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October at

Written by Wotnau / Dmagic

Well, another nice month. This time there were 34 Alpha-News items full of Commodore activity. Let's go for it!


The biggest new game is It's Magic 2. You can order it from Protovision (more info on their site). The free October games are Space Battle 2.1 by Jan Boettcher and the 4th preview of Richard Bayliss' Balloonacy. And Nostalgia brought you the first disk version of Ocean's Double Dragon cartridge. And of course you can still download the Minigame compo pack. SID music lovers will want to check out A New Life – a music collection by Kjell Nordbo of Blues Muz', and Reincarnation, Da Funk's collection released under Tempest. HVSC update #28 got released. Are you after demos released in October? Mermaid released Oldskool, also there's Triad/Lucy, updated Demonstration 1/Welle: Erdball and also Purple by Coma got finally released to the public. Keen readers among us were pleased to meet Beergarden #8, Arachnophobia #22 and Domination #16. Nice magazines indeed. Following the player tide of the last month, Cadaver released GoatTracker 0,9 (now v1.2 – cmd) a PC-based editor of C=64 music (yuck!). Soon afterwards, Umba Sid called the GoatTracker compo, a kind of evaluation event for the player. Much more important than the results of the compo will of course be the opinions of the competitors on the possibilities of the tool. And another SID tool for you – SID Duzz'it V1.3 by Grg/Shape. Samar is still up to their fast pace, this time they released Rigid – a samples collection. Cuneiform 0.11 Beta joins the crossplatform tool family – it's a C64 char creator for Windows.

Scene Buzz

In October, you were invited to BCN Party '01 (Barcelona), the Commodore meeting in Holland, and you were linked to the Willow Party and Phat '01 releases & results. And MacGyver and Svan got interviewed by CreaMD, our editor-in-chief, to bring you another exclusive interview/report, this time from the Symphony party. Another ambitious project is creating a huge demoscene history book. We informed you about it, check it out for yourself.


Just two news from the society this time, both sad. Mr. Alpha, one of the great guys behind Nostalgia, officially left the scene. Much luck whatever you'll do from now on! And AEG seems to be out of time for the C=64, including Turrican III. It seems that this name is just haunted. So Turrican III will probably enlarge, for the second time in a row, the pile of unfinished big projects.

Gonna Go Over There?

They're coming closer! Who? What? X 2001, The Party 2k1 – you can join THE BUS to reduce your costs! – and Radwar 2002!


Umba SID brought his opinion on the two music collections – A New Life and Reincarnation. And The Dark Judge of Focus brought the latest demos to his Dark Court. (Welcome in the Staff, TDJ, – cmd) This highly controversial article provoked over 70 reactions. In the beginning it was just the usual hollow and empty comments like „I'd rate this higher and that lower“ but later on it developed into a very interesting dispute about pornography, nudity and their relationship to computers and the demoscene in particular. It's sure worth your interest.

Have a nice November!

The list of October releases

1. OCTOBER 2001

The Beergarden #8 disk-magazine
files/ (1 disk side)

2. OCTOBER 2001

Goat Tracker (v0.9 – v1.2) released
SID music protracker-like editor for PC…/ (PC executable) 

0ldsk00l by Mermaid/Creat0rs – an onefile C64 demo… (1 file)

3. OCTOBER 2001

A New Life – by Kjell Nordbo/Blues Muz‘ – music collection
files/ (2 files) 

4. OCTOBER 2001

BCN-Party‘01 @ Barcelona 12/10–14/10 – party invitation file in spanish…1/ (1 file) 

Reincarnation – music collie by DaFunk… (1 disk side) 

7. OCTOBER 2001

Willow 2001 party releases:
Demonstration 1 / Welle: Erdball – demo… (2 disk sides)
Various compo files (graphics, demo, musics)… (1 disk side)
Digital Talk #51 (german disk magazine)… (2 disk sides) 

8. OCTOBER 2001

Triad/Lucy – Onefile demo by Triad… (1 file) 

10. OCTOBER 2001

Minigame crossplattform competition – voting pack
(30 games for C64, ZX spectrum & Atari + instructions)…

HVSC Update #28 – SID music collection update <- get it from here (PC stuff)

13. OCTOBER 2001

Updated „Demonstration 1“ by Welle: Erdball… (2 disk sides) 

Rigid by SAMAR – samples collection by Ramos/Samar…ar/ (6 disk sides) 

15. OCTOBER 2001

Double Dragon (Ocean) – disk drive conversion of a cartridge game <- get it from here

Cuneiform 0.11 Beta – C64 charset editor for PC
-don't believe to version number, it seems like 99,8% finished! (PC Executable) 

17. OCTOBER 2001

Final release of „Purple“ by Coma, demo first shown at Flag 2001 party…a/ (1 disk side)

20. OCTOBER 2001

PHAT‘01 party releases&results <- get it from here (various files and datas)

4th preview of BALOONACY, game by TND released (plays well!)… (2 files)

22. OCTOBER 2001

Space Battle v2.1 – a strategic game for 1–4 players
files/ (1 disk side)

DOMINATION #16 – disk magazine
(contains various bonus files like Sid Duzz' It V1.3, Emu-fuxxor)… (1 disk side) 

23. OCTOBER 2001

SID DUZZ‘ IT V1.3 – advanced version of Geir Tjelta's music editor…e/index.html <- get it from here

26. OCTOBER 2001

IT‘S MAGIC 2 – game by Protovision is available for sale…tsmagic2.htm (1 disk side)

29. OCTOBER 2001

Arachnophobia diskmagazine by the Spiders-Crew and ROLE… (2 disk sides)

GoatTracker compo files voting pack – 10 tunes
files/goatcompo/goattunes.prg (1 file) 

Due to the various sources of links, after some time, some links can be broken, we are sorry about that, but we can't do anything abou it. If you have serious problems, feel free to contact us.

The list Created by CreaMD/Dmagic

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