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December at

Written by Wotnau

Wow, that was a big month, December! 48 alpha-news items, this is the record so far! Keep on visiting, seeing, posting!


December was an immensely playful month. There are: ANISO – a new game by Josh Ask Renin Soft, an XMas game by TND (hi Richard!), and two Boulder Dash games: Schaikdash 6 by Ron van Schaik and Xmas Boulder Dash by Firefox. This bottle of nice gaming is cork-plugged by It's Magic 1 going public domain and five new Remember releases. Press fire to play!

Demo-hungry? Try out: Kurt and Doris – a demo by Civitas which stirred up the silent waters of the scene is waiting for you, as well as Rock'n'Roll Butterfly and Free Fall – two music demos from CNCD. Happy 2K2 is a 4kB intro by Civitas and another release by them is a music demo named Theory of Remote Plane Hijacking. Civitas also continue with their famous magazine Publication, finally going bi-lingual (i.e. also English) in #45!. Digital Talk, another German disk mag, reached #52.

Graphic lovers will like to get Guards of Apocalypse – an IFLI Collection by Questor/Albion, and Destination – a Graphic Collection of Katon/Lepsi De.

Musicians and music fans, try Cybertracker X-Mas 2001 Music Pack or Sid 303 – which produces 303-synth like sounds.

Toolmania!!! GeoZIP v0.7, Cuneiform 0.2, Vidcom Stripper v1.0 (hi again Richard!). Enough?

What did SuperCPU users find under the Christmas tree? They got Santa Claus SCPU Demo, and the announcement that JOS and CLiPS will join into WiNGS. Personally, I find this one of a few wise decisions in today's scene.

Scene Buzz & Society

Pixolut is looking for graphicians and musicians to get a demo out. Out of Orderia VI, The Party 2001, Mastersystem Party, Commodore Meeting, Vision 2001, Mail Madness Party 2 – they all took place in December and we brought you either the stuff and results, or a link to them.


This time there was only one – article about Doug Cotton, who recently left CMD, brought to you by Thunderblade.

Gonna Go Over There?

Alternative Party: 11. – 13. 1. 2002, Helsinky, Finland

Floppy 2002 organizers give you the invitation for the FLOPPY 2002 – taking place in Sweden since Friday February 22rd 17.00 – till Sunday February 24th 12.00. The invitation file is worth watching and an animated map shows how conveniently the partyplace is situated. Download it here. More about the party at

We're also proud to announce that For8ver 3 will take place 15. – 17. 3. 2002 in Trencin, Slovakia. Entry 200,– Sk (5 Eur). Meet the editors-in-chief and the whole DMAGIC team, experience the unique atmosphere of all the three major 8 bit scenes meeting, exchanging experience and learning and teaching mutually, simply enjoy! Check out the visitors & contributors list and register yourself as well!

Role C64 party: 2. – 4. 8. 2002, Genk, Belgium

Amiga Expo invites also C64/128. It will be held „just outside Baltimore, MD on the last weekend of March, 2002.“

And last not least, happy new year to all of you sceners!!!

December downloads at

2. DECEMBER 2001

Ultimate Retro Replay ROM maker by WVL/Xenon (TOOL – 1 file)

Plush Emu-Fuxx0r V2.0 released ( Krill/Plush) (TOOL – 1 file)

3. DECEMBER 2001

Vandalism News #36 (X-2001 release) (DISKMAG – 2 sides)

Remember releases #264–268 (high quality cracks) (Games)
Desert_Fox, Kings of the Beach, Bruce Lee, Samurai Warrior.
Re-released was also a new 100% version of H.E.R.O. 

4. DECEMBER 2001

Altparty Invitation by (britelite / dekadence)
Helsinki, Finland, 11th-13th January, 2002. (Party Invitation – 1 FILE)

VISION-Party 2001 release disk (Party stuff – 1 side)

Destination – Katon's Graphic Collection / Lepsi De (GFX-Collection – 1 side)

5. DECEMBER 2001

CLiPS and JOS join forces – WiNGS is born!
brought together the main coders of both systems,
Jolse Maginnis (JOS) and Chester Kollschen (CLiPS)

Visit these websites for more information:

6. DECEMBER 2001

Publication magazine #45 by Civitas – released bi-lingually (DISKMAG)

8. DECEMBER 2001

GeoZIP v0.7 

9. DECEMBER 2001

Guards of Apocalypse IFLI Collection (GFX collection)

14. DECEMBER 2001

Xmas Boulder Dash has been released (Boulder Dash – game)

16. DECEMBER 2001

HVSC Update #29 released
750 new SIDs, many SID fixes,
the compo entries from GoatTracker and X2001,
the official word on the
Ocean Loader 1 and 2 themes by Martin Galway, and much more! (Emulated SID music)

CGSC (Compute‘s Gazette Sid Collection) v1.9
650 individual files have been added in this release. (Emulated SID music)

17. DECEMBER 2001

Cuneiform 0.2 Released (powerful C64 charset editor for PC)

Free Fall (Music Demo – 1 file)

Schaikdash 6 (Boulder Dash – game)
(gallery 2, go forward to the menu).

18. DECEMBER 2001

An Xmas Game from TND

19. DECEMBER 2001

Kurt and Doris – a new demo by Civitas

Rock'n'Roll Butterfly – music demo from CNCD. (1 file)

20. DECEMBER 2001
SID goes 303! – (SID 303 version 0.2b)
by Beige Records –…s/ 

20. DECEMBER 2001

CyberTracker Executable Maker allowing to convert a ct-tune into a runnable file (Tool – 1 file)

27. DECEMBER 2001

The Mail Madness Party 2 releases… (2 files)

28. DECEMBER 2001

Theory of Remote Plane Hijacking by Puterman/CIVITAS – cool music demo… or… (1 side)

Digital Talk #52 – german disk magazine
As bonus it contains 3rd sequel to HangMan + very morbid Killer Games… (2 sides – mag + bonuses)

30. DECEMBER 2001

Out of Orderia Party 2001 – party stuff (14 entries)… (1 disk)

31. DECEMBER 2001

Protovision‘s new year gift: It‘s Magic goes public domain…itsmagic.htm (Full disk Jump'n'run game)

Santa Claus SuperCPU – fullscreen FLI – Demo / Todd Elliott (New hacking discovery – 2 files)

Happy2k2 – 4kb Intro by Civitas (lordnikon/CIVITAS)…

Cybertracker X-Mas 2001 Music Pack Released! OR (Music – 1 side)

Vidcom Stripper V1.0…library.html (TOOL 2 files)

The list compiled by CreaMD

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