find your way, simply contact Courage, okay?

For the latest information visit the VISION homepage at !

Registration? Questions? Suggestions? Criticism? Send an email to Courage/Protovision –

Latest news:
- Courage is currently coding an invitation file on C64.
- Some nice prices have been arranged!
- Berit (Courage?s girlfriend) took the handle MYSTERY and is now a member of the Vision organizing team.


The homepage move is completed! PTV was changing servers. You may have had problems with the email adresses or the homepage. Not anymore!
Now you can even find PTV at two locations in the net:

The „About“-Section was updated, also it?s now available in English and German language.


COMMODORE SCENE has reduced their prices due to a knew production method. The magazine is now printed home-based. For information about Commodore Scene, contact Allan Bairstow at

LOTEK64 #05 is in the making. For information about Lotek64, contact Lord Lotek at

XEP1541 adaptors are now available at Protovision for 15 EUR.
The XEP1541 adaptor serves as a pair of an XE1541 extended cable and an XP1541 or XP1571 parallel cable, allowing you to reuse your already existing Commodore serial cable and Commodore parallel cable. It?s compatible with PS/2, EPP and ECP parallel ports and with Commodore 1541, 1570 and 1571 drives.

The PROTOVISION PRICELIST NOTEFILE has been updated and can be downloaded from Protovision.

Protovision has decided to contribute to the prizes to STEPPE & YODELKING?S RIP COMPO, to make the tiring work of ripping all those hard nuts even more enjoyable! So here?s the deal:

Protovision will pay 20 Eurocents for every point you?ll aquire in the compo. For every ripper, not only the first one or the best three. In addition the winner of the compo will receive 5 Euros on top of that! Of course the money is meant as a token for the Protovision onlineshop, so every cent you earn with your rips has to be spent on Protovision articles.

For more information visit

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