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15/07 - 18/10 Our friend, TMR (Standalone Compo)
21/07 - 30/09 Galway Pastiche Compo 2021 (Standalone Compo)
21/07 - 30/09 Nonstandard Time Signature Compo 2021 (Standalone Compo)
01/09 - 30/09 The C64 Grand Tour Challenge - September 2021
01/09 - 30/09 Filterless $21 Compo 2021 (Standalone Compo)
01/09 - 30/11 Pieces 2 Level Design Compo (Standalone Compo)

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25/09 - 25/09 World Wide ZOO (Demo Party)
04/12 - 05/12 Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition (C64 Only Party)
27/05 - 29/05 Moonshine Dragons 2022 (Demo Party)
03/06 - 05/06 FORNDATA 2o22 (Demo Party)
29/07 - 31/07 Teddy Beer C=64 Party (C64 Only Party)

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08/06 - 31/07 Techno Compo 2021 (Standalone Compo)
01/07 - 31/07 The C64 Grand Tour Challenge - July 2021
10/07 - 10/09 Was that Rob Hubbard? Compo 2021 (Standalone Compo)
15/07 - 18/07 Vammala Party 2021 (Demo Party)
15/07 - 25/07 The Glorious Hacker@Night Compo (Standalone Compo)
16/07 - 16/08 Ringtone Music Compo (Standalone Compo)
23/07 - 25/07 BEE #2 (Meeting)
23/07 - 25/07 ExCeSs Summer BBQ 2021 (Internal Meeting)
30/07 - 01/08 Mayday! Air Base Conference V (Internal Meeting)
01/08 - 02/08 @party 2021 (Demo Party)
01/08 - 31/08 The C64 Grand Tour Challenge - August 2021
06/08 - 08/08 ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2021 (C64 Only Party)
13/08 - 15/08 Dunken 2021 (Meeting)
13/08 - 15/08 DNS Missed Summer Meating BBQuality Pork (Copy Party)
14/08 - 15/08 Névoke 2021 (Demo Party)
14/08 - 28/08 Finish Unfinished Picture Compo (Standalone Compo)
20/08 - 21/08 Arok Party 2021 Online (Demo Party)
20/08 - 22/08 Silly Venture 2020 + 1 Summer
27/08 - 29/08 Xenium 2021 (Demo Party)
27/08 - 29/08 Jumalauta 21 (Demo Party)
28/08 - 29/08 Chaos Constructions 2021 (Demo Party)
03/09 - 05/09 Flashparty 2021 Online Edition (Demo Party)
03/09 - 05/09 PsyKozMOS2021 (Internal Meeting)
04/09 - 04/09 Vintage Computing Carinthia $11 (Meeting)
10/09 - 12/09 Function 2021 (Demo Party)


?ugh… JUNE 11 2001
and now the hardest part.. instructions for editors and about portal… mhm.. I consider if It wouldn?t be better to launch new portality first and then write instructions.. okay. I?ll launch the new stuff…
?impatient? JUNE 10 2001
yoyo.. just few hours…
?This weekend… JUNE 08 2001
?Uff… JUNE 07 2001
I wish I was able to update this portal today and add that addonews feature as I really don?t want to erase your discussion entries, but still there is some work to do. I?m more than sure that there is plenty of news, and if everything goes as I intended you?ll see that there is a life in the c64 scene. You all active dudes out there who visit this page, be so kind and tell us what you?re up to ;-). Xenon, last month showed that they understand what this portal is about. I hope that after official promotion, this portal will start to kick some retro asses ;-). Btw. Lazygamer, if you want to become an editor, game reviewer, please contact me. Use
command whenever you need to emulate enter. But I think is not needed in news. They should be brief .
?C64 news JUNE 07 2001
As cool as this site is, there HAS to be more C64 content out there in the future. As it stands at the moment this site isn?t vital to C64ing at the moment as there really is very little news to report. Probably the most important aspect of news would be C64 gaming news, and to get that people have to start more Newcomer-inspired internet C64 projects. This site should someday strive to be like Planet Half-life, not nessciarly in it?s features, but rather the volume of news. Everyday PHL has morning and evening news along with several news updates during the day. That?s ALOT of news, hopefully this site will be like that one day…
?Betatesting and after… JUNE 07 2001
Comming up improvements like: News addon option (similar to reaction to articles) glimpse to gallery redesign of the site month news counter & news navigation for faster top-page d/l, cathegorised article list (possibility to reread older). Ae you looking for scene dedicated job? Do you want to be an editor of articles about c64 hardware (selfmade tools-cables), software, news, games, demos, utilities. tutorials and reviews? Contact us.</news>
?Believe it or not gamers… JUNE 01 2001
It?s comming tonight! At least it was said it?s comming tonight ;-). Stay tuned!!
?Newcomer forum JUNE 03 2001
Soon, there will be a brand-new forum on our site where the players can discuss their experiences…
?Place to discuss Newcomer? JUNE 03 2001
It certainly would be neat having a place to discuss Newcomer some IE:message board. We plan a review asap. I hope one of our members which helped to betatest the game could write a review, or some opinion. It was also suggested (by Wotnau) that we should add news comment possibility as news should just be used for news. On Monday I?m buying new hardware, the motherboard crashed and is not reliable anymore. That means the end of the betatesting phase is going to be postponed. S**t happens… (CreaMD)
?Newcomer walkthrough JUNE 06 2001
Im sure it?s going to happen eventually, someone writes a walkthrough for Newcomer. After all writing a walkthrough is a great honor, as it?s that?s persons way of saying how much he rulez for being the first to write one. But I think it would be better to have a UHS(Universal hint system) file for Newcomer which answers alot of questions, without giving a play by play walkthrough. In case some of you are too C64ish to know what im talking about go to
?Portallity JUNE 05 2001
Okay.. new machine bought. New ideas gained. Love problems resolved (not), painfully ;-(not ;-)). Stay with us. Stay tuned for great things. Sitting in the rollercoaster, in the bottom of the track people tend to judge their current situation differently. 
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