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November at

Written by Wotnau/Dmagic

? ? ? I'm getting scared by the activity at the Portal. 39 alpha news items in November. It's getting harder and harder to write these summaries! Anyway, thanks for the attention you pay to us and keep on posting! And now let's go for the summary:


? ? ? Concerning games, November brought Balloonacy by TND (Richard Bayliss) which climbed through two fixes up to version 1.2. Another game release is The Session V1.4 by More.Gore. 6R6 of Nostalgia jammed his statement about the impossibility of making a disk version of the Double Dragon cartridge and released Double Dragon 100% with everything. Doesn't need any further explanation. And, finally, Lasse Oorni announced his next game project – a C=64 conversion of his own game BOFH: Servers Under Siege. While waiting for it, you can enjoy his NTSC fixes of Metal Warrior II and III.
? ? ? Demo lovers will probably enjoy the stuff from X-2001. Their other choices are TRIP/Creators or 4-Mat's Dentro (at the updated Cosine webpage) or Hoth's Firstro.
? ? ? If you're interested in bringing one of the computing activities to perfection, you can't miss Exilent Pixels/Anubis – Exile's gfx collection. If you're into SID at the first place, get Euro Beats 2 by Richard/TND/Civitas and Goat Tracker Compo pack and results.
? ? ? Tools? DreamLoad V2.2 (some fixes done, update is recommended according to the authors), John Player V1.5. Crossies among us will like Goat Tracker V1.11, Serial Slave V0.6 (your PC as a virtual HD for you C=64, CIA-IDE interface, and C64see V1.0 – a C=64 oriented plugin for your ACD See.

Scene Buzz & Society

? ? ? The scene event of the month was surely X2001. Next to the stuff and results we also linked you to a pile of photos. Sinister's are the most amusing ones IMHO and Birdie is the absolute winner! JakTRip asked everyone who lost contact with Protovision to mail him again because his mailbox crashed. Two other parties that took place were Spoletium 4 and Vision 2001. Warriors of the Wasteland, full of graphicians and musicians, desperately need coders. Interested people should apply at the WOW homepage. Thorgal left ROLE. In the Net, you can check out the update of AAY 64 (in case you don't know, AAY means „All About Your…“) or visit the Padua homepage (back in life again). The Scene business mailing list might help people around the C=64 find their job in the computer environment. And last, the Minigame compo results were published.


? ? ? The staff brought you three reviews last month – Richard had a look at The Session V1.4, TDJ reviewed Royal Arte and I almost fell from exhaustion when raving at Euro Beats 2.

Gonna Go Over There?

? ? ? Wanna party? Eat this:

14. – 16. 12. Mastersystem – retro party mainly for the C64 – Sweden
15. – 16. 12. Mail Madness II (Contact :
- Germany
27. – 29. 12. The Party 2k1
28. – 30. 12. Out of Orderia VI – Germany
11. – 13. 1. 2002 The Alternative Party – Finland

? ? ? I think it's a pity that the organizers can't agree on dates which wouldn't overleap but who am I to judge? 

Anyway, have a nice December!

November releases at

List put together by CreaMD/Dmagic

3. NOVEMBER 2001

Balloonacy – Finally released (later updated multiple times ;-))… (d64)

6. NOVEMBER 2001
Cosine site update – new DENTRO released…s/ (onefile)

8. NOVEMBER 2001
Exilent Pixels – graphic collection… (d64)

9. NOVEMBER 2001
The GoatTracker Compo – files+bonus pack… (d64)… (SID files)

The Session v1.4 – Game by More.Gore…s/ (d64)

Updated Space Battle Deluxe – (V2.2)… (d64)

12. NOVEMBER 2001
Double Dragon Cartridge – 100% disk version with music&sfx!!!
(… (d64)

15. NOVEMBER 2001
Minigame competition – RESULTS and GAMEPACK ONLINE!…
(multiple files for C64, Speccy, Atari, CPC)

17. NOVEMBER 2001
Firsttro by Hoth (nothing extra even for a firstie) (1 file)

18. NOVEMBER 2001
Richard Bayliss's Euro Beats #2 – music pack… (1 file + note

19. NOVEMBER 2001
T R I P by Creators – very nice onefile demo by Mermaid/Creators/Crest… (onefile)

GoatTracker v1.11 released (v 1.2 is out meanwhile!)
Goat is PC-WIN SID music tracker and it rocks!…/ (300+ kb zip)

Elysium‘s CIA-IDE interface
Alternative IDE interface project & hardware specification for C64…ects/ciaide/ (docs, binnaries)

21. NOVEMBER 2001
Disk-cover from Junkie (keep 'em comming please!!)…JunkiExt.tif (image)

22. NOVEMBER 2001
Serial Slave 0.6 released
(later version 0.7 brought support for Retro Replay + Silver Surfer)
Use a PC or a workstation as a virtual HD on your C64.…of/serslave/ (docs, binnaries)

24. NOVEMBER 2001
John Player V1.5 – music editor
(simple and sophisticated tracker-like editor with 7 raster-lines player!!)…oad/ (D64)

25. NOVEMBER 2001
Final version of, IMAO, the best demo of the year Royal Arte / Booze Design… (2 disk sides)

X-2001 party releases (bombastic stuff!)…4/Party/X-01 (more than 1MB of crispy c64 download)

Vandalims news #36 – X-2001 party release…gs/ (2 disk sides)

26. NOVEMBER 2001
Metal Warrior II & III NTSC-fixed
One of the best games released lately fixed for NTSC gamers.… (d64)…ware/ (d64)

27. NOVEMBER 2001
X-2001 party pictures – links (photos took by various people)…party01.html 

28. NOVEMBER 2001
DreamLoad v2.2 released (docs, binnaries)

Scene Business Mailinglist – started by PADUA
Networking of sceners and ex-sceners about business related issues. It is open to anyone working in the IT/Multimedia/Internet/Games field. You can subscribe by sending an empty email to If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at – anonym/padua (mailing list)

30. NOVEMBER 2001
X-2001 music compo – SID pack… (.sid files pack)

The list contains links to many different sites. Due to Internet's typical feature of neverending changes, it might happen that some links doesn't work. In case of serious problem to find the software just contact us.

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