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A New Life
by Kjell Nordbo/Blues Muz'

Review written by CreaMD

Blues muz' the label know for it's creativity and quality and artistical dedication to SID composing. Today we bring you the latest collection by Kjell Nordbo, (thanx to Jazzcat/Onslaught for supplying this). 

Download the collection here!

In general, the collection contains musics having so-to-speak 80-ties feeling in them. Sometimes I felt like I was listening to someone who has been composing these tunes when Ben Daglishs and David Whittaker's were around. I also felt a little bit of Tim Follinishness in the musics. Of course all tunes are composed by Kjell Nordbo. I must admit that he has got his own unique style and although I found only one piece which made me jump around the place, it is all in all a worthy addition to your C64 music collection.

IN ANOTHER TIME & SPACE – this is not a music IN ANOTHER TIME & SPACE – this is not a music 0,5/10

I CAN SEE – Might be that I don't understand, but this one I simply don't like that much it's a very short sort of intro maybe? 1/10

SIV MY ILLUSION – audially & emotionally powerfull piece. It's probably optimised for a good audio equipment as it has a lot of subtle sounds and sound effects. In a way it atmospherically resembles that famous Benn&Ratt's, We M.U.S.I.C. animated demo. Still, not my cup of coffee. 3/10

NOT FAR AWAY – Soft juicy bass, nice arpegios, simple rythm, and a nice mellow melody, just a little bit too repetitive. 5/10

VERY CLOSE INDEED – another repetitive tune, this times it in a way creaters atmosphere of Star Quake soundtrack. 3/10

SKYCITY – arranged like a live played tune, some parts are quite interesting. Pity a timer is not in the music pack, I would point out which ones. 3.5/10

KVILE P? SOFAEN – another subtle tune, this time quite sometimes pretty groovy. Sounds like an improvisation and even has an end. 5/10

MEANING – Quite okay, but nothing special. 5/10

ADVANTAGE – Uff.. another very hardly digesgtable tune ;-(. 3/10

FULL TIME BLUES – detto. 3/10

I HAVETS VOLD – Mhm, all this sounds and also in previous songs sound very similarly to Ben Daglish's. This tune is one of the better, mainly some fluffy parts (I know this description is not very helpful). And also it has nice variations and changes in motives. 4.5/10

TRUE LUST – Hmm, very good drum beginning. All in all quite okay. 5/10

AS LONG AS… – Nice ending. 4/10

COLD – Not that bad. Flute was quite refreshing. 5.5/10

HYMN TO THE LIVING DEAD – Sounds like a movie soundtrack, maybe intentionally? (yes of course). 5.5/10

FREEDOM – The thing that makes you go hmmm! Finally something dynamic. Really crazy sounds, but this tune is quite different from others in the collection. Actually longer it plays better it gets!! This is a real masterpiece! 8.9/10

TRYING THE CAROUSEL – I don't know what to say. It's indeed interesting. The breaks in the rythm and speedups are original, but it's not my cup of tea unfortunately. 5/10

SPACEBEING DOLLIN – Happy tune. I like happy tunes. 6/10

ALL ON BOARD – Mhm, typical circuss bass support. Another happy tune, this time with some nice sounds and interesting changes. 6/10

SUDDENLY IT WAS ALL OVER… Sounds like a performation of a brass orchestra. The outtro is very interesting, the tune fits, so I will be a little bit less critical. 6.5/10

Thanx for audial and visuall delight Kjell.

Explanation of Creamd's very subjective evaluating system. Less than 2.9 is probably not my cup of tea or a really badly composed piece. Under 4.9 but more than 2.9 I've checked but don't feel the urge to check that again to be sure. Everything over 4,9 points is worth listening. Everything between 5 to 6.9 points I like pretty much, everything from 7 to 9 is bombastic and definitely reccomended to play on a BIG sound equipment, over 9 it is simply gonna make you sweat ;-). And by the way, more comments I write, more inspirative tune it is, but remember it is not a rule.


0.0 – 2.9 – read text for reasons, this tune must be a speciall cathegory,
3.0 – 4.9 – might be okay, but I don't need to listen to this tune again,
5.0 – 6.9 – I like this pretty much,
7.0 – 8.9 – bombastic for various reasons,
9.0 – 9.9 – gona make you sweat.

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